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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Save with the San Antonio Vacation Experience

One of our close family friend lives in San Antonio and we  plan to visit them  someday.  I found a website where you can find  deals and savings in traveling   in San Antonio Texas.   It would be great if we could  visit them   maybe next year so we could once again bond just like we did in Disney World last year.   SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience offers more than $600 in savings to them parks, animal adventures, top shops and historic tours.  They also offers deals on hotel accomodation so this would be a great start for us to  scoop up some deals that we could possibly use in the future.  Every time I visit my friend's log and she posts so many ictures of their experiences in  San Antonion, it  always excites me.  There are Limited Time Offers at the ir site  so if you are planning to  explore your summer  vacation tis year in San Antonio, check out their  deals  by visiting  any of the links above.  

We have two kids so traveling is a little pricey for us four.  The SAVE program that Save in San Antonio offers is a great way to cut down cost.  Below is the sample itemrary that I created where I  can get  savings from their partners.
  1. Splashtown is offering a discount to up to $42 where you can use on rides, concerts, oir to watch a movie.
  2. Schlitterbahn is the way to go if you are looking for  water fun.  They offer $20 discount.
  3. Sea World  is a magical  place that my kids enjoy and I am glad that you can find deals on family four packs, second day free, and $10 off admission.
  4. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch offers a $2 off admission.  This is  a place where  kids and adults alike can enjoy watching animals from all over the world.  
  5. San Antonio Zoo is also offering  $2 off admission.  
  6. San Antonio Botanical Graden  will be my favorite  place to explore as I love anything about gardening.  They offer a $ off admission.

2 sumptuous burps..:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Finding special offers on holiday are a great idea especially when there is four of you. Every $ counts. Have a good weekend Diane

wifetoalineman02 said...

what a great tips to enjoy and save Texas Sis :-) never been there but hoping someday :-) Returning from Blue Monday :-)

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