Saturday, November 28, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

I woke up early and decided to start prepping for Thanksgiving meal.   We bought a small size of Turkey breast  and I slow cooked it on a crock pot.  I think cooking it this way keep it moist and it really cooks it evenly compared to putting it in the oven.  This is the first time I ever tried cooking turkey meat and so glad it turned out well.  I was always intimidated in preparing anything turkey but found out it was as hard as I thought it’s gonna be.

My daughter made some pan de sal ( Filipino dinner rolls) .

We bought a couple of ours, apple and pumpkin, from the store.  I’m not a baker and not fond of it either so dessert is always a store bought for us.
I made scallop potatoes instead of usual mashed potatoes.
The turkey breast was delicious.
The green bean casserole was my favorite among the dishes.  I used dress green beans, it makes a big difference when you use fresh compared to the canned ones.
The left over was a great addition to a delicious turkey casserole that we had for dinner today (a couple of days after Thanksgiving).
How about you, how was your Thanksgiving?

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