Monday, December 3, 2018

Burger and Fries at Home

Oh why is the time going so fast!   Halloween and  Thanksgiving just gone by and now Christmas time is fast approaching as well.  
Anyhow, how was your Thanksgiving celebration?   We used to have a family tradition for it but ever since my father-in-law passed away, we just kind of do our own things.  We make non-traditional food to share with our kids at home every year.  In the previous years, we tried to make the traditional food  for Thanksgiving but since it is only the  four of us,  the  leftover is overwhelming so this year, I only made what we can eat.  I made a briskit pot  roast and we ate it with rice.  My husband and daughter  baked a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.  
 I was born and raised in Asia so our meals always consist of Asian food but I make sure to incorporate  my  husband's  favorite American food as well.   His favorites include  spaghetti, lasagna, shepherd's pie, pulled pork sandwich and burgers. 
 Since he loves burger, I thought that having this burger  press patty maker from Cavetools would be awesome.  I can make it at home for a lot less and I can make the way his palate likes.  For this recipe, I only used a pound of ground beef, 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, black pepper and salt, and chopped onions.   
 I did not make it thick so  the cooking process won't be long.  My husband  like his burger fully cooked so making it thinner is the easier and faster way to cook it.  A palm-sized burger meatball is perfect to press in the patty maker.
 I like the design of this aluminum burger presser.  The palm shaped handle helps reduce fatigue  when you  are pressing multiple burgers.  The set includes a bonus of 200 square burger papers which makes removing  and  separating the burgers easier.  It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
 I love that it has the grill line design so even if you are using a flat skillet, the burger  still looks like  BBQed on a grill.

 The square burger papers makes it easier to stack the burgers for freezing.  You can get this  burger press patty maker  directly from Cavetools thru the link I have provided in this post or you can get it via  amazon   and enjoy a 15% Off the price by using this discount promo code, BURGER15.
 Glad my husband liked the homemade burgers and fries.  I am not much of a burger fan but making it at home and loading it with  spicy peppers  makes a big difference for me.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review and not an affiliate of the company either.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Veteran's Day Celebration 2018

The kids had a day off from school during Veteran's day. Unfortunately, our own veteran (my husband)  had to go to work.  The company he works for does not give that day off to  veterans so he had no choice but to go.  Well, he can report off but since it was  the week where he had to do reports that  needs to be done, he went to work.
Anyway, to make it a bit special for him, we made him  a meal we could all share and enjoy at dinner time.  We made  a rolled up steak, mashed potatoes, cream corn and for dessert, we made his favorite fruit salad.
  I chose the rolled up steak to make but putting flavor  in the middle is  a challenge when the meat is  frozen.  Gladly, I have the Stainless Steel Marinade Meat Injector from  Cavetools.  This high grade stainless steel will never clog, bend, or break .  It includes 3 professional marinade needles for injecting flavor into chicken, turkey, beef, pork, brisket and any other foods.
This would be perfect to give as a gift set this Thanksgiving or Christmas.  You can get this injector  with 15% Off at  amazon using  Injector15 promo code.  Or you can buy it directly from the Cavetools website.
It was perfect using it  with these rolled up steak because I didn't have to  defrost the meat to  infused the  marinate flavor in it.  My husband love  steak with A1 sauce so I used that to enhanced the beef's flavor.

The kids  made their Dad personalized cards which he loved. These cards always makes my husband feel appreciated  for his 20 years of serving the military.  I am proud to be married to a veteran sailor.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Friday, October 19, 2018

BBQ Gloves: My New Max Heat Resistant Oven Mitts from Cavetools

Canning  the fresh produce is one of the most satisfying thing I have learned from my late father-in-law.  He's the one who taught me how to  do it when I first  came here in the States.  In the tropical country where I was born and raised, we don't really do canning as we can just grow the veggies   all though the year.  I miss  that about my first motherland, the weather and the  availability of fresh produce in our backyard garden.  Over here, I can only enjoy it during warm season since I don't have a green house.
Anyway, I received this BBQ gloves  from Cavetools to  test and review and I love that it is max heat resistant.  It is perfect to use for grilling and  also for my canning  at home.  I am so glad having a heavy duty  gloves now, I don't have to worry about my hand  getting burnt when I take out something  from the oven or when I grill outside.
Let's admit it, having a good  pair of oven mitt is  important especially when you love to bake or grill.  I  can  assure you, you will never burn your hands again with this one.  My husband loves it, he is the one who loves to bake sweet treat at our home so  this is like a gift for him to have.  Its heat resistance is up to 662°F for smoking, grilling, baking, or cooking.  I also love that  they designed it with extended cuffs because it protect your forearms when reaching into the back of the grill or oven.
I am almost finish  canning  for this season.  Our  weather  is getting colder each day and my  garden is almost done so I will be picking everything and clean the garden soon. 
You can buy this heat oven mitts via  amazon through this link  or directly  from Cavetools  website.  You can avail the 15% off by using  this discount code upon check out GrillGlove15.  Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are   almost around the corner, it would be advantageous to get more than one pair of this gloves.  Right now, there's an instant 10% off when you buy one or more.  This would be a great for your love ones who love to bake and grill.
Aside from the produce that I  picked from my garden, my son's godmother also gave me a basketful of  her peppers.  She loves gardening as much as I do but the difference is that, she doesn't  like spicy peppers so gave me most of her produce.  I decided to  pickle and freeze some of it so I will have some to consume  in the winter months.

She planted  more than 10 different kinds of peppers that I am not familiar  about but most of it are spicy so I stuffed and baked the  big ones and pickled some and freeze  the rest.
Cavetools has so many cool kitchen tools.  I got this  jalopeño coorer from them as well.  It's awesome in removing the  core of the peppers.
I am always happy serving my family an organic  food that we grew.  The canned  tomato sauce comes in handy  with this kind of dishes.  I never have to buy tomato sauce again when my garden is doing good because I can enough to last  for a year until the next gardening season comes.
Ever since I was a kid, I love eating spicy food.  My Mom was never  fond of spicy stuff but I  got my father's trait of eating super spicy food.  I was his  eating partner when it comes to spicy food.  Just talking about it makes me tear up, I miss him so much, he was a great cook and I miss all the food he  always cook for us.

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Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Step-By-Step Guide to Owning Your Own Restaurant Franchise

Being a great cook is something that is sure to please your friends and family. It is also, however, a talent you can create a very profitable enterprise on. People love great food and great service, and if you have the know-how and will to turn your cooking skills into a business, there should be nothing holding you back. Build not just a restaurant, but a franchise, and you can then secure your future, your children’s future, and even your grandchildren’s future. All you need to do to start is to follow these steps:

1.   Start Your Own Restaurant and Make it a Hit

The first step to owning a franchise is to start your first restaurant. Create a menu, a business plan, and take these two items to investors. You can either take out a personal loan from a bank or rely on capital investors or angel investors in order to get the funding you need.

To save costs, it is wise to then rent out an existing restaurant space so that you do not need to pay for the high costs of installing a kitchen, and can instead work on creating the atmosphere that will initially bring guests in.

Great customer service and great food will go a long way. Once you are a success, you can then start the process of selling your brand and building a franchise.

2.   Hire a Lawyer to Start the Franchising Process

There are a lot of different legal processes and requirements when it comes to creating a franchise. Not only do you need to adhere to the law, but you also need to create the contracts that your new franchisees will follow. Your franchises are your brand, and creating a consistent brand is how you all will succeed.

3.   Be Very Selective with Your New Franchisees

The reason why franchises are so lucrative to the owners is that it means other businesspeople come in and invest in you and your company. This allows you to grow profits and reach without putting up the cash in front. Just because someone has the money, however, doesn’t mean they will always be a good fit. You want to carefully vet each new franchise owner before you sign a deal with them.

4.   Build a Network System for Your Franchises

One part of a consistent brand is to provide consistent service. This is best done when all of your franchises operate under one program. Having the same POS system and set of rules and regulations will help each franchise continue your high level of quality. When you create this program, you will also want to invest in a Network as a Service (NaaS) like Masergy in order to sync up all systems, even from remote areas. Linked systems will allow you to monitor quality control and offer help and assistance to your franchisees as required.

Owning a franchise can be very lucrative, but it is a never-ending job. Not only do you need to operate your own business, but you also need to support your franchisees to promote consistent service and quality.  

Friday, October 5, 2018

Hot Wing Bar Tips

Whether you own a restaurant or you're in charge or the food for a special event, hot wings are items that you could include on the menu. An easy way to organize these small pieces of chicken is to make a hot wing bar. Before getting started, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your bar is a success and so that everyone gets the kind of hot wings they want. 
Start with the freshest chicken possible. Instead of only one kind of hot wing, consider making a few different sauces or breading for your wings so that guests have a variety instead of just a hot flavor. You should also offer a few different levels of heat, such as mild to extreme for those who enjoy a hotter piece of chicken. Teriyaki and BBQ are good options to have on your wing bar along with hot flavors. 
Aside from chicken wings, offer a few types of vegetables or dips. Celery and carrot sticks are good options to consider and tend to tame the heat that is delivered by the hot flavors. Properly label the wings that you make so that everyone can easily detect the various sauces that are used. You could put all of the hot wings at one end of the bar with the other types of wings that you prepare at the other end to keep the flavors separate. Arrange your wing bar so that both sides have the same wings. This will make it easier for everyone to get the chicken that they want without reaching across the bar and without going back through the line on the opposite side. Think about the number of people you have invited or the number of people who have frequented the establishment when you begin preparing your chicken so that you don't have a lot of extra pieces left at the end of the day. 

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