Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eggcellent Breakfast

The kids are tired of  sunny side up and scrambled egg  so I jazzed it up with some  lunch meat, cheese, and  fresh lettuce.  I rolled the eggs  with the filling  and and it was delicious.
The kids said that they had an eggcellent breakfast and I am so glad that they liked it!

4 delicious comments:

Mai said...

yum, that looks so delicious and so healthy. gonna try to make that sometime, when i'm not too lazy, lol. :)

riablahgs said...

I love omelette with all kinds of fillings and I also want to learn how to make a frittata. Your family is well nourished and thanks to your culinary skills! :)

Unknown said...

you make make me hungry sis I love to cook breakfast when I am in hurry I prefer pancake with sausage on it. that's taste good.

Dhemz said...

hey, I've never had that kind of egg for breakfast try nga!

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