Friday, September 25, 2020

Creamy Thai Carrot 🥕 and Chicken Soup with Basil

I harvested our carrots and beets yesterday and decided to make some soup today.  I found a recipe online but I don't always follow recipes, I usually put my own spin on it by tweaking the ingredients. So here's my own take for a Creamy Thai Carrot and Chicken soup with Basil.  

  • Carrots (from our  backyard garden)
  • 5 cups of water
  • 3 slices of chicken breast (I used leftover rotisserie - this is optional)
  • 1 cube Thai seasoning (optional)
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  •  5 fresh basil leaves
  • Washed and sliced the carrots.  You can choose to peel it but I left mine as is since I brushed it with my vegetable brush.  One good thing about homegrown veggies is that, you can confidently use it without worrying about what's in it since you're the one who grew it.  Nothing beats organic produce. 
  • Pour the water in a pot, add the carrots, chicken, shallot, garlic, Thai seasoning cube, and salt.  Bring to a boil until the carrots is soft enough to blend.
  • Put everything in a blender and add the cream cheese and basil.  

This turned out so good.  The color  looks more like a pumpkin or squash soup because of the cream cheese and chicken but it's delicious.   You can probably eliminate the chicken and  Thai flavoring but I can tell you that it really made the soup very tasty.  The Thai flavoring gave it a little kick and a really unique twist to an otherwise ordinary carrot soup.  I am not sure why while I was typing  carrot soup, the carrot cake keeps popping up in my head lol.  I had some amish  carrot cake a few weeks ago and it was delicious.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Oven “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes 🍅

Aside from  canning homemade tomato sauce, I am also trying a new way to preserve or prolong the life of our tomatoes this year.  I have a lot of grape and cherry tomatoes in the garden and we can't eat them all fresh all at once so I wanted to try the oven "sun-dried" tomatoes process.
I enlisted my two teens in cutting the tomatoes in half.  So here's what you do:


  • Gather all your cherry or grape tomatoes and washed them.  
  • Cut them in halves
  • Once done cutting, lay them cut side up  in a parchment covered baking sheet (I used foil).
  • Season it with salt, black pepper, and whatever herbs you like.  I used oregano and basil on mine.
  • Heat oven to 250°F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Bake for 2.5 to 3.5 hours, or until the tomatoes are dried out, keeping an eye on the tomatoes so that they don’t burn.
  • Remove from the oven.
  • Transfer the sun-dried tomatoes to a jar and fill with olive oil until the tomatoes are completely covered. 
  • Add in any desired seasonings.  You can use a clove of garlic or a piece of bay leaf  (which I did).

You may also opt to just storing it without the olive oil, that way you can re hydrate it when you want to use it.  It said the best way to re-hydrate it is to use  tomato sauce to elevate its flavor more but hot water works too.
You can use it for cooking such as soup, pizza, or toss it in a salad.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Graduation Cake and Food #SJSClass2019

It's been a while, a year almost, since my last post on this blog.  I have been neglecting my passion for writing.  With my PC crashing and  a busy schedule with kids, I lost my track on blogging.  I have been slowly picking it up though, I realized my brain has been collecting rust ha ha.  Anyway, these are the goodies that we had during my daughter's class graduation  which reception was held at Holiday Inn last year.
Undo's Restaurant catered for the food.  If I remember it correctly, the homeroom Moms brought some cake and other sweets.
Lots of sweet treats to choose from.  
Lasagna and meatballs were the main course and salad and bread were served as appetizer.  

It was bitter sweet seeing everyday.  I feel kind of sad seeing other kids for the last time as they are going in different schools.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ice Cream Cake

We gave our daughter  a choice to pick her  birthday cake and she chose  ice cream cake.  It was perfect since it's hot and having an ice cream literally cooled us down on her 14th birthday.
The only thing about having ice cream cake is that, it's hard to slice it as it is frozen.  Running a hot water over  the knife helps though.
Ice cream cake is too rich for me so I just always share with one of my kids.  I can't finish a slice of this sweet!
But anyway, I am kind of sad that my little girl is getting older.  She'll be driving soon, ugh.  She's been practicing  test online as preparation before she take the written exam for her learners permit.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Visit Montreal this Summer

Whether you’re single and looking for a good time, or a family looking for a safe and beautiful place to go this summer, Montreal is the perfect spot. It is culturally different for you to feel like you’re on a whole other continent. Montreal truly comes alive in the Summer and is one of the most popular Canadian cities for North American travelers for a reason. Here are three reasons why you should visit Montreal this Summer.

The Festivals

Montreal is a city of festivals, and the whole downtown core’s architecture was built with that in mind. Whether you want to soak in some of the city’s French culture and music at the various Festivals (Francofolies, Jazz Festival, Nuits d’Afrique, and so much more), or see some of the world’s most iconic comedians perform at the world-renowned Just for Laughs Festival, you’ll have an abundance of choice. The Montreal Jazz Festival is also a must-see and features performers from all over the world. And though it’s called the Jazz Festival, you can see tons of alternative rock, blues, folk, and even some DJ sets.

The Food

Montreal is the ultimate foodie town and you’ll get to enjoy the incredible diversity and variety of the local food scene once you’re there. Go on the Eastside and you’ll find kebab shops worthy of some of the best places in Istanbul. Or sample some of the delicious Haitian creole cuisine on the north side of town. Montreal is also the place where poutine, the country’s unofficial national dish, was perfected. And no visit to Montreal would be complete without going to La Banquise, which offers some of the wildest and most enormous poutines you’ll find anywhere in the world.
Montreal also has some of the best steakhouses in North America, and they have their unique Montreal Steak Spice . You’ll have no issue finding a great steakhouse & bar in Montreal, even if you’re looking for something more affordable. Bâton Rouge, for instance, is one of the city’s institutions, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for choice and range when it comes to cuisine, Montreal is definitely the place to be.

The People

But if there’s one thing that really sets Montreal apartis the People. The city is one of the safest major cities in North America, and people’s naturally kind disposition certainly has something to do with it.

There’s truly a sense of proximity and small-town charm to Montreal, so don’t be surprised if a complete stranger strikes a conversation with you on the street. The street life is also something else, and there’s always a party going on in Montreal. If you’re looking for great spots, Old Montreal, St-Laurent Street, and Crescent should be on your list.


Montreal is truly one of a kind and a Canadian must stop. Whether it's the food, people, or the general festive atmosphere, there’s something for everyone in Montreal.

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