Sunday, July 31, 2011

Champagne Mangoes - P365 # 210

We found boxes of champagne mangoes at the Oriental store down in Pittsburgh last time so we bought a box. We all love mangoes with the exception of my son.  This is what I really miss during summer time in the Philippines because they are in season, hence they are cheap.  Over here, you pay almost $2  for a piece mango.
I made some  mango shake.
I also made some refrigerated cake.
July 31, 2011:
  • I did  four loads of laundry today, folded and put away already.
  • Cooked some pinakbet again and grilled pork BBQ for hubby.  I also made some wilted lettuce.
  • We went  and visited  my FIL after I did laundry and after we ate our dinner.  
Today is the 8th year death anniversary of my father.  I am sad that  he isn't here anymore to  see his other grand kids.  I am also saddened by  a death in the family of the  friends we met in Florida.  Our condolences to the Dias Family.  Dhemz lost her  Lolo or grandfather last Friday night.

Pinakbet - P365 # 209

Hello everyone. I am still exhausted from our trip but I am trying to write some tasks before they expires tonight. Before we left to Disney last Monday, I picked all the veggies that were ready and made some pinakbet. Hubby doesn't like pinakbet because of the bagoong or shrimp paste. 
He said that the first time he was introduced to it, there was so much bagoong in it that he couldn't acquired the taste. I told him that I would try to put less bagoong and he could try my own verson. It was actually my first time to try cooking it.  He ate some and he did not say that it was bad but did not say that it was great either lol.  So I think, it was okay. 
July 30, 2011:

  • We left Florida at 2 am today so we  basically did not have a  good night sleep last night.  The kids were so good through out the trip though.
  • I had a  little snooze when we arrived then we picked up our  other family members, Champ and Wubzy, came back here and put away all our travel stuff. 
  • Segregated   the laundry but did not wash it today, I'll do it tomorrow.  Cleaned the house a little bit and  after I shower I started  writing some task.  Thanks Hon for writing  some of it.
  • I am floating right now  but I really have to finish these before I go to bed.
Thanks everyone for  making my blog alive while I was gone for a vacation,. 

Veggie Omelet - P365 # 206

An omelet prepared by yours truly. It is free of bacon or any kind of meat, I decided to just put veggies as filling.
July 27, 2011:

  • Still in Disney world folks.  You are reading a scheduled post.  Thanks for the visit.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trail Mix Snacks - P365 # 208

I found these healthy snacks at Walmart, they are called Trail Mix.  I like the tropical blend the best.  This is  my last scheduled post.  My normal post will resume Saturday when we come home.
July 29, 2011:
  • We are  on our last day   in Disney.  We will be  leaving early tomorrow.

Salad with French Dressing - P365 # 207

I made a bowl of salad with chicken meat. I tried the french dressing that my FIL likes, I liked it too.
July 28, 2011:
  • This is another scheduled post.  We have one more day left to explore Disney.  Thank you for your visits.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cinnamon Roll - P365 # 205

Hubby made some cinnamon roll last Thursday for dessert, it was yummy.
July 26, 2011:

  • We are  on our second day of vacation so this is another scheduled post.  Thanks a lot for dropping by.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bok Choy or Pechay - P365 # 203

A friend gave me some bok choy seeds last year so I planted them this year. It did not flourish well, they had their flowers earlier than I expected. I did not get any leaves at all but I let them grew anyway so I could get the seeds, maybe I'll be lucky next year.  The flower of bok choy  is the tiny  yellow  blooms below.  Bok choy is popularly known as pechay in the Philippines.
July 24, 2011:

  • I just got done packing the things that we need to bring in our getaway.  We will be leaving  tomorrow and won't be back till Saturday.
  • We drove our pets to their  temporary  family while we were gone.  Thanks  to my FIL for having Wubzy and to my BIL Dave for having Champ.
  • We were gonna  try to pack out things in carry ones but with two kids in tow we couldn't fit the  stuff lol.  So we will have to  shell out  extra $100 for our  luggage back and forth, whew.
  • I am sleepy right now because I did not get to go to bed till 2 am.  I decided to make  some egg rolls because I did not want to let the veggies in our fridge get bad.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Freezing Veggies - P365 # 202

We had a windy night last week and it pushed my veggies to the ground. That's when I noticed that the first batch of beans was ready to be picked.
I had one full basket so I cooked half into adobong sitaw and  frozen half of it.
I found  out last year that when you freeze  the veggies right after you picked and washed them, they taste  just like freshly picked when you cook them.  So this year, I am freezing   those that we can;'t eat as of the moment that way  we have  some during winter time.  
So far I have one rack of frozen  beans in our freezer already.  Anyone  wants to pick some  from my garden, you are welcome to come over.

July 23, 2011:
  • We are bring Mr. Burrito to the doctor to have his foot checked by the doctor.  He got stung by a bee last Thursday morning and it is still swollen until now.  We took the stinger out with a dull knife but we want to make sure that he is okay before our  flight this monday.
  • Doing laundry now, after  I am done, we would head out to the doctor's office.
  • Hubby mowed the  yard, hopefully  the grass won't be so tall when we come back.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is one  thing that my kids enjoy the most when we are receiving a package from shopping online.  Look how  fun they had  on the photo below.  They are always  looking forward to getting those bubble wraps every time we open a packaging  box. Even me love to pop those bubble wraps too lol.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Foods - P365 # 201

When Ms. Burrito turned 6 years old a couple of weeks ago, we prepared 6 menus at home.  I Know it's not much but  I think everyone had a good time.
Ms. Burrito made pigs in a blanket.
The rice noodles or pancit and rice  cup cakes or puto.
A bowl of pasta salad.
Pork BBQs on a stick
Egg rolls  or lumpia.  I made this the night before the party.  Thanks to hubby for helping.
We had fun especially the birthday girl who thinks she is 16 years old already hehehe.
July 22, 2011:
  • I made some corn and crab soup  a little while ago.  AI also made some egg omelet for hubby's breakfast.  My kids and I ate  each a bowl of the corn soup.
  • Right now, they are eating dessert.  My husband  baked some cinnamon rolls after he ate his breakfast.
  • They are planning to  either go the lake or at my BIL's swimming pool to swim.
  • It's very humid outside that you can not  stay very long without pouring  your sweat.

Seasoned Quarter Chicken - P365 # 200

Last Sunday, we cooked dinner over at Dad's. I picked the green beans in his yeard and cooked it the way he likes it. We also BBQd a pack of seasoned quarter chicken. Hubby also made mashed potatoes. We enjoyed our dinner.
Sometimes I miss the popular lechon in the Philippines.  Roasting the whole pig is called lechon back home.  Some Filipinos here   buy lechon when there's a big  occasion.  There are hog roast hire that you can find.  MY friend know one over in Ohio and she orders one every time her birthday comes.

July 21, 2011

  • M son got stung  by a wasp on the foot  this morning.  I think that he would listen to me now to put on his slippers/shoes when going out the backyard hehehe.
  • hubby is attending his last class tonight, his last test will be tomorrow morning.

Scrambled Egg - P365 # 189

I like scrambled egg with tomatoes. How about you?
July 10, 2011:

  • We had a very  busy day today.  I started doing laundry when I woke up.
  • Then we went to church.
  • We went to Starvaggi  swimming pool after church.
    Then we  went to Dad's.  
  • We  came home   like 8 pm and I finished the laundry I was doing earlier.  I just got done folding them so now I am posting this update before I go to bed.
  • We have to wake up early tomorrow to send the  kids to Vacation Bible School.
  • Summer days  are  busy days for us.
Goodnight everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Window Cleaning - P365 # 181

Hello everyone! I finally got the courage to clean our windows hahaha. I have been putting it off since last month but my reasons are valid naman. I feel good now that I got done with gardening, organizing, cleaning and now the windows are clean.  We have 10 windows in the house so it was a one day job for me.

My little man offered to help me when he woke up, thanks Mr. Burrito for the help.
It's been a couple of years since I last cleaned the windows so it accumulated so much dust.
Look how gross this is but it's a different scenario now.  
July 2, 2011:
  • I got done cleaning windows  at 3 pm, whew.
  • Hubby and I put a  wood across the corner fence for the trumpet vine to  crawl on.
  • Hubby mowed the grass and also cooked food for us.
  • I just got done showering and now we are going to visit my FIL.  Thanks for visiting folks.

Ice Cream Bowl Cones - P365 # 187

We bought these colorful ice cream bowls that are shaped like cones.  
Kids can really have good kicks on simple things like this.
Ms. Burrito's hair  looks like a mess but it is the wig she is wearing that made it looked like one lol.
July 8, 2011:

  • Just a quick update before we go to Toys "R" Us. Will update this later.
Thanks everyone for the greetings  that you left here and my other blogs for my daughter!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sauteed Mung Beans - P365 # 199

My husband kids love sauteed mung beans. I cooked it with pork and since I have bitter melon growing in our vegetable garden, I picked some of its leaves and put some on mung beans.
July 20, 2011:
  • Breath in and breath out.  I am letting the good vibes in and letting the bad  out.
  • I picked some beans again today and will be cooking it for dinner.
  • I cooked tortang talong yesterday, the very first eggplant that I picked from my garden.

Animal Cookies - P365 # 198

A bag of Animal Cookies we picked up in store a little while ago.
July 19, 2011:

  • The Weirton Water  Company is doing some repair t the water lines again so our water is cloudy.  I used bottled water to cook our breakfast.
  • We went to the bank today  to get the pocket money we need for  our upcoming vacation next week.
  • We went to Kroger's and sent money to my family back home.  They are not asking for it yet but I know that it is due especially my sister's  tuition fee, allowance and  boarding house payment.
  • We grabbed  some bottled water from the store and visited Dad  before we headed home.
  • Hubby locked himself in the room, reviewing for his final exam tonight.  Goodluck hon!
Thank you everyone for visiting, your added thoughts  is  greatly APPRECIATED!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Salted Eggs - P365 # 197

I found some salted egg from the oriental store that we discovered when we attended Jake's birthday party at Chuck e Cheese.  It was pricey but it did not hinder me from buying because I so miss this.  
I was the only one who ate the whole thing because my  minion doesn't like salted eggs.
I ate it with  tomatoes and rice, yum!
July 18, 2011:

  • Time flies!  Soon July will bid bye bye and  pretty soon the 2011  will be over too, whew!
  • I stripped off our bedding and  washing it right now, also have some clothes to clean.
  • I am glad that  one of my blogs got it's PR3 back, I hope that Google won't take it back.
  • Hubby is busy studying for his finals this week so this gives me time to blog weee.

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