Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet Treat

We brought our son to the dentist last Friday because his tooth filling  fell out.  This is not the first that the tooth filling came out.  MY husband is getting frustrated  because he  said he never had a filling that would easily comes out.  Anyway, the dentist fixed it and my husband asked why  the filling  doesn't stay very long.  I was a  bit offended that the dentist told us that it could be  our diet or  dental hygiene that is causing it.  

To be honest, we  let our kids eat sweet treats once in a while but it is not an everyday thing at my house.  We only let them have some as a treat  or reward when they are doing something special at school.  Below are photos  of one of those days when we give them some  sweet treats.  We don't even buy chips and  sweets anymore, only occasion which is very seldom.
I don't know, my husband is thinking of switching to a different  provider.  We will see.

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