Monday, January 17, 2011

Construction Jobs and Okra

My youngest brothers stopped going to school for a while in the hope that he would find a good job in the city.  He realized that without proper  education, finding a job is very difficult over at my country.  He landed a construction job as recommended by my brother in law but over there the salary of this kind of job is way below  wage minimum unlike here in the States where construction jobs have a decent  salary.  My brother is now back to school.  He asked us if we could help him finance his schooling, hubby felt bad so we gave him a second chance.

On another note, the okra that I planted this year gave me so much fruit that I was able to introduce this kind of veggie to my kids.  Unfortunately, they didn't like it.  It was worth a try though and I don't blame them as I am not fond of this veggie either.

2 delicious comments:

Diane said...

Education is so important although occasionally some people manage to make fortunes without it! Diane

Unknown said...

bilib na talaga ako sa hubby mo Rose, tumutulong talaga sya sa family mo sa Bicol...wala akong masabi kay John...swerte mo rose.

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