Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lucky Me Pancit Canton

My husband and daughter love this Lucky Me pancit canton. We seldom go to the Asian store so sometimes we runs out of stock at home. Last week when we went to Pittsburgh, we bought like 20 pckages of this LMPC from the Asian store.

A Spice A  Day # 94
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April 3, 2012:
  • Me and the kids did some gardening again today.  My body is really sore right now but it was  a good exercise..  It's looking good now, we just need  some rocks.  Hubby  won't be able to buy it till this weekend.
  • Hubby is  so busy  this week, he has so many projects to do and he is working his butt off  making all of it.  He went to the store  after he got done with his  school stuff  to get some groceries.
  • Ms. Burrito decided to  stop going to the dance lesson.  She  said that she wants to get  some piano lessons instead.  We have to buy a piano first before we will enroll her.

2 delicious comments:

Dhemz said...

sarap naman...at talagang 20pcks...ehhehee! yum....tagal tagal narin akong d nakakatikim nito...buti pa sa cali madami!

Zenserly said...

hhmmmmmm yummmmmmmmm

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