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Friday, November 28, 2014

Missing Achara

My husband  is craving for some  achara.  I don't have  anymore here  and  I don't see any kohlrabi at the stores around our area.  He said that he will drop by at Giant Eagle sometimes to get the Kohlrabi.
I didn't think that he would love the achara that I made  out of kohlrabi.  It was just n experiment for me to use the kohlrabi to imitate the achara that we have in the Philippines using Papaya.  I am thinking of ordering some seedling  online  to plant some kohlrabi in my garden next year..  It might be cheaper that way rather than buying the  gtown veggies from the store.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Height and Healthy Food

 I always admire people that are taller because they can pretty much reach  things that are placed in a higher place.  I am  tiny and short which makes me wish that I am a little taller especially in the store and I want to reach something but I can't because of my height.  But, this is what  is given to me so a step stool is one of the tool that we have at home.  I always use it especially if I need to put or get something up in the closet.  It doesn't matter that I am short anyway because there are things that I can use to compensate my height, right folks?
I would say that my height is  a genetic thing  so no matter  what I do, I won't be any taller lol.  However, I can be as healthy as I can be if I  choose to eat healthy food and  maintain regular exercise.  

Wild Rice, Grilled Chicken, and Veggies

Cooking food at home for your family is  a lot cheaper and healthier.  I am so amazed that I like cooking now.  I hated it when I was still single but now, it is my pleasure to cook for my  husband and children.  I feel good whenever they like what I prepare for them.  I don't  work outside home so I make sure to feed my family  a good meal.
 This kind of menu is very easy to make.  I always buy the wild rice in a box and  the  frozen veggies that I could easily cook in a bag, season it and voila, instant dinner.
One of their favorite  main dish is  grilled chicken breast.  It's a great  pair for the veggies and rice.

Breakfast Basket

On August 16th, my daughter was so eager to cook us some breakfast.  She was however very disappointed of the outcome of her Breakfast Basket as it got burned.  She forgot to  put the timer of the oven so  she forgot that  she was baking something.  Here's what she prepared.
Nevertheless, we ate it anyway.  The  big lesson she  learned was to pay attention when she is cooking.  She was  doing something on her iPod so even though she was  at the kitchen, the food she was baking got burned a little bit.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chocolate Cake

If there's one family that never  forget to thank Veterans on Veteran's Day is the Mascio Family.  They are the most down-to-earth people I know.  They don't act like they are above anyone else even  if they belong to the  clan of Doctors.  Every year, they give the veterans from our street  a cake to thank them for their services.  I think that it is so sweet of them.  Not many people appreciates Veterans you know.  
I believe this comes from Guss's Goodies.  A popular place here in Weirton when it comes to  cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats.  I like their cakes except the  thick layer of  icing.    I mean the icing is good itself but  it is so thick that it would kind of make you feel sick just by looking at it lol.
Anyway, our heartfelt thanks to the Mascio Family for always remembering lour Veteran at home.  It really means a lot!  

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