Sunday, September 29, 2013

Potato Cakes

We visited my FIL after church today and he told me that he was hoping that we would show up this morning and make him breakfast again.  I felt bad.  I wish I could go there every morning and cook him breakfast but can't.  This is one of the menus we  prepared  for my FIL's birthday.

Wise Woman

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eggplant Omelette or Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong or Eggpant Omelette is one of  the many Filipino dishes that my husband love to eat.  I grew one   eggplant here in my garden and so far, I already cooked torta four times.

So how do I cook my tortang talong?  Here is a very simple recipe.

  • Wash  your eggplant.  Boil water in a large pot or skillet.  
  • When the water boils, drop the eggplant until it is cooked.  
  • Let it cool down a little so you can peel off the skin.  Retain the stem for  easy handling   when frying it.
  • Flatten the meat of the  eggplant  using a fork.

  • Beat some egg in a bowl and add salt, set aside.
  • Chopped some onions, tomatoes, green onions (I use chives as I have some in my garden), and if you want some more flavors, you can add  some bacon bits (I used left over steak on this one).
  • Combine the chopped veggies and meat into the eggs.
  • Then when you are ready to fry, put the flattened eggplant into the  mixture and  fry it. Sprinkle some  black pepper when you are frying it.

Now we are ready to eat, yummy!  I am a spicy lover  so I always  put sriracha sauce on top of it.  My husband uses ketchup with his.

Bon Appetit!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Butterfly Bakery Goodies

Butterfly Bakery sent me some cookies and muffin  to try and review.  They do however sent me the wrong  choice of product that I picked so they said that they are sending me again.  I have been waiting but it hasn't arrived yet and I don't want to forget about it so I am posting this now.  I will just  update this if they send me again but if not, that's totally fine.
Daughter and I are not  into  sweets like cookies and cakes but we do like  Butterfly Bakery's goodies.  It was  very surprising to note that  my son, who loves cookies and other sweets was not thrilled at all in eating these kinds.  I think Butterfly Bakery is just the right place for me and my daughter.  

The mini blueberry muffins are really good and so does the cookies.  Butterfly Bakery does not add sugar in their products.  It is lite, it's made of whole grain, and it's gluten free, just exactly how I like it!  The taste will prove that their product is made with LOVE!

My daughter asked me why those two small packages was  packed in a big box (see the photo above).  I told my  daughter that they just want to make sure that the muffins won't be mashed so they stuffed the box with papers..  I would give Butterfly Bakery a 5 out of 5.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  The products mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.  Opinions are 100% mine,.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ants in the Kitchen

Do you ever encounter having ants in your kitchen counter?  We do get  some  ants visitor here  when Spring is rolling in.  Even ants can become  a pester to home owners if they are too many, gladly we don't have that much.  They disappear after a while.  There are however  pests like cockroaches that  can benefit from using  demon wp in order to address the issue of pest at home.  I remember when we were in Korea, we do  have some cockroaches  crawling around  outside the house but glad that the housing is   insulated enough that they can't get in.  Another thing is that, they  do  spray  something outside  to make them go away.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pirates Voyage

We attended  a birthday party of one of Mr. Burrito's classmates last Saturday.  The theme of the party  was Pirate and it's very fitting  to the place where it was held as there is a boat/ship  display  at the park.  The Mom  is very  good with  hosting parties and this one is no different.  She made/design these marshmallows  like pirates, aren't they cute?

Here's the celebrant.  Happy birthday Rissie, thanks for having us!

Great Way to Expand Your Palate

The world is getting smaller, and today's food lovers have the opportunity to see it all. With travel being easier than ever before, smart people are hopping on planes, boats, and in cars to explore cities far and wide. Chantal Royer is a great example of someone who's taking full advantage of the opportunity to see new places. There's an entire world of food out there, and some have realized that collecting great experiences is an excellent way to expand horizons and grow. Perhaps more importantly, the costs of doing so are low enough now that a motivated traveler can see almost everything.
Collecting experiences rather than possessions
Modern travelers have figured out something critical about how to live life. Rather than spending their time collecting possessions, many today are out there collecting great experiences. They move from country to country, sampling the local fare and meeting local residents. This can lead to some great stories, and it can help those people expand their horizons, too. All around the world, people have wonderful tales to tell, and they're often willing to share a few hours with a dedicated traveler who's just looking to explore.

A great way to expand your palate
As a food lover, you have to know that different parts of the country put a different spin on their food. They'll use different spices to create different tastes. People who love cooking will benefit from seeing the various ways that people around the world cook their food. If you'd like to do so, you can apply some of these principles to your own cooking. This can help you spice up your home life with a little bit of flair from around the world. Many of the international recipes are simple, too, so even a person with limited cooking skills can apply them.
Seeing the beautiful sights
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

A lot of bloggers are raving about how good Bart Cookies are so I told myself that I got to let my  sweet tooth at home try it.  I received a package from Bart Cookies  containing a dozen of  different flavors of  cookies to try and write about.Oh my taste buds, they weren't kidding!  These cookies are droolicious! 

 We gpt three flavors, the   milk dark chocolate chip, white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts,  and milk chocolate chips.  My favorite is the one with macadamia nuts.   My husband said "These are definitely different cookies!"  

These cookies are great to give for gifts.  I am sure that the recipient of the gifts would be delighted as they are  deliciously made. Bart Cookies has  different  selection of flavors.  To learn more about  the prices and selection, check out the Home of Bart Smith's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.  

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was not financially compensated in writing this review.  The product mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prepared Breakfast by Our Burritos

My kids are very sweet, they  cooked breakfast for us once in a while  especially during weekends.  Last weekend, hubby and I woke up with both of them   helping each other cook in the kitchen.
They fried bacon, scrambled and omellete (eggs), made a dish of potatoes with bell peppers , cheese, and spices.  Ms. Burrito made a dessert that she  saw  on TV made by Giada, it's an apple coated with  flour, cinnamon, and egg.  She fried them them and dusted it with   powered sugar.  It was delish!
They  got creative and made  each of us  these cute  card and place it in front of our seats.  How cute!

Our little chefs are awesome!

Swai Fillet Escabeche

I bought  a pack of Swai Fillet fish from the store.  I crave for fish sometimes and  it's always nice to have in in the freezer.  I don't really  know how to cook this kind of fish so I just  treated it the way my father used to cook just about any kind of fish, the menu is called Escabeche (Sweet and Spicy).

Here's what my ingredients  for Escabeche.
1.  Tomatoes
2.  Onions
3.  carrots
4.  chives
5.  ginger
6. peppers
7.  oil (I prefer using olive oil)
8.  Honey or sugar (I prefer using honey).
Preparation is easy. 
1.   Marinade the fish for 15 minutes.  I used  fresh squeezed  orange, black pepper, and salt.
2.  Fry the fish then set aside.
3.  Saute the ingredients above.
4.  Add the fish when the  veggies are tender enough.  
5.  Salt and Pepper to taste.
I had  my father in mind when I was eating my  dinner.  Luvya Pa, I miss you a lot!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chocolate Caramel Cake

We had our family dental  appointments for oral prophylaxis (cleaning) last  Thursday.  Hubby and daughter got done first so I asked him if he could   drive to the City building and pay for our water  bill.  He went paid the bill and dropped by at his favorite pastry  store, the Guss's Goodies.  He bought this  Chocolate Caramel Cake.

Hi was grinning  from ear to ear when he came back at the Dentist's Office so I asked him what's the reason behind and he said that he has a surprise for us.  When I  hopped in the car I saw the  cake box and I said "What are you thinking?"  He said "Well, it's a treat for having a clean teeth!"  Isn't it obvious he has a sweet tooth?

How to Decorate the Backyard for a Halloween Party

There are certain events and holidays that make perfect excuses to throw a party. Halloween is one of those holidays. For kids, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in scary outfits and trick or treat for candy. For adults, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in scary outfits and have a party. If you are thinking about having such a celebration in your backyard this year, here are some tips to help you out with the decorating.

1. Use your regular garden furniture
One of the most appealing aspects of having a Halloween party is the fact that it does not actually require a lot of hard work to prepare for. The costumes that people will be wearing are the main attraction that your guests will be focusing on. Feel free to use regular garden furniture like the ones you can find at  You do need to create a creepy and scary vibe, but this is much better accomplished with decorations rather than furniture.

2. Use spider webs
Speaking of decorations, probably the most effective one you can use is spider webs. They are always associated with creepy, rundown houses and you can get them cheap at many party supply stores. You can drape them over anything and they are easy to clean up after the party is over.
3. Pumpkins
If there is an iconic image that is associated with Halloween, it is the carved pumpkin. You will definitely need to have a few set throughout the garden in order to give your party a Halloween feel. Again, not a lot of effort involved, although you are going to have to carve them beforehand.
Regardless of the type of party you want to throw, has all the furniture pieces you need in order to make your backyard or garden stand out.

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Bon Appetit!

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