Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Salad Spinner and Cake Carrier

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.  

During Lent season, my family observe  No-Meat meals during Fridays.  We bought a pack of this butterfly shrimp from the store and I baked it  yesterday to eat  with vegetable salad for dinner. 
 I would say that all of us liked it!  They are crispy and delicious!  With this meal, I am  showcasing the new salad spinner and  cake carrier that Honey Can Do have sent me for review.  
My kids volunteered to  prepare the salad yesterday so they could test the salad spinner.  Having a salad spinner makes  cleaning the veggies easier because you can just spin all of them inside.  The removable colander makes the easy cleaning.  The great thing about this salad  spinner is that, it can be used for multiple  purpose.  You can use the bowl for serving or storage 
I love the material they used, looks heavy duty (certainly not cheap).  This is definitely one product that I would be using fior a long time in my kitchen. 
This was our yummy dinner yesterday, breaded shrimp with vegetable salad.
I love the  cake carrier as well.  It prompted my  daughter to make  cream puffs.  She made this  whip cream from scratch.
 She is so proud  how good it turned out.  She watched a video on youtube how to make it.
The cream puffs did not turn out the way she wanted it to be but I thought it tasted good.  It was a little underbaked but other than that, she did a fantastic job!
I love this cake carrier because  it has a secure luck at the bottom.  YOu can  confidently bring your cake with no worries of it  falling.
Honey-Can-Do is a  leading brand of home storage and organization products.  They have a huge selection of  products that you will find very useful for your home.  I have a shoe tree from them and love it for our shoes.  IT saved us  space and it is organized  all the time.  Honey Can do just announced recently that they have acquired Zevro, another company with great line of products such as food dispenser, barware, and more.  This means that  Honey Can Do will have more products to choose from!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gluten Free, Whole Wheat, and more Delightful Surprises from Krusteaz

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.  

Nothing can beat the  smell of delicious,   fresh-from-the-oven,  baked goodies right?  Although baking is not my cup of tea,  I  can certainly do it once in a while when I am in the mood.  Glad there are  easy to bake mixes available from the store lol.  I received five boxes of baking products from 
Krusteaz to review and we got busy during the snow days  when my kids were off from school.  I have two boxes of flat bread, one is an Italian herb and the other is whole wheat.   I also got two gluten free mixes, one is the double chocolate brownie mix and the other one is the blueberry muffin mix.
My husband and daughter baked the  the double chocolate brownie.  Aside from it's gluten free feature, it is also different from other mix you can buy because it has brown rice flour instead of a typical  flour incorporated in brownie mix in other brands.  As described in the box, it is thick and chewy, and so delicious!  Our daughter is not a  sweet tooth kind of girl but she love to bake so she had fun  baking this with her Dad.
This brownie is very rich.  My husband did not think that it would be that good because he only buys one brand  when it comes to mixes.  I, on the other hand, I don't mind trying different kinds because you never knew what you are missing if you don't try some brands right?
I am glad we tried this  one from Krusteaz because I love it and my son definitely was in heavben while eating his piece, and another piece, and another.. lol.
Our son is the the sweet tooth in the family so this was a real treat for him.  Believe me when I say that the pan of brownie only last  two days.
Yesterday, the kids were off again from school due to severe weather so I got busy in the kitchen while they were doing their homework.  

I made a lasagna yesterday so my  original thought was to make  flat bread only to eat with our lasagna but I remember that I have some mushrooms and  bell peppers in my refrigerator so I made half of the  Italian herb flat bread mix into flatbread pizza and the  the other half, pain flat bread.  This  mix needs 1 cup  very warm water and 1/4 cup oil.  You have to allow dough to rise  for 20-30 minutes before baking on a 475 degrees  heat,
I am so glad that I made pizza because  that's what my daughter ate for dinner.  She forgot about the  ravioli lasagna that  I made as soon as she saw the  toppings on the pizza.  I love how the flat bread turned out, it's not  saggy at all.  It was light and the herbs  just pops in your mouth  like a  perfume.  
Then I baked the gluten free blueberry mix for dessert.  I am not much of a muffin fan but I would say that I like this one.  It has  real blueberries that came in a can and all you have to add is add 1/4 of water, 1/3 cup vegetale oil, and 3 3ggs.  Then bake it for 14-16 minutes in 400 degrees oven.  

I am very surprised that my daughter like this so much.  I think, it's because it has real fruits in it and  the sweetness is not over powering.  In fact, she requested one of this for  her  dessert on school lunch today.
I haven't made the cobbler topping yet because I have to  buy me the fruit that I need but I will absolutely  update  this post once I  am done.  Update:  I made the peach cobbler and it was delicious! 
I am saving the  whole wheat flat bread when   my eaters are craving for some homemade pizza.  
The Whole Wheat Flat bread is equally delicious as the Italian Herb one.

Aside from the  superb tastes, I also love the fact that Krusteaz  put recipes  at the back of their boxes.  It gives you other option how to  prepare and serve them.  I would definitely buy their products on the store.  For those of you who prefer or have  gluten free diets,  you should check out Krusteaz.  They have  different varieties of baking goodies.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Simple Birthday Celebration

We celebrated hubby's birthday today.  Glad that the kids were off from school so I had help in  preparing and cooking.  Me and the kids  decided to  have a little party for their Dad at home by   setting the dining table a little differently.  We only eat at our dining table on special occasion and today was one of them.  We usually eat meals at our kitchen table but today, we thought  of surprising my husband.
 Nothing fancy really, it was just the creativity of the kids that I thought is very special.
 Instead of baking  a cake, my daughter baked a banana bread and  made some caramel icing  and topped it with freshly sliced bananas and  Hershey kissies.
I baked my husband's favorite dish, lasagna.
 I added some mushroom with the  ground beef because my daughter love mushroom.
 My son loved the  bread that I  baked for ten minutes with pizza cheese.
 We had juice for  drinks.
I am happy that we were able to delight my husband with our simple surprise for him. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hearty Breakfast

Eating good breakfast is very important.  I always tell my kids to feed their tummy and their brain every morning before they go to school.  Fruit is always an option or part of their breakfast.  We don't usually  have  cakes or cookies, we prefer  fruits for dessert.

 Oatmeal and grits are  the most regular breakfast  I prepare for them.
 My daughter likes strawberries in her  oatmeal but my son like grapes on the side.  He likes to eat strawberry alone and not on an oatmeal.
I am glad that my kids love vegetable, fruits, and fish!  Not many kids  are like them.  How about you, what does your kids love to eat for breakfast?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free Breakfast on Snow Days

Last week, my kids have three snow days.  I still think that we could have had school on those days since the weather wasn't that bad compared to the weather this week.  But, I am not complaining, I love keeping my kids at home. Plus, we get free breakfast prepared by our little chef.  
I love when our daughter offers to cook breakfast for us.  She has been asking if she can cook a dinner for us but I am not letting her yet.  

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