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Top 4 Desserts Every Dinner Party Host Needs To Master

As anyone who plans dinner parties often should know, your choice of dessert can seriously affect how well the evening is perceived by your guests, and so it’s vital you get things right first time. Although you might like to experiment with your recipes, it’s usually best to stick with dishes known for their brilliance if you really want to impress people. There will be time for experimentation and coming up with your own ideas in the future when you’ve got a bit more experience, but at the moment, for the best results, you definitely want to serve one of the desserts listed in this post.

That said; there’s nothing stopping you from customizing them somewhat by adding different sauces or using different types of sugar. For the most part though, you’ll want to stick to the traditional recipes that can be found online. These days there are so many food bloggers around that you’ll be spoilt for choice, but just make sure you print off the most thorough recipe possible, as this will help to decrease the chances of you getting things wrong.
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Sweet Marshmallow Pockets

You should be able to see from the mouthwatering picture above that sweet marshmallow pockets are seriously desirable. Even if your starters and main courses haven’t gone down too well, serving something this sugary and sexy for dessert is bound to blow your guest’s minds. Ensure you also make some homemade chocolate sauce by melting down some good quality plain bars.

Ice Cream Sundae

Although you might think this dish would be more popular with children than adults, you should see their faces light up when you place it on the table. No matter how old we are, we never really grow up, and so mounds of ice cream served with enough sweet sauce to make their teeth itch is sure to win over their appreciation. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Additionally, if you make the ice cream yourself, you’ll definitely score more brownie points.

Apple Pie

Admittedly, this dish has always been more popular in America than Australia and the UK, but there’s a very good reason for that. You see; although this dish is pretty sweet, it’s actually considered to be savory, and most people like to avoid this when creating the perfect dessert. However, with some sugar sprinkled on top and a nice glass of organic wine on the side, you can’t go wrong. Incidentally, if you’re stuck with where to get it from, you can buy organic wine online at

Carrot Cake

This dish has fallen out of fashion somewhat over the last few years, but it’s still very popular when placed on the table at dinner parties. You might think that mixing vegetables with dessert would be a bad idea, but in truth, this is one of the most satisfying ways to create something both quirky, and tasty.

Well guys, that’s me done for today. I’m sure those dessert ideas have given you the inspiration to select something truly amazing for your next dinner party. Good luck with the event, I just know your guests will have a fabulous time.

See you soon!

8 delicious comments:

WE said...

I love dessert after dinner, it gives the feel of completeness.

Anonymous said...

You have my families 3 favorites on there. lol My daughters is sundaes, my son's is carrot cake and hubbys is Apple Pie, lol.. My favorite dessert is cheesecake w/ Strawberries!

mhie said...

Desserts is my favorite part in the party or dinner. I would like to try the marshmallow pocket, I think i did not try that one yet.

Nova said...

I have mastered the apple pie or cheesecake or any kind of flavor but i would like to try the carrot cake. it must be something my family would like to have

FX777222999 said...

Ice cream sundae and carrot cake that I liked most. Desserts are made for any events, it brightens the ambiance and the guests.

Mel Cole said...

That sweet marshmallow pockets is tempting! Want to make that someday.

Franc said...

Among the list, it's the marshmallow pockets that's new to me and I think I am gonna like it.

Unknown said...

All of these sound so delicious.. I don't think I would care about the dinner with these there lol

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