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How to Start Your Own Pastry Business in Atlanta

In these trying economic times, it may seem that starting a business would be a dangerous idea. With many people out of work and having difficulty finding a job, money seems to be scarce. However, in a situation like this, with the right motivation, a little ingenuity, and the entrepreneurial spirit, a successful business can be started. The most important way to begin is to look for the negatives and turn them into positives. What is it about the current economic climate that would actually help your business thrive? What apparent problems could you turn around and take advantage of? 

There are a few obvious points that come to mind. For starters, because of the serious financial problems that are being experienced across the country, some banks are offering loans at record low interest rates. This fact alone could make getting a small business loan a viable option, when perhaps it wasn’t before. The other point that is apparent on first glance is one based on the fact that most people are broke. In truth, there are many ways that this can be taken advantage of, but the easiest one to see is that a business that focuses on low costing products will thrive in the current market. By making cost-effectiveness a priority, it’s possible to undercut similar businesses and help bring savings to your customers. The fact is that, even when people have less money, they still need to eat. 

So to begin, it’s important to know what kind of products you will be focusing on. As a pastry business, it’s important to determine what type of pastries are the most popular in your area. Before even considering a location or taking out a loan, you should spend time honing in special versions of these pastries and giving them to people to try. Put together a recipe that will get customers addicted to your products. Another way that this type of business, and the economy, can be taken advantage of is to look for specialty products that are usually more expensive. If there is a type of pastry that is considered a delicacy, and costs a lot more than a more common one, find a way to make a delicious version of it at low cost. The possibilities are endless.

Once you know your products, it’s time to learn about your customers. Who are you going to be selling your pastries too? Getting a good idea of who your clientele will be will allow you to not only cater to their wants and tastes, but also to market your business more effectively. Looking into similar businesses in the area and doing some research on their customers can go a long way to ensuring success in your own business. 

At this point, it’s time to start scouting locations and thinking about financing. The actual location of your business can be the difference between whether it succeeds or fails. While advertising is critical, you want a large portion of your customers to come in because they are driving or walking by. For something like pastries, the biggest help in your success is that people care less about their money when they are hungry. The less time there is for a person to change their mind, from the time they hear about your business to the time they come in and place an order, the better. Remember, if you’ve honed in your product, all it will take to craft a regular customer is a taste of the merchandise. 

Beyond all of that, once your business has lifted off from the ground, it’s important to think about expansion. There is an old maxim that says “if something isn’t growing, it is dying.” This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Stocking your products into stores is one important step in this process. It will be important to build up a back stock and possibly even outsource some of the work later in the game. An Atlanta confectionary warehouse can be important for storing your product.  You will also need to have your product shipped to the various grocery stores and other businesses where you’d like it to be sold. Using a company like Atlanta Bonded, which handles both shipping and warehouse storage, can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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