Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Cakes

I can take not to take a photo of these Easter Treats that the Second Grade students had during their party. One of the Mom's bought this from Walmart I think.  Aren't they cute.  
I believe those are twinkies then they put the bunny marshmallows, mini oreo cookies for the wheels, and pretzels for the steering wheel.

Pepperoni Rolls

My Burritos told us they they love the pepperoni rolls that they get for hot lunch in school. They only eat lunch in school on days where they serve pizza and pepperoni rols, the rest of the days, I prepare their lunch.  We ask the kids where the school buy their   pep rolls and  we found out that Belmonte delivers them.  
We never  order from them before so we thought of trying their  goodies.  As it turns out, we love their pizza so much and the kiddos love the rolls.  They use mushroom  sauce  for their pizza which is a plus to me.  The fresh lettuce on top is also a great twist!
I would love to learn how to make pepperoni rolls someday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Patrick Breakfast at Home

Our little Ms. Burrito cooked us breakfast during the St. Patrick's day.   She cut her finger but she is  happy as a bug. 
 She made green eggs, made some potato hash,  and fried some sausages.
 Looked what I found, a perfect shadow shot!
Thank you little chef for the yummy green breakfast.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mountain Life

I was looking at the beautiful highlands nc homes for sale at NC Mountain Life website and this  one in the photo is really gorgeous.  The price range of this house is like $800K to $900 thousand.  Gosh, if only I could win a lottery right now, I'd move to  North Carolina and buy this  house.  Hubby and I really want a house with a big land  but since we are only average citizens, we can only afford a small home lol.  But, I love our  home now so it doesn't matter if it's small.

Mango Shake

My daughter got so sick that she doesn't even have the desire to  try the mango shake I made for her.  It is her favorite thing when I make her  mango shake,  but when she had the UTI, she lost her appetite. 
Anyhow, this is the breakfast that I made for her  in one of the mornings  that  she was sick.  She also love croissant but  she never touched it.   Thanks God and to your prayers, she is  slowly recuperating now and back to school.
ABC Wednesday

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Indulging to Asian Goodies

We went to Pittsburgh last weekend because we no longer have Asian  goodies in our pantry.  We brought $200 dollars with us and  we spent every penny of it wahhh.  Everything is getting expensive, even a can of  coconut milk which was $1.79  during our last shop, is over $2 now, whew!
We live in Weirton so it takes an hour to drive from our place to Pittsburgh so when we shop, we make sure to get the things we need as it would take  months  before we could shop there again.  The good thing is we got the things that we love including a  box of  champagne mangoes, a case of coconut juice, mixes that I need for my cooking, canned goods,  asian veggies, and more.
Mangoes are produced from Mexico, it's the closest thing to our Philippine mangoes which we all love except our son.  Anyhow, this would last us  a couple of months, well except the mango as it is getting eaten so fast lol.  Indulging myself with Asian goodies is my only vice hehehe.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In the Philippines, we have a meal combo called LongSiLog short term for Longganisa (Filipino sausage), Sinangag (fried rice), and Itlog (egg).  My husband likes this  Filipino sausage so whenever we find some in the Asian store, we always buys like  6 packs of them.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow – How Technology is Bringing the Kitchen into the 21st Century

The kitchen of today might seem advanced when compared with the kitchen of the 50s but it’s nothing compared to the kitchen of tomorrow! Microwaves, electric can openers and fancy dishwashers might have seemed futuristic and advanced fifty years ago  but they’re old news now and we want more gadgets in our kitchens to save time, look cool and make life easier. So where can we expect to see technology creeping into the kitchen next? Read on to learn about the smartest kitchen kit available today and what we can look forward to in the future.

Smart Fridges
The concept of an internet connected fridge has actually been around for some time now and the first such devices were seen about 12 years ago. They were billed as being able to keep an eye on stock levels, allowing you to stay on top of foods you were running low on, however in practice they didn't offer a significant advantage over the tried and tested technique of simply opening the fridge door and taking a look inside yourself.  But those keen kitchen technology boffins have come back with an all together more impressive product for 2013 and the current craze is for smart fridges that connect with your smartphone. By using a special app you can enjoy a whole host of chilled food related features on your phone, whilst the fridge’s large inbuilt color touch screen can display the current conditions within and maximize its energy efficiency on the fly.

Smart Ovens
You know what your current oven is missing, right? A computer of course. That’s why the oven of tomorrow comes with an Android-powered on board computer with LCD touch display. This means you can get help with your cooking at the touch of a button and read up on all manner of useful cookery advice right where you need it most. But far more impressive than that is being able to programme the oven to adjust its temperature and timings for different dishes that you cook. And when you tie this in with your smartphone you’ve got a remote cooking app that allows you to get the dinner on so it’s ready just as you get home to your inviting kitchen.

Sous-Vide Cookers
The Sous-Vide technique of cooking food at a specially regulated temperature within a vacuum has been around for many years but has traditionally been reserved for fancy restaurants who could afford the complex gear needed to pull it off. Nowadays however the technology required is a lot more accessible to the amateur chef and because the method of cooking is so precise and accurate, now anyone can create Michelin starred quality cuisine from the comfort of their home. Probably.
About the author:
Stephen Bywater is a kitchen appliance reviewer writing for a number of online kitchen and home publications. He cooks a mean omelette

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crunchmaster's Snack

I received four boxes of Crunchmaster to review.  The multi-grain crisps snack crackers and baked rice crackers are gluten -free.  We tried the Multi Grain Crisps Sea Salt and I liked it a lot.  It reminds me of the Sun Chips that I loved munching on when I was still in the Philippines.  It's a good source of fiber which I like.  You can also  get creative in serving this snack by trying delicious  toppings such as  hummus dip, shrimp and seafood spread, veggies, or anything that you like for toppings.
So far, I like the sea salt multi gran crisp and the baked rice crackers with white cheddar.  These are the new  snacks that I  like and would definitely  buy in the store.
The other two are the  Lip-Smacking Good Cheesy Crisps Cheddar and the winning Graham taste without the wheat, Grammy Crisp Cinnamon & Sugar.
I just opened and tried the Graham Crisps and it is delicious as well.  I like the cinnamon  and sugar in it.  I am sure that Cheesy crisp cheddar will be good also.  I will love that to my kids as I am not fond of cheese but they are.

You can get in touch with Crunchmaster by liking their Facebook page.  I definitely  recommend these products for snacks.

Disclaimer:  The products mentioned above were sent to me for  review purposes.  No monetary compensation is involve in writing this review.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Whenever I see pomelo from the store, it always reminds me of my maternal grandparents.  They used to have  two or three pomelo trees at their backyard and we always enjoy eating them.  Unfortunately, those trees died right after my grandparents have passed away. 
My husband bought  a pomelo and gave it  to me when he came home.  The said pomelo did not taste as good as the one I used to eat.  They were very juicy though but a little bitter.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pro Bar Meal

I am so pleased when the PR manager from Pro Bar contacted me again and asked if I would like to try their new flavors.  I replied and said I'd love to because we love their healthy energy bars.  You might recall the first time I worked with them, they sent us a dozen of energy bars and they were all delicious.  We love every flavors that they have.
I received another dozen of their new flavors, Superberry and Greens, Mint Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin,  and Chocolate Coconut.    I tried the Superberry and Greens and the Chocolate  Cocnut and they were both really good.  My husband said that the  Oatmeal Raisin and Mint chocolate are also good.
I would like to thank Pro Bar for giving me a chance to try their new flavor.  It has been a pleasure working with you guys.  

If you like  a healthy snack, I highly recommend these.  They are delicious!  You can  get  updates about their promo by liking Probar at Facebook and you can also avail a 40% discount with your first order  by using the promo code "BLOGGER".

Disclaimer:  Products were given for free in return of my honest review.  I did not received any monetary compensation for this review.

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