Friday, January 25, 2019

Food, Tea, Mugs, etc..

Few weeks ago, I posted  about my kids Christmas party in school at my parenting blog .   The homeroom Mom really  went all the way in preparing for the party.  Mrs. Arnold brought in foods that everyone have enjoyed the party.  I wish I can cook  as good as Italian Moms lol.  I love making Filipino food but I also like eating Italian food, I just can't make it as good as Italians do.  
She  prepared  vegetable salad, rigatoni with meatballs, cookies for dessert and fruit punch for drinks.  She even bought a cookie cake for the birthday celebrant.  I will miss this kind of bonding and camaraderie among the kids and parents when they go separate ways in high school.
On another note, now that the  freezing temperature  is settling in, hubby and I are really trying to eat healthy and also workout as often as we could.  I would say that by trying to live a healthy lifestyle,  is really rewarding.  It's a lot of hard work to stay healthy but it's really beneficial not only for us but for our children as well.  My husband  used to always feel tired but ever since he went back from working out regularly, he'd become  stronger and healthier and it also made him happier.  It's the same way for me as well, I used to be grumpy and always feel weak but now I am more active and my migraine  have also lessen which is great because migraine is terrible.
Anyways, aside from eating healthy, we also try to  use  natural products  for treating  health conditions.   I used to take sleep aid pills since I find it really hard to fall asleep but now I  drink slumber tea before going to bed and it works like magic.  Hubby also found a  concoction that works really well for bloating issues and it also works so well with detoxing our bodies.  
Time for confession, I will let you know  one secret about me.  When I was in my 20's, I used to collect mugs  but I had to leave it when I migrated here  in the US.  I still collect mugs occasionally especially when we travel but not as much.  I don't have a  favorite mug but I use  different ones depending on what I am drinking.

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Winter always brings sickness but we are prepared.  I make ginger tea at home and we  drink it often, it really helps us not get cold.  Ginger tea with honey and lemon is a drink that helps us away from flu.  I believe in the saying  that prevention is better than cure.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Young Garden: The Korean Restaurant in Ontario Canada

We were hoping to find a Filipino restaurant  when we visited Ontario but we didn't.  Luckily we found this Korean restaurant just a few building from our hotel and we were stoked since we love Korean food.  It's been years since we left Korea and we definitely miss  their  culture and food.  We don't have a Korean restaurant in Weirton so we're so happy to find this place.  
 I love that it was a fusion of both Japanese and Korean cuisine.  The waiter seemed like Japanese but he speak English very well.
 I am so glad that both our kids are  not picky, they palate are like ours.  We introduced them to different kind of food  at a young age so when we travel, we can pretty much anything without an issue.
 We ordered some  Bibimbap, a Korean dish that we  loved eating during our 2-years of living in Korea.  I sometimes make this at home but I don't always have the ingredients I need so I can only make it once in a while.
 What I love about Korean and  Japanese dishes  is that it comes with so many side dishes.  We love fermented stuff and finding this place was  a treat to us.
 We had a really good dinner at this place.  The employees are very friendly, they made us feel like we were in Korea.  It brought  us back some great memories.
 This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just want to  share our  great experience at this place.  So if you visit Ontario to see Niagara Falls and  is into  the mood of eating  Asian food, try this place.

Christmas Feast 2018

2018 went very fast in my opinion.  Aside from minor headaches and  random cold,  I am grateful that none in my family got sick last year.  I think healthy eating  helped us  out of sickness and also regular exercise.  Ninety five percent of the food that we eat is home cooked as we seldom dine out but it's the healthy way that works for my family.  We try to grow vegetable in the warm  weather  and eat them fresh  from our garden.  We will continue our healthy ways this year to hopefully help us out of sickness.
Anyway, during Christmas eve, I did not really cook a lot.  I only made  a normal dinner, I made  braised pork chops and we ate  it with vegetable.  Baking is not my forte and I always find myself  getting burned when dealing with oven but having a reliable cooking gloves  helps me avoid that issue.  Cavetools has  awesome BBQ and other kitchen tools.  You can buy this heat oven mitts via  amazon through this link  or directly  from Cavetools  website.  You can avail the 15% off by using  this discount code  GrillGlove15 upon check out .  
On Christmas Day, I made some fried chicken.  We will be attending a Christmas party to a  friend's house later that day so I only made what we can eat before heading out to the party.

There were so many food prepared by our  friend during the party.  I couldn't control my appetite since most of the food is Filipino food lol.
Chicken adobo
pork ribs
mixed veggies

We had an enjoyable Christmas last year although I still wish I could spend it with my family back home in the Philippines but it's okay, as long as I am with my children and husband.  No matter where we celebrate Christmas as long as we are together, I don't  mind.  The best way to deal with homesickness is  through food.  How about you, how did you celebrate Christmas?  

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