Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beef with Mushroom and Red Pepper - P365 # 90

I made some beef and mushroom yesterday. The recipe calls for a leek but since I did not have it and I don't have a clue what it is (lol), I used what is in my fridge instead. I cooked this using the Lee Kum Kee mix and it was delish.
I added scallions, red hot pepper, and shallots to it too.  Just fry the  meat first then saute it with the other ingredients before you add the sauce/mix.
March 31, 2011:
  • We are heading to my BIL's home  to see how he is coping up with his illness.  Then we will proceed to see Dad.
  • Hubby is craving for some  chicken wings so we are going to the store to buy some so I could make  some for  dinner.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch Bag - P365 # 89

Ms. Burrito has been designing the plain lunch bag that I use to put her Dad's lunch when he goes to school. She does this every other night so tDaddy can use it the next day.
March 30, 2011:
  • I am guessing that my husband's headache is gone because I have it now wahhh... every time I get a migraine, he doesn't.  But  when  he does, then I don't have it.  Hnnnn, this headache is torturing us.
  • Mr. Burrito both took shower after we  ate breakfast.  Now  I am making tea and  cooking rice.   I am still thinking of what to cook.  I made  beff with  mushroom yesterday and we  had a left over  so maybe this will be good for today hehehe..
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kisses - P365 # 88

Kisses are sweet and I like lots of it.  o I am not taking about the kisses milk chocolate but a real KISS lol.  My son  however love  kisses chocolates so much.
March 29, 2011:
  • Can you believe how fast that days is passing by?  Geez, two more days and March is  gone.  Today, I am contemplating on one thing.  Should I do it or not?
  • I am doing laundry as of the moment so I have time to update  this blog before I  cook lunch.
  • Hubby is studying/reviewing for his  tests next week.  Calculus is driving him not so nutsy but close hehehe.
  • Wishing you all folks a great day.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bulalo Supreme - P365 # 87

When I was still in the Philippines, I used to have a stack of these in the kitchen cabinet of my apartment. Whenever I am lazy to cook, I just make one of this.  I even served it to hubby when he first  came over to see me lol.
He saw this at the oriental store so he grabbed one.
He said he couldn't remember where he  ate one of these and I just smiled lol.
Anyhow, I cooked it the other day as the lazy bug in me attacked.
I added fresh napa cabbage and scallions   in it and it was delish!
March 28, 2011:

  • Ms.  Burrito's school has a State test today so she went to bed early to have a lot of rest before the test.  Good luck to all the students, to you Ms. Burrito, and to the school.
  • It is is below freezing over here (24 degrees brrr).  Hope the temperature will warm up  before I get Ms. Burrito so we wont freeze our butts off hehehe.
  • Please include my brother-in-law- Dave in your prayer friends,  the doctor has detected  something in his system that looks like a tumor (I am praying that it isn't).  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pizza at Papa John's - P365 # 86

We were craving for some pizza  the other day so we drove by at Papa John's Pizza and ordered us a family  size one.  We brought it at Dad's home and ate it with him.  While hubby is waiting for the order, I had the time to take some photos outside.
Ain't the color of Papa ohn's perfect for the new meme I am getting addicted into?
Their pizza is good but I like Domino's more.
I like it though that they throw one  hot pepper on top which is perfect for my tounge.. ohh ooooozing hot when you slice it and eat it with ever bite.  Yum!
March 27, 2011:
  • Today, my eldest brother could have been  40 years old.  But life is so unpredictable that he passed away so young, at the age of 38.  I will forever miss you Manoy!  May you found peace with Him up there.
  •  I am a little  nostalgic today especially that I talked to Mama on the phone  the other day.  I feel bad for their situation especially my  late brother's family.  My eldest niece is graduating in Elementary  with flying  colors, too bad her Dad wasn't there no more to witness it.
  • We will be going to church  at noon so I am hurrying up  and typing this one before we leave.
  • Mr. Burrito's pink eye is getting better and mine did not progress, thanks for your prayers guys!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter Candies - Project 365 # 85

Ms. Burrito took home an order kit for Easter candies.  This will be the last  fund raising  event  in the school.  We ordered a box and  my FIL ordered a box also.  Do you want to order some?
March 26, 2011:
  • Holly  Molly, what a busy day we had today.
  • I woke up with a smell of  fried bacon (thanks for the breakfast  Mr. K).
  • Jump in the shower then started the laundry afterwards.
  • We brought Mr. Burrito  at the doctor to have his pink eye looked at, the doctor prescribed an eye drops. She said that pink eye is going around.  I am worried that I have it now as my eyes starts to feel like sandy.
  • When we came back home, I cleaned up the house.  Vacuumed and rearranged some stuff inside the house.
  • I finished the laundry, folded, and put it away.
  • We went and visited my SIL then we proceeded to visit FIL.
  • Whew, now I am back to update.
  • Thanks for the visit folks!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Potato Cakes with a Twist - Project 365 # 84

Whenever there is a left over mashed potatoes, I always make it into potato cakes the next day.  
I gave it a little twist this time.  I added some green peas and fresh fried bacon to  improve its flavor.  
My kids love food with cheese so I sprinkled a little to it too.
You ca also just put it on top of the potato cake when you are frying it but I preferred mixing it into the other  ingredients.
If it's hard to make your kids  eat veggies, just try to incorporate it to  the foods that they like.  I usually  mix frozen veggies to our fried rice and Mr. Burrito who is very picky loves it.
March 25, 2011:
  • After the little bit of snow fall yesterday, the temperature today is cold.   It will stay cold until next week.  Can't believe that it's Spring already but I can't go out and  plant  things in the garden yet.  I am worried that frost will kill it.
  • It's Friday today so  we will be eating fish, no meat.
  • I am thawing out the frozen fish I have in the freezer.
  • Hubby is planning to get some fish sandwiches and bring it to Dad later on when he gets home from school.
  • I talked to Mama over the phone  earlier today.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

St. Patrick Feast - Project 365 # 83

These were the foods that we ordered at Chiko Fiesta Mexican Restaurant.
Above is Ms. Burrito's order.  I was shocked that their taco only contains  ground beef and cheese.  No tomatoes and lettuce.  I think our home made tacos are much better.
I ordered the one on top because it has rice in it.  I can now say that I am not fa of Mexican food.  But then again, I think it all depends to who cooks the food because when we were in Korea and we ate at  a Mexican Resto, the food was delish.
I like hubby's plate because of the veggie with guacamole.  There's nothing there that EJ  could have like so we ordered the one below.  Please don't ask me what are the menus we ordered because I did not take notes lol.
March 24, 2011:
  • Despite the medicine I took before I went to bed last night, cough still kept me up.  I woke up with a bad migraine and Lady in Red's visit did not help my situation either.
  • Thanks Hon for  preparing  our princess a breakfast, greatly appreciate it.
  • Now that  the medicine is  working again, I can work here a little bit.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rice Pudding - Project 365 # 82

I bought this rice pudding at the Oriental store hoping that it would taste like our suman in the Philippines but I was disappointed. It did not taste anything like it at all.  I used to buy this cassava  suman  when we were in Korea and it was really good.  It was made in California by some Filipinos if I am not mistaken.
March 23, 2011:

  • It's a little chilly again this morning when I woke up.  We are expecting some rain and thunderstorm later on.  I hope that it won't rain until Ms. Burrito came home.
  • They will have a station in the cross at 1:30 so I have to pick her up in front of the  church.
  • I am not sure if I am having BB today.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuggets, Veggies, and Rice # Project 365 # 81

I prepared this lunch for Ms. Burrito yesterday but when I checked her lunch paper, she has a hot lunch in school so Mr. Burrito ended up eating it for breakfast.
March 22, 2011:

  • I took a big shot of nyquail last night and it knocked me out, forced me to go to bed early (10 pm).  When I woke up this morning, my tummy ache and body chill is gone but I was still coughing so hubby gave me two big liquid gels of dayquail.  It made me dizzy for a while but after drinking two glasses of water, I am okay.
  • I am doing laundry right now.
  • We have a follow up check up for the burritos today at 3:30.  Ms. Burrito will also have to vaccination shots.
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Bread Basket - Project 365 # 80

The kindergarten class is participating to an Easter project of the school called the Bread Basket. Each student are asked to bring hamburger helpers to donate to the bread basket which will be given out to the less privileged people in the community.
March 21, 2011:
  • Hubby  cooked Ms. Burrito's breakfast  this morning.  I was coughing again last night so I did not get much sleep.  Boy this cold just won't leave me alone.  
  • I prepared lunch for Ms. Burrito only to realize that we bought her a hot lunch for today.  I  gave it to Mr. Burrito for breakfast hehehe.
  • Also prepared a  hearty sandwich for  Mr K's lunch.
  • Right now I am feeling drowsy but I can't go back to bed as I need to stay up with Mr. Burrito.
  • I will babysit BB at 3 pm.
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Mexican Cuisine - Project 365 # 79

I mentioned on my Nostalgic Marveling blog that we were going to try the newly opened Mexican Restaurant near the area. After our dental appointments, we went straight to Chiko Fiesta place.
While we were waiting for our order, the served us a bowl of  chips and a spicy sauce.
Ms. Burrito really liked the  spicy sauce.  That's her fingers dipping the chips to the sauce.
Mr. Burrito did not eat much though.  He just  drink the iced tea and eat a little bit of  potato fries and chips. 
I will post the foods we ordered next time.
I would like to thank a virtual friend I met through blogging, Ms. Diane of My Life in the Charente all the way from England,  for sending me a postcard.  Thanks for being an avid reader of this blog Diane.  There's no post here that she did not read and left comment on so from the bottom of my heart, thank you  much!
March 20, 2011:
  • I wasn't able to sleep good last night, I was coughing like heck.
  • Hubby  prepared breakfast for us today, thanks hon!
  • We might visit  my BIL  who lives in Chester later this afternoon.
  • Meanwhile I am browsing the  Self Catering Accommodation online.  We are trying to  find a good place to stay for our upcoming vacay weee.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fresh Salad - Project 365 # 78

This is my first time making fresh veggie salad at home. I mean we love eating salad but we only eat it when we are dining out lol.
The tasters said "We like it Mom!" Even the picky Mr. Burrito, ate some.
March 19, 2011:

  • Washing Machine is spinning I started a load as soon as I woke up at 8 am.
  • I put bacon in the pan and put it in a low heat to cook.
  • Took  out the vacuum and started cleaning the floor, under the couch, and wall edges.
  • We dusted and polished the furniture.  Thanks for the help Mr. Burrito.  Ms. Burrito is busy with her crafts.
  • We also clean up the basement.
  • Now we just got done eating, still doing laundry, and  typing here for an update.
  • Hubby is cleaning the car so we can go somewhere later, maybe go to JCPenny and spend this $10 dollars they gave us weeee.
  • How's your day folks?  Ours started busy but it's our weekend exercise hehehe.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Monkey on a Stick - Project 365 # 77

Don't be fooled with the title, this isn't really a monkey meat but pork. Hubby just calls it Monkey on a Stick. He said that whe he was stationed in the Philippines some 21 years ago, all the sailors call our BBQ Monkey on a Stick.  Anyhow, I made this the other day, most Americans love their BBQ with sauce but  I like it  plain.
March 18, 2011:
  • Yay, Spring is almost here, finally!
  • Not sure of what I am going to cook today again.
  • Mr. Burrito and I just got done eating fried rice with bacon and egg.
  • Ms. Burrito will have a St. Patrick Brunch today in school.  The kindergarten teacher together with the classroom Moms will prepare some green  eggs, green pancakes, green milk, and orange juice.  Wish I can be there to take pictures hehehe.
  • Have a god weekend everyone.
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St. Patrick - Project 365 # 76

Think green, feel green, and wear something green. You don't have to be an Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day because even St. Patrick wasn't an Irish either.
March 17, 2011:
  • We woke up early today.  I cooked breakfast then we went to church after we ate.
  • We have a dental appointment at 2:30 pm.  We (including Champ) is wearing green today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
  • When I came back later, I have to search for villas in turkey, I'll be writing an article about it on my other blog.
Are you up to the challenge on posting a photo a day? Join us with Project 365.   Below is my son's weakness.
 Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Made Spread - Project 365 # 75

I made a home made sandwich spread last week, I missed this kind of spread where you put all the stuff that you like. I chopped up a boiled egg, add some relish, lunch meat, mayo, a dash of mustard, and black pepper.  It was delish, hubby said that it's very rich.
March 16, 2011:
  • Hubby made us some French toast for breakfast today, thanks Hon!
  • I can't think of any menu to cook for today.. sigh..  Any suggestion?
  • Have to write some online tasks and probably bloghop a little bit after I update this one.
  • I have to search for some made to measure blinds uk and  take note  some info.  My betterhalf will be asking me about it later
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Tinola - Project 365 # 74

I made some tinola (Chicken Ginger Stew with Vegetables) the other day because my husband was craving for it. He's been craving for it actually for weeks now but I wasn't able to make some because the chayote that was available in walmart are old already and it cost almost 2 bucks a piece.. geez. When we went to Pittsburgh last weekend, we discovered a new oriental market on the way so we dropped by and bought some asian goodies.
Over at Oriental Market, Chayote Squash only costs  85 cents each.  I also got  some  pechay or bokchoy (that's what I used  in replacement to  pepper leaves).  Mr. K and the Burritos loved it, I am glad their appetite s are back!
March 15, 2011:
  • Ms. Burrito has a class picture today so I made sure that I did not forget it wink.
  • I made  some omelet for our breakfast and ate it with rice.
  • I am doing laundry right now.
  • We are going to visit my FIL later on when Ms. Burrito gets home from school.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cup Cakes - Project 365 # 73

 Here's some yummy cupcakes for you.  My son love cupcake so much but we try not to give him as much as he wants to because  we don't want him ending up with a diabetes.
March 14, 2011:

  • Daylight Saving Time started yesterday, the time sprung up at 2 am.  
  • I made sandwiches for hubby and  Ms. Burrito for their lunches in school.  She did not like the menu in school so she is having a cold lunch.
  • I am glad that Mr. Burrito's appetite is back, he can eat good again.  I was worried sick when they were ill as they did not want to eat anything.
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Remodeling Project

Hubby and I decided that we are going to spend the money we have from our  income tax return in remodeling our front porch.  The remodeling company that he  contacted few weeks ago, supposed to come her last week for an estimate but the guy never showed up.  I am not sure if he doesn't like to do the job or  he just forgot about his appointment.  So hubby is now looking for  other remodeling company that could accommodate us in their schedule.   One of the  company that popped in our search online is the  Chicago Remodeling.  Chicago Remodeling  offers different kinds of services  in upgrading your  sweet abode.

Basement Build-Out, Winnetka, Illinois
I just wish that they are near us but  the distance would hinder them from doing it here I guess.  Based on the information we have read from their website, Chicago Remodeling company is a professional and reliable company that can do   just any kinds of remodeling job in your house.  They offer services such as electrical and plumbing, kitchen and counter tops,  hardwood floors and tile works, finish carpentry, kitchen, bathroom, and basement and  many other  jobs such as painting and plastering. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jack Fruit - Project 365 # 72

Jack Fruit is called "Langka" in the Philippines.  I miss eating fresh  fruit  of langka but  the only available here in the US is the canned ones.   We buy  it most of the time because my daughter love langka too.  We also love to put it in turon and ginataan.
March 13, 2011:
  • My husband  couldn't sleep last night, he was coughing a lot so I did not sleep good either.
  • We did not go to church today, we're worried that whatever hubby got might be  transferred to other people in church.
  • I made some tinola today,  will bring some to my father in law as he has not eat anything for days, he got sick pretty bad.

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