Saturday, June 11, 2011

Banana Fritter - P365 # 160

Good morning everyone, howdy? Below is a snack I made a couple of days ago. I miss the maruya that my Mom used to make out of saba (Philippine cooking banana) so I made some out of plantain (cooking banana in US). It wasn't as good as the one made from saba but it was good enough to fill my cravings.
June 11, 2011:

  • My birthday yesterday is very memorable, WE DON'T HAVE WATER!  Weirton declares state of emergency due to massive water outage since early morning yesterday.  We still don't have water till now, they are hoping to fix it but if the repair  does not materialize, they have to start over again and we won't have water for a week.  The problem originated from a multiple line failure at the City's water plant last Thursday.  It said on the news that the   pipe   used  at the main plant was a 1964 kind which is not  used  these days so they are having a hard time to fix the problem.   
  • Hubby said that  if this happened during his off from school, we could have went somewhere for a short family holidays  so that we  won't  have to deal with no water.  But we can't do it now because he  has summer classes.  I a hoping that  the water  line would be fix  soon.
  • Hubby believes that things comes in threes so hopefully  this water problem is the last one this year.  The first thing we experienced was no heat for two days  last winter, then  our  AC ran out of Freon, the's the second and now this water which is the third.  I am crossing my fingers crossed.  
  • Good thing, it rained last night, we put our buckets  where the rain water was falling and we have saved some for   toilet flushing.
  • My youngest sister is celebrating her 18th birthday today.  Happy birthday Mae, we love you!
Hope you guys have a very good weekend.

5 delicious comments:

May said...

Happy belated birthday.The banana fritter looks delicious.i just feel like grabing some.

Diane said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Sorry about the water:-(
Yum I love Banana fritters. Diane

☺lani☺ said...

I miss banana fritters...

Stef said...

This has just reminded me that we haven't had banana fritters for sometime now. Reminded me of my mom too. We use to sell when I was younger. Here's my shadow post for today. See you around!

Mel Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Mae. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. That's bad that you don't have water. That's very hard indeed. I don't think misfortunes do come in threes. That's a dangerous assumption since it may influenced our minds and we may expect the worst in threes. Let us just cast all our problem to the Lord and He will take care of us. He will give us wisdom to know what we must do. I pray that your water may be returned very soon in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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