Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short Expedition and a Birthday 365/317

Below is a photo of us after our short but adventurous ride at the  Kali Rapid Expedition of Disney World's Animal Kingdom.  The queue for this attraction was very long which  really agitated   our son's patience.  We keep telling him that he would be a captain of our boat and it helped in calming hi, down.  
The tour guide affirmed the "captain" title for my son when we stepped in the boat and he told our son that he would be the captain.  That was a really memorable experience for all of us especially our son who got to be a captain for a short while.  We all got soaked  but  the fun and  excitement was all worth it.  Since then, our son is very  interested of becoming  a captain  lol.  Hubby and I said that maybe it is an indication that he would be a sailor too someday.
I would like to  greet a very good friend of mine in bloglandia from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.  I haven't meet you yet Clang but I know deep inside that you are a good person, may God bless you with  good health and  lifetime happiness.  
November 16, 2011:

  • This week, the SJS, or Ms. Burrito's school is celebrating  a Spirit Week.  They have a special activity everyday since Monday.  Today  was a silly hat day and she wore my  black hat  where I put  the Mohawk wig on top of it.
  • Mr. Burrito  learned how to spell two words today.  He is proud that he knows how to spell three words (including the one I taught him yesterday).
  • We visited my FIL when Ms. Burrito came home from school then we dropped by at K-Mart to buy some  stuff.

3 delicious comments:

lanie said...

worth it naman ang paghihintay .. happy birthday though we are not close hehe.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks Lanie.

Clarissa said...

Hello there,Ate Rose! Thank you very much for the birthday greetings~it really made me happy dear!^_^

Hope to be back soon in blogosphere,Ate Rose~as of now busy ako sa pagbo-volunteer sa school ni Haruka chan kaya walang masyadong chance sa harap ng pc.I miss you, the kids and your blogs!Nababasa ko lang ang mga updates mo sa email though di lang ako nagco-comment.

Give my hugs to the kids!mwahness!!

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