Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great Way to Expand Your Palate

The world is getting smaller, and today's food lovers have the opportunity to see it all. With travel being easier than ever before, smart people are hopping on planes, boats, and in cars to explore cities far and wide. Chantal Royer is a great example of someone who's taking full advantage of the opportunity to see new places. There's an entire world of food out there, and some have realized that collecting great experiences is an excellent way to expand horizons and grow. Perhaps more importantly, the costs of doing so are low enough now that a motivated traveler can see almost everything.
Collecting experiences rather than possessions
Modern travelers have figured out something critical about how to live life. Rather than spending their time collecting possessions, many today are out there collecting great experiences. They move from country to country, sampling the local fare and meeting local residents. This can lead to some great stories, and it can help those people expand their horizons, too. All around the world, people have wonderful tales to tell, and they're often willing to share a few hours with a dedicated traveler who's just looking to explore.

A great way to expand your palate
As a food lover, you have to know that different parts of the country put a different spin on their food. They'll use different spices to create different tastes. People who love cooking will benefit from seeing the various ways that people around the world cook their food. If you'd like to do so, you can apply some of these principles to your own cooking. This can help you spice up your home life with a little bit of flair from around the world. Many of the international recipes are simple, too, so even a person with limited cooking skills can apply them.
Seeing the beautiful sights
A food-related trip can give you the ability to see the great sites all around the world. Many cool restaurants sit in places like Italy, Japan, and Brazil. From there, you can look out on wonderful mountains, imposing oceans, and other landscapes that you might have otherwise seen only in travel pamphlets. The smart modern traveler can do this without spending too much money, and when it's all said and done, these people have a cache of amazing sights that they can later explain to friends and family. 

13 delicious comments:

Catherine L. said...

What an exciting way to live! I wouldn't last more than a few weeks, but exploring the world through food does sound fun and educational.

Tamara @ Mommyland said...

What an amazing way to learn more about other foods that you normally wouldnt even think about. Thank you for the suggestion.

MikiHope said...

Too bad I do not have the funds to travel to exotic locales. Food would not be my primary purpose in visiting--history would!

Jade Samson said...

I believe in collecting experiences too - tokens are not very important. It's the memories that count!

A Laid-Back Life in Ormond Beach said...

Collecting experiences rather than possessions - I like this!!! It is very true.

Janeane Davis said...

My favorite line in this post was the one about collecting experiences rather than possessions. That is a wonderful idea and the experiences stay with us long after the possessions are gone.

Healy Harpster said...

Great post and great tips for the travelers!

Mel Cole said...

Would love to explore culture and food in other countries. Those steel chopsticks looks interesting to use.

Adin B said...

I do believe in collecting experiences. Like I said before, we may not be rich money-wise, but darn it we are rich in life experiences. And that is how we like it. My husband never got to save up a lot of money before we got married because he traveled so much in an out of the country when he was single, but I told him that I am glad he did. He got to see a lot of things, see new places, and he got to travel the world. And of course, part of traveling is also sampling new dishes and we have no problem with that at all. It is nice to taste new way of cooking. :) Great article mommy.

Adin B said...

I am so interested in Japanese food lately mommy and the way they prepare food. I love how to mix a lot of different types of food that I have never even eaten or seen before. :) I would like to really explore Japan someday though. I watched a show before and it said that the best way to really get to know a culture is by food.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

I totally agree! <3
Hmm healthy stuff <3

How I wish I can travel and eat different stuff like you do.

Ria Cervantes said...

I agree sis, it's important to experience the new culture, art, food and lifestyle of places we visit. I think I've seen similar food set up in a restaurant in the N Seoul Tower just like your first picture. Was that yours? If so, was it taken in that restaurant there in Seoul? :)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Travelling and immersing yourself in different culture is one of getting rich! Food is a great part of that experience

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