Monday, October 31, 2011

Broccoli and Beef 365/301

One of the main course I prepared a couple of weeks ago, the broccoli and beef.
October 31, 2011:
  • We had a rough day today.  We bid our final goodbye to my BIL Dave.  This is my very first time  witnessing a funeral here so it is a new thing to me.  It is way different than our  custom in the Philippines.  Thank you all for all your prayers and  kind words, it's a great thing for   our family!
  • Despite the  fact that we  just had a final moment with our love one, life must go on so we let the kids  to do trick or treat.  It was also a great way for the family to stay longer at Dad's house and keep him company.
  • It's 6 minutes before 12 but am trying to type this post, I am exhausted actually.  Thank you all for keeping my blogs alive even on my  hibernation!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Papaya and Pomelo 365/300

Another popular fruit in the Philippines is the Papaya and the Pomelo.  These photos were taken at Epcot Development Center in Disney World.
I love both of these fruits.
October 30, 2011:
  • We had a rough day today.  We went to church for Ms. Burrito's school function.
  • Changed costume after church and went to School Gym for another function.
  • Then we  went to Dad's, visited a little bit and  went to the funeral house.  We went  back to Dad's after the showing at the funeral home and just came home.  The kids were exhausted and now in bed.
  • We will be waking up early tomorrow for Dave's funeral.
Thanks  so much for your prayers and comforting words.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cherry Tomatoes 365/299

I have so many cheery tomatoes here at home. Since they are very little to can, I just put them in the freezer. I can use it to cook.
October 29, 2011:

  • Hubby cooked us breakfast. I feel better  after two nights of  agony due to  the cold I got.  I'm still sniffling but at least I don't have the headache and the chill anymore.
  • We went to  the Shoe Department over at Fort Steuben Mall after visiting Dad. We bought our  Burritos some shoes they need for Sunday's function in school.  Hubby also bought me a new pair of boots.
  • Tomorrow will be a very busy day for us. Ms. Burrito will sing at 12 o'clock mass then at 2-4, they have a Halloween  event.  We will go t the funeral home at night.

Pepper Rings 365/298

I picked some of the green peppers I have left in my garden  before frost kills it.  Instead of making onion rings, I made some pepper rings to go with the  fried chicken for our lunch.
October 28, 2011:
  • I feel like crap today, nevertheless, I have to  get up and do my job for my Burritos and Mr. K.
  • Mr. Burrito and I finished  the alphabet today.  He is   now particular in writing each of the letters.  Next month, we will focus on numbers but we will review what we learned on letters.  Practice makes perfect so we would keep on doing it until he is ready for kindergarten next year.
  • We visited my FIL  later this afternoon.  Hubby finished fixing his car wile we bond with Raquel and  Bumble  Bee who visited Dad too.
  • As of this writing, I am  ready to pass out, hubby gave me a dose of nyquail to help me with my cold.  So good night and thank you for visiting.

Two Years Ago on Taco 365/295

My daughter was in the mood for taco last week so when we had our groceries, we bought some ingredients for taco.  We find a good deal on the lettuce, it was only 99 cents per head.  Making taco is very easy as long as you have your ingredients, you can prepare it in 20 minutes or less.  

Here's my ingredients (the gound beef is already cooking in the pan cooking.
EJ does not like this kind of food, my daughter can eat anyhting. 

Believe it or not, we used all the taco shells hahaha.  We had a little  meat left over and I made it chili the next day, oh diva hehehe.  

Originally posted at my Bravejournal blog on September 17, 2009

October 25, 2011:
  • We were busy outside today.  I let the kids play at their sandbox as long as they wanted because it might be the last day that we have a warm days.  We suppose to have  cold days in the coming days.  I cleaned up our garden today, pulled away some of the vegetable vines and other plants.
  • I received a call  earlier this afternoon from my niece-in-law, she said that Michelle called her mom and informed them that my BIL Dave's system is shutting down.  He might go anytime soon, I am praying that he isn't suffering too much now.  I hope that his body  is  not feeling any pain anymore.  
  • We visited Dad and asked him if he wants to go at Dave tonight but he said that he was very tired.  He  busied himself working outside maybe because he wants to divert his  thoughts away from what is happening to Dave for a while.  I can tell that it's very painful for him to see Dave's condition.  My husband has been in a lot of stressed too about it.  He's been  having a  diarrhea for days now and I  think that his worries about his brother is what causes it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pink Cookies 365/297

Both of my Burritos love sugar cookies. Sometimes when their sweet tooth attacks, they request for this kind of cookies.
October  27, 2011:
  • I brought our bunny, Wubzy, inside the house.  It's going to be 32% tonight so I don't want him to freeze outside.
  • I am not sure  if I am allergic to rabbit but as soon as I  brought him inside, I started sneezing and now I have a runny nose.  Hubby gave me  benadryl so I am floating already.  
  • We went to Dad's where the rest of the family  were there, after  Ms. Burrito's dance lessons.
  • I made some egg noodles and  chicken wings for dinner and Ms. Burrito requested for some palitaw.
  • I have to go to bed now, my eyes are so heavy because of the meds.
Thanks for visiting, I'll make it up to you (to visit) as soon as were done dealing with the  loss of our family.  Your  prayers and  kind words are highly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Easter 365/296

An image taken last year's Easter celebration.  My brother -in-law Dave  looks so healthy then, we never thought that  the cancer is already creeping in his system.  He lost the  battle against the cancer, he took his last breath tonight.  Thank you all for your prayers.
October 26, 2011:
  • The whole day today was very stressful.  We knew that anytime Dave  is passing because yesterday, his  internal organs are shutting down.  I feel so sad upon hearing the news because it reminds me of the time when my brother  died, it's painful.
  • I have never seen my husband cry before but tonight, he did.  He was fixing  my FIL's car when  the phone rang and he knew that it was about Dave.
  • On the lighter note, the porch was officially done today.  The contractor kept calling for us to  give the last payment but the job wasn't quite finish yet this morning so  we told  them that there are three things they need to finish before we give the last payment.  They  did what we asked this afternoon so we gave the check.  Too bad, they're  not that fast when they were doing the job, we could have enjoyed it  when the weather was still  warm.  Oh well, we love our new porch so I can't really complain.
  • I have to go to bed now, it's past midnight.  I just want to update before I go to bed.  We might be  very busy for the  next few days for his funeral.
Thanks everyone for keeping us in your prayers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I Turned 36 - Two years Ago 365/294

It's funny to think that as we get older, we really don't care to have a bash celebration for our birthdays. Just to spend time with our family is better than having a big party. I celebrated my  ????? birthday at home with my husband and kids and we had fun.  Hubby bought a cake and Rylie and I made a wish and blew the candles hehehe..
(Originally posted at my Bravejournal blog in June 11, 2009 and deleted and transferred here).  Comments were also copied here.

October 24, 2011:

  • I was so busy today.  Ms. Burrito threw up all over the place when she was about to leave to school this morning.  So I called the school and let them know that she  is sick.  She had an upset stomach and we let them rest instead of going to school.  We picked up her homework at school and she did it when she felt better this afternoon.
  • I made some sisig for me and hubby and pork chop for the kids with broccoli for lunch.  Hubby made some  mac and cheese for dinner.
  • I did  two baskets of laundry earlier this morning.    Time flies, I have some task to write but it is past ten now and haven't   half done yet huhuhu.  I am beat!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jalapeño Jelly 365/292

My niece-in-law, Jen, made this jelly out of jalapeño and other kinds of pepper and oh man, it is so good!  It is sweet and spicy, so good to eat with  just about   every food.
October 22, 2011:
  • Such a busy  Saturday for us.  Hubby cleaned and removed the  tarp and  rug on our truck.
  • I cleaned the house while doing the laundry.  Kids were very helpful too!
  • We visited Dave  for a little bit and  proceeded to visit Dad.  Jen made  some lasagna and garlic bread and I made some mini  pizzas.  We all had dinner together.
  • My BIL's condition is  worsening, he is so thin now that he is barely hanging on.  I think that he is already traveling out there, he told my  NIL  that he is going to see his Mom.  It so hard looking at him knowing that there is nothing you can do but pray.  Even medicine cannot do anything anymore, only God knows when  Dave is  going.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Omelet with lunch meat 365/293

To make the omelet more enticing to my three eaters at home, I use different kinds of filling. Sometimes I use small pepperonies, ham, bacon bits, and then I tried the lunch meat. Aside from that, green pepper, onion, and tomatoes are also included.  I usually mix all the fillings in a bowl and nuke it for one minute before putting it on top of the egg.  Oh, I also sprinkle  shredded cheese on top of the egg before putting the filling, it makes it even  tastier!
October 23, 2011:
  • Hubby mowed the grass this afternoon.
  • I made  fried rice and omelet (again) this morning.  I prepared a pack of Uncle Ben's  long and  wild rice then I made some grilled  chicken with apples, walnut, and maple syrup  as toppings, it was delish!
  • We went for a walk at Marland Heights after visiting my FIL.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill Your Bucket Today 365/291

 My daughter got this  "Fill Your Bucket Today" from school.  She said that every time  someone do something good  for somebody, their bucket is getting filled with love.
October  21, 2011:
  • It's been  so cold here  since yesterday.  It feels like winter already.
  • For the past couple of days, I only teaches my son for an hour and the remaining  hour is spent in learning   through playing different stuff around the house.  It is more fun that way for him like  counting the clothes that goes to the washing machine, segregating the colors of the laundry, and playing puzzles. He is doing really good now, he pays more attention to what I teaches him and also very interested in learning compared to last year.
  • I made beef and brocolli, and rice for dinner. 
  • We might visit my FIL later on.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Palitaw 365/290

Palitaw is a Filipino dessert that is made of glutinous rice or in our local place, they used the pounded sweet rice.  I was craving it the other day so I tried to make some (my first time).  I have dried coconut in the fridge and some sesame seeds so I roasted them together as topping for the palitaw.  The word palitaw means to surface.  When you mix the flour into water, you form it  into small balls and flatten it  then drop it in a boiling water, when it floats, that's the indication that it's cooked.  My daughter loved it!
October 20, 2011:
  • The construction team is on its last  step of completing our porch, wohooo finally!
  • I have to pick up my daughter in school.
  • Will update this post later.  My BIL Dave went to the  cancer hospital today  to see if they can still do something for him bu it is too late.  The doctor said that the kind of cancer he has,  is embedded in  the  body cells that no matter what you do, you're still going to die.  We are all overwhelmed with the revelation  because  the three months that the former doctor  gave  him is now shortened to one to three weeks.  His skin is already yellow because of jaundice which is an indication that his kidney is shutting down. My BIL Rick was crying when he told John about the news as he was the one who drove Dave to the hospital.  The feeling that I had when I found  out that my brother died is back.  
  • I did not go with my husband and daughter at a dance school, I felt sick upon  knowing the news about my BIL Dave.  Mr. Burrito is here with me.
  • I  prepared some chicken legs, pepper rings, and salad for dinner.  Hubby made  cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BBQ on a Stick 365/289

My husband and kids love BBQ on a stick. They request for it once in a while when they are tired of other menus that I cook. I only prepare it on occasion but when they make a request, I always granted it.
October 19, 2011:

  • Mr. Burrito and I are having class, I'm  just sneaking in to see how my blogs is doing lol.
  • Will update this later.  One of my  FIL's sister visited him so we went and  visited them too.  It'd been  a while since we last  saw each other and it was nice that they came over.  They live in Ohio, a two hour drive to  my FIL's home.
  • The construction team  installed the railings today.  Hopefully, they'll be done by tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burger and Hotdog 365/287

Burger and hotdogs are some of the most easiest food to prepare during summer time.
October 17, 2011:
  • Mr. Burrito and I did two letters today and we did some readings.  
  • I reviewed  with Ms. Burrito today for her test tomorrow. 
  • Whew, I don't have much time these days  to blog.  It's 12 midnight now and I am still trying to type, am sleepy and tired  though so after this one, I am crawling in bed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nantucket Cod 365/286

One of my favorite dining place here in our Area is Eat N' Park. The kids love it there too because they get to do some coloring while waiting for the food.
 Hubby's Chicken Parmesan plate.
 One of my favorite menus to eat is the Nantucket Cod.
October 16, 2011:
  • Our day  was mellow, we  attended mass and visited my FIL and spent sometime with the rest of the family.  The kids had so much fun playing in the pile of leaves in front of my FIL's house.
  • Happy birthday to a good friend, the author of so many blogs, a tweaker, and a traveler, Ryanne.
  • I tried  to make some palitaw (Filipino dessert made of  glutinous rice)  today.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pineapple Face 365/285

Can you see the dog's face on the shadow of this pineapple?
October 15, 2011:
  • We visited my BIL Dave today and we were so saddened by what we are seeing.  He is declining  very fast.  His wife, Michaele, said that he did not get up  nor eat today.  He is feeling so rough, he did not even  try to get up when we were there.  Hubby told my SIL to bring him to the hospital so that he could have at least some food intake through injection or something.  I think, he only weighs like 80 pounds now, very thin.
  • We  proceeded to my FIL from Dave's.  He is worried sick too about  his son's condition.
  • Ms. Burrito is part of the choir to sing at 12 pm mass tomorrow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Funnel Cakes 365/284

This is a snack that the kids ate at Janoski's Farm, a plate of funnel cake., a fried dough with  powdered sugar on top.
October  14, 2011:
  • I made pizza  today.
  • My daughter came home with 4 100% and a 97% result with her tests today.  Last week, she  got everything 100% but this week, she missed one.  It is still good though because it is still an A.
  • I am doing laundry and at the same time  sneaking in my blog hehehe.
  • We visited my FIL after I got done doing the laundry.
  • We also sent money  to my family in the Philippines.  Wish I could win a lottery so I could send them more, sigh.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Pepper Snack 365/283

One of Mr. Burrito's favorite snack at home is green bell pepper. I have so many at our vegetable garden so I am glad that he likes it.  My baby boy does not like so many veggies but there are some that he  can eat such as this one.  He also like black olives and carrots.  As long as  the veggies are fresh, he likes to eat but once it is cook, he isn't fond of eating them.
October 13, 2011:
  • The roof of the porch is done and the guys put some of the columns already.  I would be so glad when they get done.
  • Ms. Burrito had a ballet dance tonight.  She was happy to be back again, she was absent last week due to her sickness.
  • My student, Mr. Burrito was making alibis not to  do classes with me but it did not work for me hehehe.  I got him to do something.
  • I made some adobong sitaw for dinner with rice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary 365/282

He said "Hi", She said "Hello" and the rest is history.

Today he said:
"My most heartfelt thanks for making my life complete.  
Every single day with you has been amazing."

I replied:
"It makes me realize, once again, how  lucky I am
to know that the one person I can count on,
the one who will always have my back,
Is the one person I love most in this world."

October 12, 2011:
  • I had a bad migraine  ever since I woke up this morning.  What a luck on our  wedding anniversary but with the help of my excedrin, it went away towards the end of the day.
  • We gave our third down payment for our porch contract, a whopping 7k, whew.  Our  bank account is drain again wahhh.  We still have the last payment of 5k+ after the  reno is done.
  • Our good friend Dan invited us over for a dinner  at Defilice Bros Pizza.  Our plan was to go to the mexican resto  but then he invited us so we just went to the pizza place.  That was very nice of him to treat us during our anniversary.  Thanks Dan and Amber.
  • We visited Dad  after our dinner with the McCabe's.
  • I just got done  helping Ms. Burrito with her homework, now I can blog a little.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning Glory 365/281

Morning glories can really brighten your day when you get out the  yard and  look at their blooms.
October 11, 2011
  • While taking a break from  our lesson at home, I am posting this one for ABC Wednesday.  
  • Will update this one later on.
  • The  construction team  laid out some shingles  and I am happy that they are almost done with the roof.  
  • I made some taco for dinner.
  • We went  for a wal to Hallmark store and bought something.

Crush Grape 365/280

We tried this Crush Grape soda to see how it taste like.  We all like it but I don't think it is  healthy for the kids.  But I guess if you drink it in moderation, it won't be bad.
October 10, 2011:
  • Ms. Burrito is off from school because of Columbus Day so I have two students at home.  They duid pretty well with their workbook.  
  • We jumped in the trampoline after our lessons and played with Champ in our front yard.
  • I did laundry and discovered a foul smell coming from the lent section of our dryer.  We removed the  air duct pipe  hoping that something is there but it's all just lent.  So hubby opened up the lent  section and I cleaned out there, there we found a baby mouse (again wahhh).  I think he crawled from our garden  through the air duct and got stuck inside the lent section of the dryer then when I turned it on, he got toasted. Oh I am glad we  got out that little  fella there, it stunk so bad.  The good thing about him crawling from the air duct was we got to cleaned out the whole thing.  Oh boy, what a day!
  • I made pinakbet  for me and the kids and  beef steak for hubby.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mini Pizza 365/279

Ever since we discovered the goodness of making our own mini pizzas, it became one of the most requested menu at our kitchen.  I am glad that my Burritos love to help me  in preparing it.  We always load it with pine apple, mushroom, olives, green bell pepper, hot pepper, cherry tomatoes, and lots of cheese.
You know it's good when  kids and hubby approves it.
October 9, 2011:

  • Hubby and son mowed the grass this morning before we went to church.
  • We visited my FIL after the mass and looked for the remote of the TV that he has been looking for yesterday.  He was very happy when my husband found it stuck in one of the couches.
  • We went for a walk with Mr. Fancher and pick some walnuts.

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