Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gus's Goodies

There is a family-owned business at downtown Weirton where baked goodies are so good. That was our first time buying a cake there and after that experience, my husband said "Never again will I buy a cake from other store". I am not much of a cake eater but I can truly say that I enjoyed eating a slice of their cake, so delicious.
The first time we got to try their cakes was when  lady from the school gave my husband  a big box of cake  for Veteran's Day.  That was delicious too!
I searched about their site and I found this interesting history about them (copied from their website):

Around 1912, Gus Monezis, and his brother, George, immigrated from Greece to America. Gus came to Weirton, WV, and began working at Weirton Steel Company. George moved to McKeesport, PA, and became employed as a baker and cake decorator at the William Penn Hotel. He later opened his own bakery, the Minerva Pastry Shop.
Gus had three sons and one daughter in Greece. After he got settled, he brought the entire family to Weirton. Two of the sons, Nick and George, were taught the bakery business by great uncle George.
Uncle George started Royal Pastry on Main Street in south Weirton. In the 1935, Nick took over the business and young George went into the Army. In 1960, Nick's son, Gus (named for his grandfather), and his daughter, Helen, and her husband, Nick, took over the operations. Helen and her husband eventually moved to Illinois in 1969, and Gus became the sole proprietor of the bakery. Gus then introduced his own wife, Aggie, and daughters to the business.
Gus's Goodies may have seen a few name changes throughout the years, but it's still the same family business that started so many years ago; and it's still located on Main Street in south Weirton.
What happened to the other Monezis bakers? Great uncle George had a son, George Jr., and he had a son, Mark. They, along with George's wife, Irene, and daughter, Cathy, still operate the bakery in McKeesport, PA.

Disclaimer.  This is not a sponsored post, I just want to share this local business that has been around for years at our  city.  If you are visiting and  feel the need for some sweet, they are the place to go to.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Forty Four Years of Fun!

We were suppose to go out for Hubby's birthday but I decided to just cook  and eat at home as I am afraid that my son would get sick again if he gets exposed with too much cold temperature outside.  Below are some of the food we had.  Cheers to a forty four years of FUN!

We bought a chocolate pudding cake at Gus's Goodies.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Potato Hash

This was our breakfast last weekend. Ms. Burrito made her version of potato hash with spam, cheese, bell peppers, and some b-pepper, and parsley. It was egg-cellent!
She  was very disappointed that  the omelet  did not turn out as she expected.  She forgot to  melt butter in the pan before putting the egg so it stuck and  she wasn't able to flip it  without breaking it.
It's hard not to interfere when she's cooking  because I am worried that she might  get burned but she cries whenever I go in the kitchen and try to help her.  
For dessert, we had  strawberries, cantaloupe, and green grapes.
I like the fact that she's only 7 and can cook  some breakfast dishes already but as a Mom, I always worry.  I guess, they won't learn if we don't let them explore and experience right?  

She's our little chef  on weekends.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Chef in the Making

Ms. Burrito showed interest in cooking ever since she was 4 years old.  She would always want to help  me in the kitchen.  At 7 years old, she can make  simple dishes like omelet, deviled eggs, french toast, fried  rice,  scrambled eggs, potato hush, and rice balls.

During weekends, she makes us stay in bed till she is done cooking breakfast which I find very sweet! She usually makes bacon, rice, eggs, and brew a pot of coffee.
Oh, I am so proud of Ms. Burrito!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Diet Fuel and Flavored Drinks

Twinlab Corporation has sent me some products to try.  The products includes:
  • 5 bottles of Planet Pulp drinks (guarana, pineapple, orange, and lemon lime as flavors)
  • 2 Bixes of Alvita Tea Bags (Lemon Grass and  Holy Basil)
  • 1 Bottle of Dietary supplement with 60 capsules
  • 1 bottle of Nature's Herbs - Power Herbs Forskohlii 
>I love all the favored drinks especially the orange and pineapple.
>With the two kinds of  teas, I  like the holy basil the most.  The lemon grass tea is very mild but it smells really good.  Both teas are organic..
>My husband is the one taking the  Diet Fuel from Twinlab and he likes it so far.  He takes this daily 20 minutes before we eat.
>The Forskhlii power  supports weight management.  Hubby also tries this herbal supplement.  Hubby is a fan of this kind of stuff but  before he takes them, he makes research about it first to make sure.

Thank you so much Twinlab and Planet Pulp!

Disclaimer:  All the products above were received for free in exchange of an honest review.  There is no monetary payment issued on this  article, all opinions are 100% mine.

Delicious Deviled Egg

My daughter  love deviled eggs so I taught her how to make it. My husband and his Dad also loves  this dish.
 For the filling, we  put miracle whip, mustard,  relish, salt and pepper to taste, and mixed it with the egg yolk.  Then we topped  it with a dash of paprika.
How about you, do you like deviled eggs?
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