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Monday, March 26, 2018

Sweet and Spicy Pork BBQ Kebobs using our new #BBQskewers

March is a special month for my husband and I because it was the month when we first met each other  in person.  It's been 15 years since our first meeting after   over half a year of online dating.  I was really skeptical with the whole thing but I was already 30 and I thought, it's worth the try.  Glad we gave it a try because we were made  for each other.  15 years later, we have  two kids, two dogs, 9 rabbits, two guinea pigs and lots of bills to pay ha ha ha.  Kidding aside, I am so glad I really gave an online dating a try.
 So to celebrate our special  month, I made us some pork BBQ kebabs using my new  stainless steel skewers from  Cavetools.  I love  these extra long (15.5") long skewers because it gives you the  maximum room for meats and vegetables.   The sweet and spicy BBQ I made today  were delicious!  There are 10 skewers in a box soo if you are  cooking for a party, you will have enough. I love that it comes with a remover ring, it helps to  slides food off the kebobs when finished on the bbq rack. 
 Our meal  also include kimchi fried rice and steamed  veggies (broccoli,  cauliflower, and carrots). 
 Although it is still in the  30s here at my neck of the woods, making a bbq dish  help us warm up a little bit.  I  did it on the oven but hopefully in the coming weeks, I can BBQ outside in our grill.
You can get these skewers  via amazon, use SKEWER15 coupon code to enjoy a 15% off  the price upon check out.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Friday, March 23, 2018

5 Foods To Store For Winter

The most common worry about winter is not the cold, but rather the foods to keep in store for the season. If you are having trouble thinking of what else to put in your cold room or root cellar, you only need to know some essential but long-lasting foods to store during this period. You also have to ensure that you carry out proper storage to ensure that the foods don’t go stale. Remember to check them occasionally to remove ripened or bad ones as they will spoil the others. Here are five foods that you should probably store for any winter.

1.    Apples
Apples are known for their ability to be kept for extended periods. The best apples to set aside for winter are those with hard skin and firm. Unlike carrots, air circulation is vital for the storage of apples. Apples produce ethylene; a chemical compound that accelerates ripening. Therefore, they should not touch other. The best way to store them is to nest the apples in shredded paper. Otherwise, wrap them individually in a newspaper. Store them in ventilated crates or boxes away from other crops.

2.    Carrots
If you love carrots, then you can start by pilling them into banana boxes filled with sawdust or damp sand. Do not wash them just remove the excess soil. Pile them in layers with the largest ones at the bottom. Many people believe that this is only important if you want to eat the small carrots first. However, the truth is that starting with larger carrots at the bottom allows you to pack more carrot than if you did it in reverse.

Use a quarter inch of sawdust or sand. The final covering should be about two inches thick. Turnips and winter radishes are some other foods you can store this way, too.

3.    Garlic
Long-term storage of garlic requires that you cure them first. It dries the outer layer making it a protective covering for the bulb. The garlic sold in market stalls are already cured in most cases. You can store your garlic for winter in a couple of different ways as highlighted in The most straightforward method besides putting them in a mesh bag is freezing them. Some people prefer pickling their garlic in vinegar. It keeps them as very fresh, but the process is a little tedious.

4.    Potatoes
The tubers have different storage spans depending on the type. You can ask your market seller or the grower on the suitable variety to store up for a long winter if you are not an expert in them. Remove excess soil but do not wash then allow them to dry out before storing them in a covered boxes with ventilation holes.
5.    Pumpkin
First, ensure the pumpkin is ripe. Then pick one with a stem that is at least 1-inch long. The stem acts as an air-tight lock that keeps them from rotting. Most of the pumpkins are cured before harvesting. However, if you have a fresh harvest, dry them at a temperature of 80-850F. The storage should be in a properly ventilated cool and dry place.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Do It Like A...Celebrity?

When it comes to our quest for fitness, we all need a little inspiration. After all, surviving on willpower is far from easy. It helps to have that boost when you feel a wobbly coming along. Hence why many of us paste inspirational quotes around the place, and, you guessed it, turn to celebs to get us through.

Most of us watch the lifestyles of the rich and famous with a mixture of awe and disbelief. How is it possible for our fellow humans to live such alien lives? It’s pure madness. But, still, we follow in their footsteps. We choose the same clothes that they do and, more importantly, we follow their lead in this fitness game. Our favourite celebs are in the public eye. So, they have more reason than most to keep themselves fit and healthy. So, doing it like a celebrity isn’t as mad as it may first seem. Here are three areas in which your favourite famous people could prove a huge help to your attempts. 


If there’s one thing celebs know, it’s diets. When you’re always being watched, you have no choice but to watch your waistline. So, celebrities are a logical place to find diet inspiration. Some fads that they follow are questionable, to say the least. But, others are worth your time. And, it should be relatively easy from the off to see which is which. The baby food diet, allegedly tried by Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga (oh, the irony), may not be what you’re after. But, the vegan diet, followed by big names including Olivia Wilde, has logical benefits. In part, following the celebs does mean you have to use your brain. They can get it wrong sometimes. But, by approaching this with a wise mind, you don’t need to do the same.

Personal trainers

Personal trainers are fantastic for anyone interested in fitness. But, there’s no denying that some are better than others. And, the qualified celebrities in the personal trainer world are sure to be your safest bet. As well as being famous themselves, these trainers work with the celebs you’re mimicking. Many boast of clients including Victoria’s Secret models, and The Rock! That’s pretty good going. If you want proof of how well their plans can work, just look at the results on their backlist. Then, don’t hesitate to sign up for their programs.


Even if you don’t go down the personal trainer route, celebrities offer fantastic fitness motivation in other areas. Though fitness DVDs are phasing out thanks to YouTube, there are still plenty to explore in the backlog. Davina McCall has bought out more of these than we care to count. And, she’s not alone. Everyone, from Charlotte Crosby to Scarlett Moffatt has given this a go. Again, this is fantastic because it shows you achievable results. On top of which, following a DVD saves you having to think about your workout each day. That’s got to be a bonus if nothing else.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Entertaining Hobbies For The Super Busy

Hobbies are a wonderful way to enrich our lives, and they give a focus outside of work and family that can be fantastic to our mental health. However, finding the time to indulge in the things that we love to do can be incredibly difficult if we haven't got much spare time. Luckily, there are some pick up and put down hobbies suggested below that you can do even if you just have few minutes to spare while the kids are napping, or before you have to get back to the grindstone. Read on to find out what they are and to see which ones appeal to you. 


Crochet is a fantastically relaxing hobby that gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you have completed a project. It's also pretty easy to do as well, especially once you have learned what the stitch codes means and don't have to always refer back to a guide like this one

It's also something that is portable and that you can pick up and put down very easily, making a great choice for folks that are lacking in time. There are plenty of quick and easy project to get you started too like simple amigurumi patterns or these instructions for making a hat. 

Crochet is a creative hobby that can be done in brief stages. 

Mobile games 

One of the best hobbies for those of us that are super busy is to pick a mobile game that we love and download it on our phones. These work so well because they can give us a nice break from the stress of work, or parenthood for a few minutes, allowing us to clear our mind and return to the task in hand with renewed vigour. Also as we nearly always have our phones with us we don't have to carry around any materials or equipment. 

Mobile gaming is also a great choice for a hobby because there are so many genres of games to choose from. That means no matter what sort of game you enjoy you will be able to find one that suites. For those of us that like a strategy there are games like Siege: Titan Wars, or visit and download the new Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. For those that prefer word games then there is Scrabble and, Countdown, and Words with Friends that are all fabulous choices. There are even games like Candy Crush, and Bubble Witch Saga that we can get on our phone that are puzzle based and quite addictive. Really the choice is yours! 


Zentangle is a revolutionary way to draw and doodle in whatever free time you have. It's based on a series of repeating patterns that mean no matter how good or bad your drawing skills, you can still give it a go. 

It is an artistic activity that is broken up into small sections too, something that makes it perfect for those without a lot of time because you can fill in one section with patterns, then come back and finish the rest of later. To find out more about this and to get the basics down check out this instruction video at for more info. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

#RibEyeSteak #MashedPotatoes & #MeatTenderizer

Have you ever bought beef in large quantity?  We have a friend who owns a farm and they raised cows.  They always  offer us  to buy  beef whenever they will have to butcher  one.  I tell you, it is the cheapest way to buy and stock beef in the freezer for future use.  We use a lot of  ground beef for cooking so a lot of cut we order is  ground beef.  We only buy a quarter of the  whole cow and  it last us  a good amount of time to consume it all.  
 Anyway, the other day, I made some  rib eye steak and mashed potatoes.  The rib eye steak is a lot thicker than I would like so I used the  meat tenderizer that I got from Cave Tools.  This blade  tenderizer is a great little tool to have in your kitchen.  
Not my Photo
With this blade tenderizer, the meat cooks faster  and more evenly.  And because the blades break down connective tissue, the meat absorb marinade even deeper which makes the meat a lot tastier.  This is best to use when you are planning to make country fried steak, cordon bleu, or weiner schnitzel.  I love that it is dishwasher safe, so you can just toss it in  the dishwasher after you use it.  
 I couldn't be more happier having this because I like meat  that are tender  when cook.  Not all cut of meat  is tender when you cook it so a little help to achieve that is great. 
For $12.99, this  meat tenderizer is quite helpful.  You can  use this coupon code,  TENDER15 to enjoy a 15% your purchase via Amazon .  When you buy this, ypu can also download the  free  recipe book that comes  with it.  
 Some people or maybe most people like their steak  rare but I  am  the other way.  I can't eat meat when I see  pink inside it so I like mine well done.  Most  professional chef would consider my choice  as sacrilegious in their   culinary profession but we all  have  our own preferences, right?    How about you, how do you like your steak??
 Mashed potato is the best pair for this kind of  meat so here you go.  I would prefer some greens but hubby love  mashed potatoes so that is what I made.
Don't forget to use the coupon code if you decide to purchase one.  Trust me, it's a must have in  every kitchen especially if you love meat!

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

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