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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sexy Jeans

I am a  petite person and finding the right fit of jeans for me is quite hard  now that I am here in the States.  The only time I could find jeans that fits me is when I shop at the  teen section.  Most of the jeans that I have now are the jeans that I bought in the Philippines before I came here.    Ever since I came here, I only found one that fits me perfectly and I found it in the teen section.  Even when I am buying leggings, I have to  cut it shorter because  most of the ones I find are longer than my height.  It's a challenge  finding sexy jeans when you are tiny.  I envy those women who uses plus size because they are always offered in the store.  

Stretch Jegging PLUSTake for instance this  sexy stretch  jegging plus that I found at Frederick.s of Hollywood  website.  I like the idea of peggings, there's a casual look of wearing jeans in it  but with a legging fit.  During my younger year, my favorite  bottom   outfit is leggings.  I felt good when I am wearing one.  I still like wearing leggings till now  although not that often  but   I like to  wear  it once in a while.  

Anyhow, I found different kinds of  sexy jeans at Frederick's.  They also have stylish tops and bottoms   I am not fond of jumpsuits but the way the model  on that website,  wear it, it looks really good!  Among their selection of bottoms , my favorite are the skinny colored denim and  the cropped jegging.  I bought a similar cropped jegging  a few months back and I love it especially now that I am losing my tummy fat.  It really motivates me to continue with my work out routine so I can wear my jeans again without worrying about a bulgy tummy.  Looked how the colored denim accentuates the  booty of the model, ain't that lovely?

How about you, what kind of bottom clothing  do you like to wear?  Are you the type who would wear tight fitting  jeans or the  lose ones  I like tight fitting jeans but I always wear it with  a  long top  to cover my behind and front hehehe.  When  a pair of jeans or leggings hugs my leg, I feel sexy, it's weird but it's true lol.  Don't forget to check out the selection at Frederick's.  I am sure that you'll find one that you like.

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kulasa said...

I love tight fitting jeans too! though the hubby hates it when I wear them haha, :-) I am still working on a sexy body but I think I have a long way to go hahaha, happy weekend :D

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