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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baked Potatoes, Wild Rice, and Breaded Fish

Baked Potatoes, Wild Rice, and Breaded Fish, one yummy dinner we had this month at home.  I have been trying cooking fish and  chicken and less red meat for the past  few weeks but today, I am making a pot roast. I started  slow cooking it since this morning.  
 The baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese were so good.  I baked the potatoes in the microwave till its done then I  cut it in half.  I then added the  frozen broccoli and top it with black pepper and cheese and baked it at 350 degrees in the over for about ten minutes.
 The wild rice is the one I always bought  in the store, the Uncle Ben's brand.  They are about  a dollar and some for a box and it feeds us four.
 We love the potato crusted fish fillet from Gorton.  The fish is flaky and it doesn't get saggy when you bake it.
That and a glass of pomegranate juice is a perfect dinner for me.  No need to go out and eat at the restaurant.  You can just make it at home, it's cheaper and it's the right portion.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Key Lime Cupcakes

School is closed since yesterday so my little chef got a little  productive by baking us some treats, key lime cupcakes.  We did not have enough ingredients that she needs so she just made  them small.  I am not sure how she made them but they were delicious.  The cake  reminds me of angel cake.
 She also made the icing from scratch.  She's definitely better than me in baking.  I would never bake anything from scratch.  I can bake but it has to be the pre-packaged in the box lol.
 My husband bought this  lime for  his beer but he never drunk  h it so Ms. Burrito used it.
 She gets this urge to bake  some sweet treat once in a while so I just let her.  When she was a little  smaller, I never let her do anything without me watching but now, even though I want to look, I am not allowed!  Luckily, I trust her enough so I am confident that she will be safe inthe kitchen without me hovering like a helicopter lol.
I will ask her about the recipe for this and may post it later.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Java Me Up - Coffee with a Bite

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is solely my own and may differ from others. The product/s being described in this review was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes only.

We all need something to wake us up in the morning, don't you agree?   For us, COFFEE is it.  I tried  quitting to drink coffee and  was successful but my husband would always pour a cup for me  in the morning so  I always end up having a cup or two in a day.  Hey, a cup or two ain't so bad, is it?

For those of you who work outside home and need  something that could boost their energy at work, I would  highly suggest this Coffee that never spills, the Java Me Up!  This mocha almond flavored  energy bar is coffee-fueled and dipped in a chocolate and it is antioxidant-rich.  One bar of this energy bar is equals to  one half cup of coffee.  This is definitely   what my husband could  take to work since he works 10 hours a day (4 days a week).  
 I always pack him three separate food to munch for the whole day because he has   mid-morning break, lunch, and an afternoon break.  This energy bar would keep his  energy high in the morning.  He already tried it as soon as it arrived while he was doing his  school homework.  He said that the ingredients (coffee, chocolate, almonds, and rolled oats) can really fuel you while working.  
 Java Me Up is a Coffee Energy Bar that  can be summed up as a "Coffee With a Bite".  There's 160 calories in a bar, 6 grams protein, and 5g fiber.  It has low sodium so you don't have to worry about the sodium content of it.  Gotta love this fresh-brewed idea, thanks to Java Me UP!
You can buy this through shoplet, just  click the above link I have provided.  So  guys, if you  love coffee and  love to have  an energy  bar at work, this  Java Me Up is perfect.  I ate one of this and I  love it as well.  I have to hold up though because my husband needs it more than me!  I would definitely buy him more of this when it runs out.  
Shoplet have everything that you need for your business and home including office suppliesoffice stationarypromotional products,  and many others such as medical supplies .   Thank you once again Shoplet and  Java Me Up!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ice Cream Cake

Mr. Burrito wanted a n ice cream cake for his birthday so that's what we  got.  We bought it at Dairy Queen.  I must say that it was pretty good!
I love the cookie crumble or oreo crumble in the muddle of it.
 The only thing about ice cream cake is, you have to eat it right away when you sliced it because it melts if you don't.
 This is our first time  having an ice cream birthday cake.
I have had ice cream cake before but I didn't really think too much of it till yesterday, it was pretty good!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chicken Fajita with Rice

My husband love the breakfast burritos that I used to make but whenever I don't have the ingredients to make it, I just make  chicken fajita.  To mimic the breakfast burrito, I usually   add steamed rice on the tortilla before putting the  chicken fajita and wrap it up.  
Baking the wrapped chicken fajita for ten minutes   works excellent  when  he need to warm it up in the microwave at work, the tortilla doesn't get saggy.

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