Monday, February 11, 2019

Special Thanksgiving Party For 8th Grade

To make it memorable for our 8th grade children, our homeroom mom, Mrs. Arnold, prepared a special  Thanksgiving meal for them. She brought in her waffle maker in school and different variety of fruits for toppings.
 I have not made a homemade waffle  so after tasting this, I must admit,  it is so much better than the frozen ones  I buy from the store lol.  Now I want to have a waffle maker of my own.
 Thanks to her and her husband and  also to Mrs. Buterbaugh for  their best effort in making this event a yummy one.  
 She's been doing  this for years so she is kind of an expert of what to do to make the children feel special for every occasion.  Aside from the being the best homeroom Mom, she's also a great health care provider, working as a nurse.  I feel blessed to have known this woman, she inspires me.
 Just look at the happy faces of these kiddos.
Thanks again Rose for everything that you do for our children! I'm sure going to miss these gatherings when the kids  starts high school.  I don't think they do these  kind of events in highschool but we will see.

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