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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angie Miller of American Idol

Have you watched the  elimination of American Idol last week?  We were  shocked  when Angie Mille got eliminated because we are  rooting for her to win.  We thought that she and Kree Harrison are the best  contestants in AI but America did not think so, she bade bye bye last week.  So now, we are  rooting for Kree, I hope she wins.  I haven't seen  a contestant using an  excellent Cellos at WWBW. I think I have seen someone played violin but that was just  part of the musical entourage of the show and she was  not a contestant.  Anyhow, who do you think will win this season's American Idol?
Photo isn't mine

2 sumptuous burps..: said...

I used to follow that show but I stopped 3 seasons ago. I just feel that it's rigged. I am following The Voice though. You can feel and see the good chemistry of all the judges, even those in The Voice Australia and The Voice UK. They are more real.

Btw, that vest is stunning! If I'm slimmer, I don't mind wearing one!

Ria C

Mai said...

Believe it or not, sis, I haven't watched at all this season. And I don't know why. Last year and the year before that we were crazy over AI. Now, I don't even know who won. :)

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