Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey 365/332

Once in a while, I crave for the Baja Chalupa at Taco Bell and last Saturday was one of those days. We went and ate our lunch there. Hubby and I had Baja Chalupa, Ms. Burrito had a taco, and Mr. Burrito had the chicken flat bread.
During this time of the year, turkey is one of the favorite food to gobble during Thanksgiving, just so perfect for ABC Wednesday.  MY NIL Jen was the one that cooked most of the food for our family's  TG feast including the uber  huge turkey.

November 28, 2011:
  • Last week was a  Thanksgiving break for   our lessons at home and today, we're back to normal.  IN started  introducing my son to read simple words.  We used his favorite book and he seem
  • My temper is not so good today, I think that Ms. Red is coming so soon, sigh.  I don't like it when I don't have much patience because I have two very active kids and I don't want to be  tough on them.
  • Today, I received three things;  the cellphone we ordered a couple of days ago from AT&T,  the apron that  a  kind blogger  sent me, thanks Connie, and the  personalized Christmas card I ordered online.  I'll be sending this out soon.  
  • I was informed via email that my entry to Parents and Play contest at Kaboom was  one of the ten finalist.  Thanks Ms. Kerala for the update, I hope I win the first prize so I will have a budget for Christmas shopping lol.  But being a finalist entitled me to a $50 gift card already so it's a sure win.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Puto 365/328

Mellow Yellow is for PUTO that my daughter and I made for Thanksgiving.
 Want some cheesy puto?
November 27, 2011:
  • We visited my FIL after attending mass at noon.
  • Did the laundry when we came back from Dad's.  Just got done folding them.  Will put it away tomorrow.
  • I fried some smoked fish or tinapa this morning and we ate it with fried rice.
  • Made some caldereta for dinner.

Dessert 365/327

The dessert that SIL Micahele made during our family's Thanksgiving celebration..
November 26, 2011:

  • We went to Steubenville Mall and check out some  bargain but the selection sucks.  I guess, everything was sold during Black Friday hehehe.  We  managed to  find  some outfit for our kids though and used some of the gift cards I got from mypoints.
  • We visited Dad on our way home from the mall.  Jen and Jim's family were there and they took the kids to see a parade.  Thanks guys for taking the Burritos with you.
  • I put up Dad's Christmas tree and the kids helped me hanging the ornaments.
  • We ate dinner at Dad's, thanks Jen for the sumptuous meal!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nativity Scene 365/326

This plastic Santa belongs to my husband when he was a kid and my FIL gave it to our son.
Found a small nativity scene and put it in the middle of this wreath.
How about you folks, are you done decorating?

November 25, 2011:
  • Vacuumed the  floor this morning  after we ate breakfast.  
  • Cleaned up our rabbit Wubzy's  house and  put  new hay in it.
  • Watched Kung Fu Panda with my kids then  took shower.  I am going to cook after this post.
  • Hubby brought our car to the Honda Garage for some maintenance check.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Lights at our Porch 365/325

We turned on the Christmas lights at our front porch a little while ago.  We discovered that three  strands of lights are not  lit, arggghhh.
November 24, 2011:
  • Our day started with  making the puto (Phil. version of  cup cakes).  The kids had so much fun helping me.
  • We got done steaming   the putos at around 11 am and we went to Dad's at 12 noon.  I fried the lumpia there so it would be hot and crisp.  It served as the snack while we were waiting for the  turkey to get done.
  • We came home at around 4 pm then hubby finished  connecting the extensions of the lights outside.
  • I made some ginger tea (that's what my husband called the salabat) because Ms. Burrito is starting to cough.  Salabat is what my Mom used to give us kids when we had cough or  sore throat, it's very effective.  Hubby likes it.

Tuna Helper's Creamy Brocolli 365/324

The creamy broccoli I made the other day.  I added a pack of  salmon chunks instead of tuna and it was really good.  It's funny that they call this creamy broccoli because the broccoli in it is so little.  I had to add  a pack of frozen broccoli to make it more appetizing.
November 23, 2011:

  • We were so busy today.  We went to Pittsburgh and bought some  asian goodies at  the oriental store in Strip District.  We decided to  leave the kids at Dad's because it was raining  and we didn't  want them to walk around with us in the rain.
  • When we came back, we bought some LJS family  meal and ate lunch at Dad's.  We came home and started making the lumpia.  Me and the kids made 50 rolls, thanks for the  help Burritos!
  • My husband   volunteered to do the laundry, thanks hon!  We folded the clothes after making the lumpia.
  • I was going to blog a little before I went to bed but Ms. Burrito somehow caught a virus  online so we had to  run Avast then  reboot the PC.  It took  so long so I just went to bed without blogging, whew.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reptiles 365/263

Not sure what specific reptiles are these but the photos were taken at "The Land" attraction at EPCOT in Disney World.
November 22, 2011:

  • We went  and visited my FIL this morning and  caught up  with Michaele and them, they were also visiting Dad.  
  • Then we went to the recycling place and   sold some of the  aluminum cans that Dad saved and give to the kids.  We also disposed the rotors that hubby  removed from the truck.
  • I made some  pork BBQ on the stick and  vegetable  salad for  dinner.
  • I finished decorating  our house for the holiday.  We are planning to go to the Asian store in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin Pie 365/322

Pumpkin pies and cookies were the dessert we served at the Thanksgiving feast of the pre-schoolers, kindergartners, and first graders today.
November 21, 2011:

  • The Thanksgiving Feast of the lower grade students at St. Joe's  went  great.  Lotsa foods and dessert were served.  I  am glad  I chose this one  to be one of the schoolroom mom's as they were   lots of parents I met.  Most of them were really nice.  The kids  had so much fun.
  • I have a migraine after we visited my FIL tonight, I took two pills already and  it's not working.  Good thing is, it's the last day of school  for Ms. Burrito tomorrow  and after that she'll be off for  5 days for Thanksgiving break.
Thanks everyone for visiting!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blueberry Muffin 365/321

My husband made some blueberry muffin for snack a few weeks ago. We all loved it!
November 20, 2011:

  • We did not attend mass today.  Hubby had to finish  doing the brake pads and rotors on our truck.
  • Me and the kids cleaned up and organize their room because it was starting to look like a flea market hehehe.  We also cleaned and organize all their toys at the basement.  Then we put up our Christmas tree.  I did not finish decorating, I am so tired.  I'll finish decorating tomorrow.
  • The first grade and kindergarten will have a Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow at school and I am one of the homeroom  moms who will help facilitate the   event.  I'll try to go to bed early tonight (hopefully).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet and Spicy Beef with Mushroom 365/320

I made some sweet and spicy beef with mushroom the other day and hubby liked it. Even the kids ate it even though it was a little spicy.
November 19, 2011:

  • Mr. K changed  the rotors of our truck today, well, he finished one of the tires and he would be doing the other tomorrow.  He took Mr. Burrito with him at Dad's while he  worked on our truck.
  • Me and Ms. Burrito  stayed at home and  bonded  through singing.  We  set up our  karaoke magic sing and exercised our lungs out lol.  
  • I made some wild rice , grilled chicken, and  steamed brocolli for  dinner.
  • We visited FIL after dinner and stayed there  for quite a while.
  • I just noticed, this is my 888th post on this blog.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Peas 365/319

I sauteed some ground pork meat balls with snow peas a couple of days ago and it was delish!
November 18, 2011:

  • I gave Mr. Burrito   a long test today.  I asked him to write his  full name, then  write 1-25, then he spelled the  6 words that I taught him this week.  He Aced it!  I am proud of you Mr. Burrito, way to go!
  • Ms. Burrito also had a  spelling and reading comprehension test in school, she also brought a 100% result.  
  • After Mr. Burrito's test, we made  some mini pizzas out of the Italian bread loaf that we have.
  • Mr. Burrito helped me  do the laundry  downstairs and  we  also gave Champ, our JRT, a bath.  I am glad that I have two kids that are always willing to help  doing household chores.
  • I received the check that I withdrawn  last week from Upromise.  It's nice to  be able to cashed-in the money you earned from taking  some  surveys online.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bob Evans 365/318

During the trick or treat, the kids got two free kiddie meal for Bob Evan's, the newly opened dining place in our area.
 Just like Eat 'N Park, they also give kids something to  do while waiting for the food.  An art material and  a set of crayon.
 Our  dinner.  The food  were okay but I wasn't too thrilled about it.  I still like Eat 'N Park when it comes to selection pf menus and to the overall taste.
This is what the sunset looked like when we got out from the restaurant.
November 17, 2011:

  • I just finished with my  class session with Mr. Burrito. This is the third day of our spelling lesson.  The first day, he learned how to spell EYE, then yesterday, I taught him the  words EAR and Nose, then today, we learned mouth and lips.  I am  surprised how good my son's memory works.  I think I underestimated him before because he is always goofing around but now I can see that he is also a smart one just like Ms. Burrito.  I don't mean to brag but I can't help not to share my excitement here.
  • Will update this post later on.  Ms. Burrito had a dance lessons tonight then we visited my FIL after her class.

Short Expedition and a Birthday 365/317

Below is a photo of us after our short but adventurous ride at the  Kali Rapid Expedition of Disney World's Animal Kingdom.  The queue for this attraction was very long which  really agitated   our son's patience.  We keep telling him that he would be a captain of our boat and it helped in calming hi, down.  
The tour guide affirmed the "captain" title for my son when we stepped in the boat and he told our son that he would be the captain.  That was a really memorable experience for all of us especially our son who got to be a captain for a short while.  We all got soaked  but  the fun and  excitement was all worth it.  Since then, our son is very  interested of becoming  a captain  lol.  Hubby and I said that maybe it is an indication that he would be a sailor too someday.
I would like to  greet a very good friend of mine in bloglandia from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.  I haven't meet you yet Clang but I know deep inside that you are a good person, may God bless you with  good health and  lifetime happiness.  
November 16, 2011:

  • This week, the SJS, or Ms. Burrito's school is celebrating  a Spirit Week.  They have a special activity everyday since Monday.  Today  was a silly hat day and she wore my  black hat  where I put  the Mohawk wig on top of it.
  • Mr. Burrito  learned how to spell two words today.  He is proud that he knows how to spell three words (including the one I taught him yesterday).
  • We visited my FIL when Ms. Burrito came home from school then we dropped by at K-Mart to buy some  stuff.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shrimp Popcorn 365/315

My kids and I love popcorn shrimp. We always buy the ready to bake one in a box.
November 14, 2011:

  • I vacuumed the floor early this morning.  Champ has a flea and I want to make sure that it won't affect us.  We vacuumed  the floor twice a week now.  We also gave him a bath every week with a  flea shampoo.  We  also bought a product where you squirt the liquid in the dogs back and it suppose to kill the flea.  I hope that I can get rid of this  little suckers, poor Champ.
  • I am now on my last load  of doing laundry, hopefully I could finish it before I fall asleep lol.
  • I reviewed  my son's math ability today.  I gave him few addition problems and he surprised me, he did so well.  I am glad that I started teaching him early, he anticipates for it everyday now.  I think, he would be ready for kindergarten next year.
  • I made sweet and spicy beef for dinner and hubby made some sweet rolls for dessert.
  • Just got done folding and putting away the clothes, dang am so exhausted and ready to fall lol.
  • Hubby helped me cut my hair, I cut it sort this time (shoulder length).  Thanks hon.

Roma Tomatoes 365/316

I tried  growing Roma tomatoes at my garden  by saving some  seeds from the  tomatoes I bought in the store.  I got some  fruits out of it and enjoyed every one  of it.  I like Roma  tomatoes  for cooking.

November 15, 2011:
  • I started  introducing my son to spelling simple words.  Today, he learned how to spell the word "EYE" and he was very proud of it.  My goal is for him to read even a little before he starts kindergarten next year.
  • I made some black pepper chicken for dinner tonight.  It was a little spicy but my Burritos ate some anyway.
  • I am so surprised and very proud of Ms. Burrito, she  cleaned the dishes all by herself voluntarily, love you Anak!

Random Snap 365/311

Just a random shot I took during our play time at the tennis court a couple of days ago.
November 10, 2010:

  • Ms. Burrito was off today and tomorrow so I have two students at home.  I gave Ms. Burrito  some Math problems and  Mr. Burrito did some tracing and coloring.  Ms. Burrito wrote another short story today, I think, this is her  fifth story being written.  She is  very good in creating stories, she has a wide imagination just like her Dad.
  • I made some chicken wings,  rigatoni, and broccoli for dinner.
  • We visited Dad before Ms. Burrito went to dancing class tonight.
  • I feel bad for hubs, he is sicker than a dog but he is trying to stay  focus as he has  a test tomorrow.  All of my angels went to bed early.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lasagna with Spinach 365/306

My niece in law made a really good lasagna a couple of weeks ago at my FIL's house. She used spinach along with other ingredients and it was pretty good.
November 5, 2011:
  • I am doing laundry right now and  when I'm done, hubby wants to go to the cemetery.
  • He installed the  lights at the porch this morning.  The neighbor helped him in  putting the  yard light that we bought, Thanks Bob and Don for your kindness.  That's one thing I love about our neighborhood, everyone really care for each other.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Milk Bubble 365/314

Mr. Burrito love to blow bubbles from his milk. He love to drink milk which is good for him. I think a galloon of milk only last us three days because of Mr. B.
November 13, 2011:
  • Hubby let me slept in today, he  cooked us  breakfast too.  Thanks Hon!
  • We attended mass at noon.
  • We went to the cemetery and visited  our  dead loved ones.
  • Then we went straight to Dad's  from the cemetery.  We've stayed for a couple of hours and then we came home.
  • Me and Ms. Burrito reviewed  for  her lessons last week.
  • I am the only awake here so I am heading out to bed too after this one.  Thanks for visiting!

Donut Connection 365/313

We dropped by at Donut Connection last weekend and get each of us some sweets.
Above is Mr. Burrito's  pick and below is for the Miss.
Mine is the  coconut one.
These two were for Dad and hubs.
November 12, 2011:
  • We went  to the store and got some groceries and we saw  my BIL Rick.  He was sick  too  just like John. 
  • We went straight to my FIl  after  buying our  stuff, we also grabbed some  McRibs at McDo.
  • I took the kids for a long walk around Marland Heights and we played at my FIl's front yard full of leaves  when we came back.
  • I made some pancit for our brunch today.
  • When we came back home, Ms. Burrito and I got busy  making something for her classmates.  They will have a Fall Friendship day on Tuesday and they have to bring something for their classmates/friends.  We made some friendship rings and cards.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day 365/312

Today is a special day because it's the  for all the Veterans who put their life  on the line to serve and protect the  people and the country.  This post is dedicated to my Father-in-Law who served the WW2, his brother  who also served during WW2 and died in Germany, and for my husband who spent 20 years of service in the Navy!
November 11, 2011:

  • It is 11-11-11 today, did you notice that?
  • I just got done teaching my kids with their home  works.
  • I made some spaghetti for lunch.
  • We are bringing Ms. Burrito to the doctor at 3  because she  has a sty on her left eye that need to be checked.  She said that it's not  aching but we are concern that it's swollen up to her eyebrow.
  • We went straight to my FIL after  Ms. Burrito's doctor appointment.  We  made some shrimp popcorn and stayed a while.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Shelby 365/310

Another lovely lady in the family is celebrating her birthday today. Shelby is also pursuing an acting and modeling career. She is an inspiration to Ms. Burrito because of her excellent grades in school. Happy 16th birthday Shelby, may God bless you with good health and greener future.
November  9, 2011:

  • My husband  wrapped around  the  Christmas garland that we bought at Lowe's last Saturday our porch railing.  He would also put the lights on later today after his class.  It might be too early to put up the lights but it's better to do it now that the weather is warm.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quiet 365/309

Quiet for my Burritos means productivity or  a mess.  Sometimes, they  go in their quiet zone and create some stuff like the one below and  the  other part of the quiet is making a big mess for mommy to clean up.  In this instance, I am pleased of what  they did!
November 7, 2011:
  • I practiced Mr. Burrito with Math problems again.  I think, he is going to be good in Math just like his sister.  He is just afraid to  really try but  basing from his performance on the simple problems I gave him, he is doing pretty good.
  • Got a bad migraine again, yikes..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Out in the Rain 365/308

One of those rainy days where you just want to lay in bed  but then you have to get up and eat.  The easiest  solution is  fast food lol.
November 7, 2011:
  • I used a different technique i teaching Mr. Burrito today about Math.  I let him right the numbers  1-20 then  we read the numbers that he wrote.  It seemed to work  effectively to him.  He can now recite 1-20 without a problem.  We just need to  practice it   more often and he will be alright.  I also gave him three   simple math problems and he did pretty well.
  • After our class, he wanted  us to make some tacos and that was what we had for lunch.  I did not  have hot sauce and tomatoes so I made a hot tomato sauce out from the frozen  cherry tomatoes and  hot pepper.  I sprinkled some oregano and basil and it tastes delish!
  • We went to JCP  later this afternoon.  They have a mega sale today and  was lucky to snagged some  items for only 76 cents, woot!  We also dropped by at Lowe's and bough some Christmas  decor.
  • I made adobo for dinner.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Defelice Bros. Pizza 365/307

We were invited by the MacCabe at Defelice Bros. Pizza on the day of our anniversary. We have never been there so we went and tried the place.
"The Pizza that is worth going after"  logo is true, I love their pizza.
The Taco Sub that Ms.  Burrito ordered.
November 6, 2011:
  • We dusted our furniture this morning including the top of the entertainment center.
  • We visited FIL and  went to Walmart on the way home.  
  • Our time fall back one hour last night so we have an extra  sleep while it's still dark in the morning.

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