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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chicken BBQ with Veggies and Fruits

This is what we had for dinner.  I made some chicken BBQ and thought of jazzing it up with some fruits and veggies.  I had some button mushrooms, bell  peppers, and  pineapple so I  cut them up and made them into BBQ.
 I marinated the chicken with mama sita's  BBQ mix and added   a half a cup of kahlua beer.
 It turned out really delicious!
I was going to make Pininyahang manok (Chicken with pineapple)  but my husband was craving for some BBQ so I made these and so glad they loved it!

Reindeer Food

Here is something that you and your children can do for fun during the Christmas break.  You can do this reindeer food at home.  It is just a mixture of oatmeal and glitters.  
 Then you can print out this  instruction that says:

Sprinkle this in your yard on Christmas Eve night.
The light of the moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam.
This will guide them to your home.
 This is  becoming a tradition that the kids do every year.
 This shines brightly especially when there's a moonlight during Christmas and you sprinkle it on top of snow, really beautiful to look at.
Santa Claus won't be missing your house since the reindeer will be  attracted to this food, wink.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feeding your Tummy and Brain in the Morning

One of the important routines that I instill in my kids is eating breakfast.  They know that feeding their  brain through their tummy is so important so that they would    function great in school.  
 This is just  one example of what I prepare for them to eat in the morning before they get ready for school.  My kids love oatmeal.  Sometimes my daughter would go in waves of eating Grits everyday, then she would change to oats, then toast.  With those changes, I make sure to incorporate  fruits in their diet.
I don't like buying those  lunchables pack  that you see in store for them to take  to school when  they have cold lunch.  I love preparing their  food instead to make sure that what they are eating is healthy.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Coffee Cake by our Little Chef

Our little pastry chef  was browsing my food blog last night and she couldn't find the coffee cake that she made  anywhere in my blog posts.  I thought I have posted this already but I was wrong so here it is.  This is the very  first one she made from scratch.
 It turned really  soft and delicious!  She used  a little bit of coffee  and coffee creamer on this one that's why she called it coffee cake.
 I apologize if I can't share you the recipe but I will ask her if she still has it.  She watched a video on youtube on how to make this one.
 It tasted even better with blueberry compote on top.
A slice of this a cup of coffee is perfect for afternoon snack or even for breakfast.
Thanks to our ever enthusiastic  pastry chef who love to explore in the kitchen and make a mess lol.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Exotic Veggies

If the Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania is near us, I would shop there often because thy have a large variety of  exptic vegetables that I love.  It's the only store I could find Kohlrabi.
 I am so glad that both of my kids love veggies and fish because it's some of the  healthy food s that they need.
I am glad that I introduced them  to vegetables at an early age because they still love to eat it till now. 

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