Monday, November 29, 2010

Staub Ceramic Bakeware and Foods

  I ordered a 4-piece Staub Ceramic Bakeware online.  We needed a pie pan  so I got this set.  I thought that it would be delivered soon  just like the previous I have made from this online store but until now, it still waiting for shipment confirmation, whew.

My husband is getting anxious because he was waiting for the  contemporary  non-stick calphalon  fry pans I bought along with these bakeware.  He  cooked  a breakfast for us this morning and he got frustrated with  our old  pan.  Ever since we  moved in to our  own home, we already bought two sets of  cooking pots and pons.  The first set that we bought is a circulon, hubby did not want to take it when we were moving to Korea so we bought  a new set which was a kenmore.  The kenmore set are still in great condition  but it wasn't a non-stick that's why I bout these two new  pans.

Anyhow, I am sharing some of the fresh  goodies that  my SIl had served during the Thanksgiving celebration.
The kids love the vegetable plate with yellow, green, and red  pepper, baby carrots, celery, cucumber, and black olives.
My SIL Chris found a great deal of pineapple at Kroger's that day, 99 cents for one whole pineapple.  I  peeled and sliced them and it was sweet.

I felt bad that we didn't came to my  FIL's house earlier during the Thanksgiving because my  sister in law had no help.  She basically prepared  everything by herself.  The  turkey was so big so it took a little longer to bake it.  I made some lumpia that morning and brought it there.  I fried it at my FIL's home so it would be crispy.  
While waiting for the big bird to  get done, everyone munched on the lumpia/egg roll that I made.  Thanks for the compliments guys, I will sure make some more next time.  Hubby caught me  eating a pine apple and he snapped a shot.
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Mandarin Oranges

We love this mandarin oranges.  It's one main source of our Vitamin C needs hehehe.  We used to buy this in Korea and over here, we buy it in bags  or sometimes in boxes.  How  about you guys, what kind of fruit  do you and your family likes?
Parenting Tip of the Day from
Babies don’t eat much, so what does go down the hatch really needs to count. We have a complete guide to foods that pack a nutritional punch. Among them: sweet potatoes (potassium, vitamin C, fiber) and whole-milk organic yogurt (calcium, protein, phosphorus). 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peanut Brittle

My  father-in-law visited  us yesterday and he brought me some peanut  brittle.  He said that  my SIL Jill sent it to him, he likes it but he can't really  eat too much of it as it is kinda hard for him.  Well Dad, I greatly appreciate this as I love peanuts lol..

Our daughter brought this art work that she made in school.  The "Give Thanks" table stand, turkey and a table mat.  
Below is a link you can check out  from

Parenting Tip of the Day 
Avoid the panic of roasting a turkey by butterflying your bird -- essentially flattening it so that it cooks faster and more evenly. If you’re feeling squeamish, ask your butcher in advance if he’ll do it for you.

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Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Take care in gobbling those  foodies!

Frost & Harvest

Hello everyone, howdy? We had a frost last night. Good thing, I harvested everything in my garden last weekend.  The peppers and tomatoes were still green but I picked them all anyway.  I was shocked of how much I  had, I didn't anticipate that there's so much fruit in it.  Below is a Tahi pepper that I grew out of the seeds that I  stored tow years ago.
The tomato above looks like it doesn't have much fruit to it but I  picked a whole lot and filled one big box out of it.  My husband was making fun of me when I went to the garden because I was pretty bundled up.  Hey, I want to stay warm so I had to lol..

I made some battered pepper and it was spicy-delish!
The tomatoes are now turning red, I will try to canned them soon!

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Thanksgiving Feast

Our daughter had a Thanksgiving Feast at their  classroom last Monday.  They had a $5 contribution for the food and other things that they need.  She had some treats when she got home and gave it to her brother.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You God!

The Couple's Corner's theme for this week coincides with the US traditional holiday which is the Thanksgiving.  So what are we thankful for?

First of all, I thank God that  He make my life hard when I was growing up.  You may not believe it but it's true.  Of course back then, I did not appreciate the kind of life that I had but now that I am old, I realized that God has a good plan for me.  

I always thank God that He gave me a man that is loving, responsible, kind, and understanding.
..... In-laws that are  down to earth...
.... Lovely children...
I thank the Lord that He gave us an opportunity to be with my family in the Philippines.  That my children  were able to  bond with my family and  were able to experience  how it is to live there.
.... Friends wo understands and stick to you through thick and thin...
Thank you for  leading me to a friend who  taught me how to blog, with that I made a lot of online friends.  Thank you for everything!

On Cutting Hair

My hair is  getting so long, it's been  months since I last give myself a hair cut lol.  Call it crazy but I call it frugality that I cut my own hair.  Ever since I came here, I only went to a parlor once because of the cost.  I mean, can you blame me?  I came from a country where the cost of hair cut is barely three dollars and   over here, you will shell out  over 20 dollars just for a hair cut.  So I have been giving myself a haircut since then in order to cut cost.

I may not a pro like the ones who attended beauty schools but for me, it's good enough.  The above photo was the haircut I gave myself when we were in Korea.  It is now long and I need to cut it real soon, maybe after winter so that the hair will keep me warm.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mexican Food Craving

We seldom eats mexican food but once in a while, we crave for it. Last week, our daughter asked if we could make some taco. It's been a while since we last had taco so I made some. Our son did not like t (as usual) but he ate some lettuce with cheese hehehe.
I like taco but I am not sure why whenever I ate  it, it gives me heart burn afterwards.  I eat anyway lol..
To make your taco shell more crispy, you should  bake it for 7-8 minutes.
There's only three of us who eat taco  so I only prepare the right amount  that we could eat.
Below is some recipes that you can try from

When you're hanging out before a concert or game, make sure you don't undo your diet by indulging in fattening fare. Instead of greasy potato chips, opt for Asiago Cheese Sticks. Switch out the greasy burgers for Mini Chicken Tandoori Skewers. Ditch the creamy dip and go for Homemade Hummus instead.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Just remember....

that a little bit of this
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so Spice Up Your Life..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy Yellows and a Birthday

 I made some omelet this morning for our breakfast, we ate it with rice.  We did not go to church today as I did laundry and my husband was building a planter stand for me.  I baked a pan of lasagna to bring to Dad's house.  Jen had her birthday yesterday but we celebrated  it today.  My husband said that the lasagna is a little bit sour, maybe because I used some of my homemade  tomato sauce  in cooking the  ground beef and other spices.
 Happy happy birthday Jen, may God grant all your wishes to come true.  May he  give you  strength to carry on   the difficulties of life.  We wish you good health and  lots of happiness with Jim and the kids.
Here's the very cute  little patotae of our family, the chubby little cheeks Gracie!
Her Mom Chris, baked a maple cake, it was really delicious.  Shelby made a turkey meat loaf which I forgot to take picture of, but it was delicious.  Jen also made some green beans and  mashed potatoes.  Burp, we were stuffed!
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My husband  suggested that we host a Thanksgiving this year but I disagree.  I don't feel like hosting a big holiday  get together this year.  I am also thinking that it has been a tradition to  celebrate it at Dad's, it  would be appropriate to celebrate it in his house while he is around.  Anyhow, when hubby told me about his  idea, I entertained it a bit and found this tips at
Even if you’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinner before, you’ll still like these practical tips from moms, such as making certain dishes ahead of time and turning the party into a planned potluck with specific dish requests.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wine Bottles

My husband put new insulation at our attic last weekend. We bought 10 rolls at Lowes thinking that it would be enough but it only covered like 20% of our attic arghhh.. That means we still have to  shell out more money to buy  materials in order to   completely insulate  the attic.  Hopefully this can be a tax deductible expense and that our gas bill would be much lower this winter.
Anyhow, as we  climbed in there, we discovered a bunch of wine bottles that the former owner used to use when he was making their home made wine.  Our neighbor told us before that the old Italian man who formerly owned this house used to have a  grape vine  at the backyard and  makes his own wine at the basement.  That explains why there is a big stove at the basement and  big pots and pans.  The former owner left everything to us.
Some of the bottles have Pure Natural Water Company engraved in it  This was a water company in Pittsburgh PA way back then.
My husband said that this would be a nice collection so I washed them and put it in our wine rack.  Hubby even plans to  plant some grapes next year and have  our grapevine there.  Maybe we could learn how to make wine in the future lol.  If that happens, all I need to buy is corks for our wine bottles lol.
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Lovely shadow

This is the rose that I picked from the garden.  Took a picture of it's shadow before it finally die.  Aren't rose's shadow lovely?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coconut Pie

Whenever I see a coconut pie, it always reminds me of John's Aunt who  died  a couple of years ago.  She used to bake a coconut pie and bring it to Dad's house.  She knew how much we like it.  Now that she's gone,  the only coconut pie we can eat is the frozen ones from the store.  Not really tasty like the one that she used to make us.  Oh I miss Aunt Athelea!
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Home Theatre and Fruit for Snack.

Having a good home theatre system is a great enjoyment  for a family.  It gives us satisfaction of watching our favorite shows on TV. My husband has this set of theater system even before we meet.  He bought it when he was still single  o at the military store for  a very  affordable price.  Now that Christmas is fast approaching, you can actually find great deals on home theater system  at online  stores or  within your area.  If you want to find a good deal,  online search is the best thing to do.
On another note, fruits are the best snacks when the family is watching TV

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spicy Pepper Stuffed with Sausage

 When I harvested my veggies in the garden, I have some green spicy pepper  so I stuffed some of them.  I did not bake it this time but fried them.  It was delicious with rice of course and the sweet and paired with  manis pedas sweet chili sauce.
Hubby and I love spicy foods so once in a while I made it a point to make some dishes like this one.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dinner at Wendy's

The school gave each students some coupons to be used at Wendy's. We went there to eat dinner last last weekend. My daughter had apple pecan chicken salad and I had spicy chicken Caesar salad.  The men had hamburger and chicken nuggets.  We ended  up bringing home one bowl of salad because Rylie did not want hers.  It's been a while since we last ate outside so it was fun. 
Have a safe Halloween everyone.  I am leaving you with some spookiest recipes for the occasion from

It's simple to get into the Halloween spirit; all you need is a bag of candy, paper ghosts, a store-bought costume. But to take your celebration to the next level, we dare you to try one of these homemade options. Choose from monster pops, creepy tacos, witches' brooms and more to make this spooky night one to remember. 

Let your imagination go wild with The Ultimate Halloween Brownies, deep, chocolaty bars cut into holiday shapes, decorated and served on a stick. 


Witches' Brooms top pretzel rods with cookie-like brooms for a treat that's fun to make and eat. You'll get a recipe for witches' hats, too, to pair with the brooms! 


Kids won't be able to resist Ghastly Goblin Grinsapple slices stuffed with cream cheese and decorated with sliced almonds—despite their better-for-you nature. 


Even marshmallows like to get dressed up at Halloween. Franken Pops dip them in a green candy coating and use cookie icing to create the menacing monster's expressions. 


For a quick fix before you hit the streets to trick or treat, serve up Spooky Eyeball Tacos, which rely on typical taco ingredients to make freaky faces. 

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that a little bit of this
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