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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beef + Tofu + Yummy

Tofu dishes reminds me of Korea.  We used to eat at a Korean restaurant and they always served us with fermented tofu or kimcheed tofu.  Although I like  it, I have never tried cooking  a dish with tofu so I  got excited when I receive the EZ Tofu Press to try and  review because it gave  me an opportunity to explore my culinary  skill lol.

EZ Tofu Press is a brilliant invention for easy tofu preparation.  As you all may know, Tofu is a great s healthy protein source but preparing it is quite tricky.  This kitchen  gadget allows the   excess water to be removed  out of the tofu by pressing it.  Once you have it pressed, the tofu will have a  chance to absorb flavor.

Here are the  features that you can expect from this  useful gadget.
  1.  $26.99 cost (at Amazon)
  2.  EZ Tofu Press can press virtually all sizes of firm and extra firm tofu. 
  3. Pressing can be achieved in 15 minutes or less. Prep food and marinade while turning the knobs every 2 minutes over a 10-15 minute time frame
  4. Presses substantially faster than spring based tofu presses. 
  5. Easy to clean- small, compact, dishwasher safe, and fewer parts to break.
  6. Saves on paper or cloth towels!7
  7. EZ Tofu Press comes in a retail box, with instructions and handy measuring tool.

I bought this tofu plus at the store  yesterday and we  cooked it last night for dinner.  Whenever I have a new gadget  in the kitchen my Burritos are always willing to help me.  They were the ones who pressed the tofu and remove the water  by using the EZ Tofu Press. 

My six year old son even  volunteered to cook the tofu.

Preparation.  PLease note that this is my first time cooking tofu and I couldn't find a recipe that  I like so I just made my own.

  1. Place the tofu in the center of the EZ Tofu Press
  2. Tighten the  EZ Tofu Press by turning the knobs clockwise.  It is very  easy to use, even kids can do it.
  3. When pressing is done, I  sliced  the tofu into 1/4" thick
  4. I sprinkled each slices with steak seasoning and fry it in a pan.
  5. My son fried it till it is golden brown then I sliced them into small pieces.
  6. I sliced one piece of   beef steak into small pieces.
  7. Sliced a piece of jalapeño and  sliced one scallion.
  8. I sauteed the beef, sprinkled steak seasoning on it  and when it is cooked, I added the  tofu and scallion and added soy sauce.
  9. I scooped 1/2 of the dish for the kids and hubby.
  10. I  added the  jalapeño on the remaining half for me.

Here is the yummy beef with tofu!  I came up with this formula, Beef + Tofu = Yummy! Lol.

My daughter did not eat tofu which I could understand because it is probably her  intuition that saying not to eat it because she was once got  allergic to soy milk.  I was surprised that my son love the tofu!  My husband said it's okay and if I would rate the dish that I made, I would give it a 7 out of 10.  It wasn't great but it wasn't bad considering it was my first time cooking a tofu!

23 sumptuous burps..:

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I also am not a Tofu fan so I agree with your daughter. I have to say though that this looks good and I am always prepared to give food a second chance so I may just try this. Keep well Diane

Candyz Nikka said...

I love tofu! I just mix it with any veggies when I skip meat. Yummy!

Ellen Bernardino said...

Here in the Philippines we call it "Tokwa" and the best Pinoy recipe I love which is easy to prepare is "Tokwa't Baboy", just simply fry them individually and cut it into squares and then dip it into "Sinamak".

Fernando Lachica said...

Tofu is a versatile food which makes every meal a sumptuous one. It's yummy recipes especially with beef. I cooked this recipe before similar with this one. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Cassidy said...

that looks delish Sis and look at the future chef :-) Thank you for sharing the recipe as well :-)

raine said...

wow that looks delicious! would love to own that Tofu press but is your giveaway open internationally? hehehe

papaleng said...

I hate tofu but I love taho.. your dish seems so deli and you have a good chef.

Anna said...

They say tofu tastes like meat, and its rich and calcium, but the nearest thing I've eaten is taho :)

Jo said...

My daughter loves tofu! Well, maybe not the firm ones but the extra soft. The recipe you posted looks great, my husband would love it. Btw, I didn't know there's such a thing as tofu press until I read your post. Would love to be able to try the product! :)

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

I'm no good with tofu but that beef - soooo yummy!

Candyz Nikka said...

By the way sis, your son looks like he’ll be a good chef someday. ;)

 gmirage said...

I used to not like tofu when I was younger but when I became health conscious, I eat it like it's egg! :) Yummy! oh, and I make my own taho at home now...different in texture but same nutrients...

working mama said...

you have a handsome chef sis.. the dish looks yum

nova hedges said...

I believe that tufo is a good food, very vegan i'm not a fan though but would love to share this with my SIL who is vegan..she'll love this.

Tingting R. said...

I actually did not know that I had to extract the water out of the tofu. I usually cook it as is. At least, now I know...

Mai said...

Not bad for a first time sis. Looks so delicious! I love tofu especially mixed with togue/mongo sprouts. Too bad the little one is allergic to soy milk. She can't eat taho now when she visits here, hehe.

lencilicious said...

Thanks for sharing sis. It looks so great and yummy. I love tofu so much. I actually miss it. Hope I can buy a pack this coming weekend.

Pinx said...

I don't actually eat tofu and I don't have allergies to soy milk, and in all honesty, I haven't cooked or bought one for us to try here.

lencilicious said...

Mr. Burrito is so cute doing the frying.

MzBaker said...

I have not ever had tofu and beef before but that' looks really good. I think I may enter this contest to try and win me on and see if we like it too!

Jonas Labagala said...

I eat tofu but it depends on how it's cook. I love tofu when it's mixed with "pancit". Yumyum! :D

Jessica Cassidy said...

Can I have some of your beef Sis? It is perfect to have now that I am hungry :-) I like beef as well :-)

Marie Imperial said...

Wow! You're kid knows how to cook? Amazing! I was even afraid of the flying hot oil when I was a kid. Didn't like cooking back then. And by the way, I love tofu!

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