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Friday, June 16, 2017

VeggieZip with Hydroliners from BluApple

Having fresh greens in the  fridge is always a good sight  for me.  I miss having  them in my backyard but my garden in this new home is not fully develop yet so buying them from the store  is what we can do.  I do however don't like  the fact that they wilt very easily so I have to buy it when we really  want to  consume it right away.   That's one reason why I am so grateful that Bluapple  contacted me again to review one of their new products, the Veggie Zip.  Bluapple developed some products  that prolongs the produce freshness.
I love this new one because I have tried this technique before with paper towel and it helps  but not for a long period of time.  With Bluapple's VeggieZips, they  are specially designed produce bags that allow us  to create the perfect humidity for all the different types of produce that we have in the fridge. So depending on what we will be using it for, you can adjust  the humidity which is outlined below.
These VeggieZips are vented with the patent-pending U-Vent technology.  It allows fresh air in and helps the ethylene gas to escape through small flaps that cover the bag. Each bag comes with HydroLiners.  You can use the soft, cloth-like hydroliners wet, dry, or not at all depending on the needs of the produce. 
Here are some tips from Bluapple using their  VeggieZip:

  1. When storing produce that needs additional moisture to stay fresh, like lettuce, cilantro, or green onions, dampen the HydroLiner, gently wrap it around the produce, place in the VeggieZips bag, store in the refrigerator, and re-dampen the HydroLiner as necessary. 
  2. If you are storing produce that needs excess moisture absorbed, like mushrooms, berries, and cauliflower, wrap the produce in a dry HydroLiner, place in a VeggieZips bag, and store in the refrigerator. 
  3. There are some types of produce that do not need moisture added or absorbed, like peppers, eggplant, and nectarines. With these, just place the produce inside the VeggieZips bag without a HydroLiner and store in your refrigerator. 

We all know  that produce can be  expensive sometimes so these VeggieZips will not only prolong the life of the produce but it will save us money as well.   There are 22 VeggieZips and 22 hydroliners in a pack.  You can buy it here  for $9.99.  I have looked at our local store if they have this yet but I didn't see it.  
You can check out their social media pages  in the following links: Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest.

Disclaimer:  The product described above was  given  to me for FREE in exchange of my honest  review.  There is no monetary compensation  receive  in facilitating this  review.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

After Recital Dinner at Chico Fiesta

We attended the Torrence Music recital  last weekend and it was  awesome.  We always  go out for a dinner with friends  that we invited for the event but this time only one of them  could come to the recital but unfortunately couldn't  dine in with us due to prior commitment she have.
We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant here in the area.  I like their food but the only thing I am not  fond about is the  serving size, they are huge!  We always come home with  left over.  My daughter and I always  share what I order and  we still can't finish it but other than that, I think they have pretty  delicious  variety of Mexican Food.
They are always  packed and busy  especially during  weekdays.  We originally planned on going to Theo Yianni's bur we changed our minds when our friend couldn't come with us.
My favorite dish  is the tilapia  cancun, it is so good with the roasted veggies and other sides that comes with it (refried beans, rice,  guacamole and salad).  See, just listing all of that makes me full already lol.
Anyway, while listening or watching to the  video of the The Dance below,  I want to share this
prs se, check it out at . The owner of the music  place where my daughter take her piano lessons announced that  she will be hiring a violin teacher so my daughter is very excited about it, she can finally use the violin that we got her last Christmas.  Here's the video I took during the rehearsal.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day Dinner at Theo Yianni's Restaurant #WhenInWeirton

After attending mass  on  Mother's Day, we decided to eat at Theo Yianni's.  It's a family restaurant   here in Weirton that  serves Greek food.  They recently expanded and relocated to a new  and bigger  location.  Hubby and I  ate at their old  location and thought that their food  is decent but we have never taken our kids to eat there yet so we thought this would be a  great time to introduce them to Greek food.
 When it comes to  eating, my husband is  well-rounded  because of his world-wide experiences  when he was still in the Navy.  He's the one who introduced me to different kinds of food.  When I was single, all I know is  Filipino food but when I got married, I was introduced to a different kind of cuisines.
 Anyway, Theo Yianni's new location is bigger and beautiful compared to their old location.  Their facility is super clean and the ambiance is very inviting.  All their  employees are super nice and we love the fact that the owner walks around the table and talk to patrons, that to me is a big plus.
 Theo Yianni's is a combination of a bar and a restaurant.  The bar is located on the other side and the restaurant on the other.
My three dining buddies always get something sweet to drink when we go out but I always  have water with lemon.
My daughter and I's meals came with  fresh salad.  The salad alone filled me up already.
My daughter love the dipping sauce for the  dinner rolls.  I didn't care about it.  To me  dinner roll is good to eat as it is lol.
I had the  bourbon glazed  salmon.  It came with potatoes and  beans.  The beans is cooked with tomato sauce, it was my first time having that kind of beans prepared that way.  It was something new.  I'm not sure if I like it or not lol.

They have a dish called flaming  something (sorry I can't remember the exact   dish name lol) but  it was cool to watch the server  do it in front of the customer.  My husband took a picture but it didn't caught the flame.
I like the way they serve food, every server has to bring this portable table for them to set the tray before distributing orders.  I thought it's quite  unique and very  helpful  for the servers to deliver food   in every table efficiently.  
Overall, it was a great dining experience  at Theo Yianni's.  If you ever come to Weirton and looking for a good place to eat, I would  say "Check out Theo Yianni's".  
I had a great Mother's day celebration with my lovelies!  Hubby and the kids got me  some  special treats too.
 Instead of bouquets, I love  miniature roses because I can plant and grow them and  they always reminds me of the special occasion whenever I am in the garden and see them bloom!
 These  assorted brownies have  the fudge, cream cheese, and  turtle ones.  My favorite was the  cream cheese.
The brownies are so good but very rich so it kind of messed up my diet lol.  But it's okay as we hot the tennis court after we ate  our dessert. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day Bundle from Ozeri : ThankYou!

 This came in time for Mother's Day  so I consider this as  a special  treat from Ozeri.   This Mother's Day bundle  includes  a stove lighter, a  double wall insulated lunchbox, and  a corkscrew wine opener.  I love all these three especially the  lunchbox because I can really use it in  packing my husband's lunches for work.  
This stove lighter  utilizes crystal powered piezoelectricity which means that  there is no batteries needed for it to operate.  It's a really good one to have  especially now that grilling season is on.  Now we can light  our grill  without using matches, lighter fuel, or flint.  This would be great for camping.  I would bring one of these if I ever go to that  show called Naked and Afraid lol (which will never gonna happen).  The piezoelectric crystals produces a tiny electric spark from the mechanical force applied to the handle, it is really cool.  This is made in Italy so kudos to them for thinking this through, what a cool concept.  

.The thermomax stackable lunchbox is really nice.  My husband really loves it because  when you  put it inside the microwave, the outer wall remains cool while the  inside   is piping hot.  Today, my daughter wanted  some of the soup that I made from last night for her lunch and I though t  this would really test the lunch box's capacity for the food to remain hot.  The kids are not allowed inside the school's kitchen and they are shy to  ask someone to  heat their  food  so even if my daughter wants to bring a soup, she couldn't.  Now that problem is solved with this  lunchbox.
The double-wall thermal insulation  keeps hot and cold dishes near their serving temperature throughout the day .  It is fully stackable with secure locking mechanisms for traveling with a hot and cold dish.  This is available in blue, green, and red.  
The only issue  my husband have with this  is the size  because it is a bit bigger for the lunch bag that he has so he has to carry the lunch box separately if I have to put  food in it.
But other than that, he loves it.  I also love the fact that it doesn't leak.  I hate when the food spills on the lunch bag especially if it's greasy.  This lunch box is so secure so no worries about leaks or spills.  I need to find a  bigger lunch bag for my husband if  I will use this for packing his  lunches  for work.
Special occasions calls for a toast right so I was happy that this corkscrew wine opener was included in the bundle.  It is designed to offer a lifetime of usage at home and in demanding restaurants.  The Ozeri Regalia offers an instant wine opening experience with admirable ease as it utilizes an innovative lever system that translates the smallest effort into a multiplication of force.    I like it's style and design, it would make a good piece in your wine rack when entertaining.
Hubby and I decided to try a wine that is made here in West Virginia.  I didn't even know we make wine here in our state.  When it comes to wine, you immediately think of California right?  Well, thanks to Ozeri for sending me this as it gave us a chance to try  the Wild and Wonderful raspberry wine.  

It was  a little strong from the one that we normally have but it was good.  
Mother's Day was a special occasion so we ended it with a toast.  If you are looking for  a special gift f for the wine love in your life, this  would be a good choice.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Family Dining Experience at La Cucina Italian Grill in Weirton

The kids wanted to try the food  at La Cucina Italian Grill.  They opened  few months back but we've never eaten since it's reopening.  It used to be De Felice Brother's Pizza and we ate there before but  that one closed and La Cucina took over.   We didn't know what to expect but we kind of  read the good reviews online and that's why we were convinced to go.  
Looking at their menu,  we couldn't decide   what to get so instead, we ordered  the Sicilian Pizza.  IT was absolutely delicious!  The  crust was very thick but not  rubbery like other pizza  crust I have tried from other places.  One slice filled me up.
The setting was definitely different than what I have remembered although the space is still the same.
They cook   the food per order so  it takes a little while before it gets served.
Glad my son  has his spinner with him or else, he would have been bored to death  while waiting lol
The employees seems very polite and nice.  Our waitress was very good and she made sure that we were okay and kept checking on us.
Our daughter was not 100% feeling well that day so she was kind of not in the mood for playing in front of the camera = as she would normally would.
The price  is a little bit on the expensive side for our budget but I guess it is worth it since their food  are  delicious and the service is awesome.
I learned an Italian word by going there.  Benvenuti means welcome.

I might go back there for a date with my husband or with the kids someday.

We didn't expect that the place would be as busy as they were but they were packed when we came.

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