Monday, March 14, 2011

Remodeling Project

Hubby and I decided that we are going to spend the money we have from our  income tax return in remodeling our front porch.  The remodeling company that he  contacted few weeks ago, supposed to come her last week for an estimate but the guy never showed up.  I am not sure if he doesn't like to do the job or  he just forgot about his appointment.  So hubby is now looking for  other remodeling company that could accommodate us in their schedule.   One of the  company that popped in our search online is the  Chicago Remodeling.  Chicago Remodeling  offers different kinds of services  in upgrading your  sweet abode.

Basement Build-Out, Winnetka, Illinois
I just wish that they are near us but  the distance would hinder them from doing it here I guess.  Based on the information we have read from their website, Chicago Remodeling company is a professional and reliable company that can do   just any kinds of remodeling job in your house.  They offer services such as electrical and plumbing, kitchen and counter tops,  hardwood floors and tile works, finish carpentry, kitchen, bathroom, and basement and  many other  jobs such as painting and plastering. 

2 delicious comments:

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Good look on your remodelling, mommy!

Adin B

Diane said...

I get so upset when people don't pitch up for meetings or phone back when they promise to. Diane

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