Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spice Stack in Silver

Youcopia is very nice for giving me an opportunity to work with them.  They gave me an Original SpiceStack in Silver, an  18-Bottle Spice Rack Organizer for free in return of my honest review.  I have been wanting  to have one of this because all my spices were  occupying most of cupboard space and it is very hard to  get it when I need it.  
I love the silver color that they sent me because it matched all our kitchen appliances.  I like it now that I have it because I don't have to take time digging for the spice that I need in the cabinet.  I can just get it  in no time with the super organizer Spice Stack.
They also sent printed  labels of different spices and blank labels as well  so you can make your own if its not included in the  printed ones that  they give you.
YouCopia  also  has Coffee and Espresso Stack, Medicine and Vitamins, and different kinds for spices  which includes ministack, riginal spicestack, silver spicestack (which I have), classic spice stack, and chef edition spice stack.  Check their selection.   You may watch the video below to see how easy it is to access your spices.

Disclaimer:  The product was given for free, there 's no monetary compensation involve.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Almond Benefits

I love just about any type of nuts.  Be it  peanuts, walnuts, pili nuts, cashews, and more.  One of my favorites is the almonds.  I usually buy the whole almonds, I snack on it when I am doing my online  tasks or when I am watching TV with  my kids.
According to the article that I read online, almonds has a lot of health benefits, below are some of them.

  • Best fat burning food due to its good fiber content.
  • Its tryptophan  content makes it very  good for brain development.
  • Its magnesium content helps in reducing risks of cardiac arrest.
  • Its phosphorous helps in developing brains and muscle tissues
  • Folic Acid and Vitamin B contents helps reduce birth defects in fetus that's why  most  OB GYNE recommends this for pregnant women.
  • Almonds also improves skin and hair texture.  

Aside from regular almonds, there are also wild almonds  which contains glycocide which turns into  cyanide

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Honoring Veterans

One of the nicest Moms in both of my Burrito's classes surprised us with a cake for my husband during the Veteran's day celebration. She said that her family has a lot of respect for the Veterans so every year, they give each family something to thank them for their services. In our neighborhood, there are four Veterans but she only know three so she delivered three cakes during that day.  
Her husband is a doctor and they are very active with  a lot of activities in school.  She's the very first  one who  welcomed us in school, so thank you very much Marie and the whole family of Mascio!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Veggie Salad

Veggie salad that my Burritos ate at home  a couple of days ago.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourds or locally  known as Upo  is a very common  vegetable in the Philippines.  This kind of vegetable comes in  different shapes and sizes. Here are different  terms for gourds.

  • Opo, Calabash (U.S.)
  •  Dudhi, Lauki, Sorakaya (India)
  • Yugao, Kampyo (Japan)
  • Po gua (Canton)
  •  Kwa kawa, Hu gua (China)
  • Upo (Filipino)
  • Cucuzzi, Cucuzza (Italy)
  • Bau (Vietnam)
Thanks to Ate Agnes and Mommy Norie for sharing their Garden harvest to us!
My kids love this veggie.  I usually  use this for pork soup or saute it with  sardines.

Green Giant's Seasoned Steamer

These are my prizes from the giveaway that a dear friend of mine has sponsored in her blog. Thanks to Sis Dhemz! We redeemed  the  free seasoned steamers broccoli.  The color green is perfect for me because the color of our kitchen is green and white.1bciqtbma5ty8e7ee6nig88yt2ba15o0

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving at Home

My husband and I decided to start our family tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving at home. This is our very first time as we always celebrates the holiday with the whole family. It was also my first time  preparing different  Thanksgiving menu that I learned from my in-laws.  Me and daughter made  green bean casserole,  macaroni salad, baked beans, ham, scalloped potatoes, store bought and ready to bake garlic bread, and hubby bought pumpkin pie.
I made several menus so I would know which one we like the most and  eliminate the ones that we  did not  like very much.  Next year, I will just prepare a couple of these since  we don't really eat that much anyway.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fried Dough

My kids love to munch on the fried dough whenever we goes to the pumpkin farm at Janoski's.
How's everyone's weekend so far?

Decorating Cookies

Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque ProjectorToday is the last day of school of my kids then they have five days off for Thanksgiving.  We already have plans on what to do  with those  days off.  My kids are the type  of children that  couldn't be contented in watching TV, they have to  do something or else  they would go  bananas lol.   One of the things that they both enjoy doing is decorating  cookies.  I am not good cookies and stuff so to remedy the situation, I always buy the ready to cake  mix and just let them decorate it after   baking is done.  Kopykake projector is a good one to have  to decorate cake and cookies.   Projector to decorate cookies is a great  gadget for those who has a a business related to baking cookies and other pastry products.  I remember when  we order  our little girl's birthday cake a couple of years ago, it  has  an edible photo of her favorite cartoon character on  top of the cake and she was very happy.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tomato Sauce

I finally finished  dealing with my tomatoes.  Our pantry is now filled with canned/jarred tomato sauce and juice.  We have enough to last for a long time.
Juicing the tomatoes is one great bonding that me and my kids had.  They love doing this kind of stuff at home.
For my tomato sauce, I added some oregano, pepper, salt,  diced onions and peppers.
I borrowed Dad's food strainer and sauce maker and I returned it after we got done with the last batch of tomatoes that we canned.  I bought two dozens of jars with lids this year in addition to what I already have at home.
Juicing tomatoes is a lot of work but it's fulfilling especially if you do it with your kids.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Class Party Snack

I was assigned to bring snack for the second graders during their Halloween Party at their classroom last Wednesday. That was my first time bring snack so I didn't really know what to bring. I just asked my daughter what her classmates like and that's what I brought. I volunteered to bring drinks but the homeroom mom assigned me for a snack wahhh..  It wasn't bad though.
My daughter said that they usually have cake or cupcake during parties but I didn't really want to kids to get messy so I just brought different stuff like brownies, chips, cookies and I made some pigs in a blanket because they are quick and easy to make.
Overall, they had so much fun with the games, arts and crafts and other treats that other parents brought.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Manitoba Harvest

I was given a chance to try Hemp Heart product from Manitoba Harvest.  Hemp hearts or raw shelled hemp seeds that   can be  sprinkled on salad, cereal, yogurt,  or you can eat it right out of the box.  I like its nuttiness and very soft texture.
Hemp hearts are a raw, vegan, and certified source of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. The CEO of Manitoba Harvest shared his story  on how hemp hearts  helped  him to be a healthy and  happy  man that he is now.
My daughter love yogurt so we tried it and she likes it.  Hubby tried it too but he is cautious because  they get random  drug tests from his work so eve though  the packaging say that  it won't affect anyone who would eat it.  He wants to stay on the safe side.
I also added some hemp hearts when I roasted the coconut meat that I used as topping for the treat (palitaw - Filipino dessert/snack)  I made for my kids at home.
You may check out their Facebook Page for more  products and  see how they  harvest  hemp hearts.

Disclaimer.  This is not a sponsored post.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Egg Noodle Soup

I made some egg noodle soup (without eggs.. wink) a couple of days ago because it was raining so hard and cold.  We ate it with  pork ribs BBQ.  Before I put the pork in the oven, I boiled it first then I used the broth to cook the noodles.  It was a yummy dinner for the four of us.

Newman's Own Organic and a Giveaway

I only knew Paul Newman from the movie that my husband and I watched recently. He starred the movie called "The Color of Money" with Tom Cruise, I love that movie! Anyhow, I did not know that Paul Newman has a company called Newman's Own. In 1993, they added a division called Newman's Own Organic which is managed by his daughter Nell Newman and her partner Peter Meehan. Then they became a separate company in 2001. 

I am so grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to try some of the Newman's Own Organic (NOO) products. They sent me a box full of goodies and man oh man,  the two sweet tooth at home were delighted!  NOO is also giving me a chance to host a giveaway  for US bloggers.  With the selections that I will show you below, you can pick four of them that you like and state it in your comment and whoever wins, the four products that you picked will be delivered in your front door.
This  big box was waiting for  me at the front door the other day.
Creme filled mint chocolate cookies, licorice ( I have four of these).
Double chocolate chip cookies and Vanilla alphabet cookies.  These two are my son's favorite.
A bag of prunes, cookies, and figs.
Pretzels and pretzel rods.
Pop corn and another  bag of  cookies.
My husband love this hermits!
Ginger Snaps.
My daughter open all these mints up right away.  She tasted all of them  and she like the wintergreen mints the most.
These are also my husband's favorite, they're individual chocolate cups.  My son is off limits to some of these one because he is allergic to peanuts.
The four of us love these chocolate sthe most!
Look how much  goodies I got for free.
You too can have four  items that I  listed above and  NOO will send this to you once the giveaway is  over.  
*Only US-based bloggers  can  join the giveaway which will run from October  25 through November 15.

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