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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cognitive Assessment

Have  you ever watched the TV show called Hoarders?  I like watching it although I can't relate as I am not a hoarder but it let me understand what triggers their hoarding behavior.  According to the psychologists that  work with those hoarders, they said that hoarding is a mind disease.  It is usually cause by a traumatic accident and becomes an addiction.    I can't watch some of the hoarders though as some of them are filthy it makes you feel sick to your stomach if you see their situation.  

The psychologists visits the   hoarder's home and  make an assessment, know what triggers the  hoarding and  start from there.  They also work with professional organizers to help the hoarder  straighten their situation.  The good thing about these days era is that, psychologists are  available for every situation.  Dr. Toni Atkinson is a clinical psychologist that provides  his expertise  on educational, developmental  and cognitive assessment on individuals with difficulty on the said  levels.  He treats younger and older people  with the above mentioned  issues.  

3 sumptuous burps..:

~Ms. Joy mH~ said...

I love to watch this show as well, though I can't relate but I'm also curious why. I believe it's definitely a mind disease and I think all of the things going on their mind can be treated with their thoughts as well. There's nothing they can do about hoarding as long as the hoarders will make a difference out of themselves.

riz said...

guilty here. get to hoard stuff sometimes -home stuff, food stuff^_^ -nothing indifferent :)

jheylo said...

I watch that show whenever i can. I didn't even realize that there are people existing like that until i watched the show. it's addiction

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