Friday, June 28, 2013

Pancake for Breakfast by our Little Chef

Ms. Burrito is turning 8 years old in few more days, oh how time flies.  Sometimes I feel like my daughter  is  18 years old  living in a kid's body.  She is so mature, very independent, and when she talks, she talks like an adult (in a good way).  
Anyhow, we bought a box of  pancake mix and she  wanted to do it herself.   I find it odd that this particular pancake mix isn't in a plastic bag before they put it in the box.  Most packaging uses   plastic before they put it in the box.  

She is so proud that she can  prepare  pancake without my help.  That's one other thing that she can make for breakfast.

Mr. Burrito is very appreciative of the   special pancake that  big sissy made.

For the last  pour, she put  a green food coloring to it.

She's been busy teaching her brother  some Math problem.  She also teaches me some piano lessons and I tell you, she is one strict teacher lol.

Local Cuisine

During our   getaway a couple of weeks ago, we  enjoyed  the local cuisine that  Texas has to offer.  We get to enjoy different menus through the complimentary  breakfast and dinner that the hotel  where we stayed at serves. We also went out for dinner  a couple of times  with our friends which was really nice.   Exploring the local cuisine to different places is fun because you get to  taste different kinds of foods.  Every restaurants has their own  signature dish which they call their  own.  

Say for instance if you go to Georgia, you might find one of the  Smyrna Restaurants and see what their specialty is.  Looking at the photo below,   they have quite a good selection of sumptuous  foods. The exterior view of their restaurant reminds me of the  restaurant  that we used to go to in South Korea.  Oh I miss the foods  there, they have this kind of  food that would get you addicted.  At first, you would like "What  is this?" But as you eat it more and more, you will start to love it.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chocolate Sundae

Mr. Burrito  loves  this Chocolate Sundae from Dairy Queen.

It's funny  that whenever he is craving for one, he is so sweet to us and a little bit later he would ask "Can we go to Dairy Queen?" lol.

Hubby  and I love watching him eat it because you can just see his enjoyment.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Texas Shaped Waffles

During our  vacation, we saved a bit of  money by staying in an extended  stay type if hotel  because they  serve complimentary breakfast everyday and  dinner  on Mondays thru Thursdays.  That's the kind of hotel I would like to stay in every time  we go for vacation because food and dining  outside is very expensive.
As you can see in the photos, my  lovelies are happy eaters at the said hotels.  They served variety of foods everyday.  You can make your own  waffle which my daughter was very fond of.  Whether they  get  their Hotel Bar Supplies and other stuff at Atlanta Hotel Supply or somewhere else, they are doing a pretty good job in  serving many satisfied customers including us!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day Cake

Baking is not my cup of tea so when there's special occasion, I rely  on buying  what is in the store lol.  We bought this  chocolate cake  and  me and Ms. Burrito  just decorated it a little bit.

Not the prettiest cake you will ever see but hey, we did our best lol.  The cake by the way tasted  so good according to  my two sweet tooth men.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Evol Foods. Love What You Eat!

I took a week off from blogging when we went for our early  summer  vacation to Texas.  We went  early because the weather there is so different from here.  Anyway, when I came back, I was  overwhelmed with the goodies  waiting for me to review.   Thanks to our very good neighbor, the Fanchers', for taking care of business for us and  for taking  care of our bunnies while we were gone.

One of the biggest  package I have is from Evol Foods.  They sent me a big box full of  goodies to try. They sent me the following:

  • 4  different kinds of entrees which includes  fire grilled  steak, chicken ensalada, teriyaki chicken, Beans and cheese ensalada.   
  • 4 different kinds of pasta dishes such as Ziti bolognese, Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese, Truffle Parmesan Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Vegetable Pasta
  • 8 different kinds of Burritos which includes spicy steak, chipotle chicken,  gluten free chicken,  and chicken fajita.

So far, me and hubby tried the spicy steak burritos and we both liked it.

Then I baked  some of the pasta for the kids and  entrees for me and hubby yesterday.  I made the Ziti bolognese and the Chipotle Chicken Mac and Cheese for the kids.  They both liked the Ziti but did not  care much for the  Mac and Cheese.  Hubby's fire grilled steak does not look good but he said that  it tasted better than it looked.   MY Chicken teriyaki is also good.  For being frozen good, I think they are good.
Preparing their food is very easy, you just have  to baked them for 50 minutes  at 350 temp in the  oven and you have instant dinner.  All their packaging has  points  label that you can collect and redeem for  products like shirt.    Their food is packed in a compostable  bowl that you can use  in your garden.  Me and the kids  put some pepper seedlings   on it and we will put them in a big pot later on.  Over all we are satisfied of evol foods.
 Oh, have you noticed that the company's name is the inverted  word for love?  Evol Foods.. Love what you eat!  Thank you EvoL Foods for letting us try your  foods.

Disclaimer:  The products mentioned above are given for evaluation purposes only.  The  author of this blog was not compensated in  facilitating the review.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Getaway

During our stay in the land of the morning calm, we made sure to have at least  a short  vacation for each  year that we spent there.  When we came back here in the mainland, we though that we would be able to have a vacation too but we were not able to.  Hubby was bummed out but what we can do, our life then was different now because he is retired and we have a student already that we have to send to school.  Those situations changed everything.  However, we are not closing our doors to opportunities like having to go for a short vacation.  We will be at Kennywood today and next week, we will be on our summer getaway.  Hooray!

Anyway, my son and I love this  animal crackers for snack.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eggcellent Breakfast

The kids are tired of  sunny side up and scrambled egg  so I jazzed it up with some  lunch meat, cheese, and  fresh lettuce.  I rolled the eggs  with the filling  and and it was delicious.
The kids said that they had an eggcellent breakfast and I am so glad that they liked it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Leche Flan and Egg Drop Soup

My daughter was craving for some leche flan the other day so  she and her Dad  made some.  My husband is better in making  leche flan  (Filipino custard dessert) than me so whenever  we are craving for it, he is the one making it.  It turned out   really good as usual.

In making leche flan, you only use the egg yolk.  I did not want to waste the egg white  so I made an egg drop soup out of it.  I added a crab  soup  mix into a boiling water, add some scallions, and  dropped the egg whites when it was nearly done.

I love this kind of soup.  It always reminds me of Korea.

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