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Friday, August 15, 2014


My daughter is officially registered/enrolled to the music program in Doquesne University in Pittsburgh. She will be attending classes every Saturday. This year will be a busy year for her because of this and I hope that it won't affect her grades.  She is excited and at the same time nervous but we told her to just enjoy the moment and the learning  while she can.  We will be going to  the campus  sometime this month to pay her tuition and also to pick up the books she will have to use during the  Fall semester.

Since my husband will be driving her  to the University every Saturday, he  decided to  enroll in the University's Leadership Program Graduate course. One of the requirements that he had to  comply with is a  four hundred word essay explaining why he wanted to pursue the degree.   I know that it won't be hard for him to write an essay but knowing that he is a bit of a perfectionist, I know that it would take him  time to finish the said essay.  My husband can write  really god but most of the times, he over thinks stuff. He would write a very long  paragraph and when he proofreads it,  it would end up just a sentence or two.  It's just the way he is.  He wants everything to be perfect but by doing so, he struggles.

The good thing about students these days are the  resources that they can find online, in short, i-Student-life is a lot easier.   If you are struggling to  write an essay, just look it up on the Internet and you will find  a lot of  resources that can help you. I wish that I could have used some of these resources when I was  writing my thesis back in Graduate School. It could have been a lot easier.  I admit, it  was a huge struggle for me because my resources were very limited. I remember when the  panelist  were grilling me during my defense but glad that I successfully finished it, passed the defense stages and graduated.  What funny is, I can't even use  the degree I have since I chose to be a stay at home Mom. But, I guess I benefit from it since I do  online gigs from time to time and I  am using what I learned in school. I am not the best writer there is but I think I can  deliver my point across (I hope I do, lol).

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