Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Egg Noodle Soup

I made some egg noodle soup (without eggs.. wink) a couple of days ago because it was raining so hard and cold.  We ate it with  pork ribs BBQ.  Before I put the pork in the oven, I boiled it first then I used the broth to cook the noodles.  It was a yummy dinner for the four of us.

Newman's Own Organic and a Giveaway

I only knew Paul Newman from the movie that my husband and I watched recently. He starred the movie called "The Color of Money" with Tom Cruise, I love that movie! Anyhow, I did not know that Paul Newman has a company called Newman's Own. In 1993, they added a division called Newman's Own Organic which is managed by his daughter Nell Newman and her partner Peter Meehan. Then they became a separate company in 2001. 

I am so grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to try some of the Newman's Own Organic (NOO) products. They sent me a box full of goodies and man oh man,  the two sweet tooth at home were delighted!  NOO is also giving me a chance to host a giveaway  for US bloggers.  With the selections that I will show you below, you can pick four of them that you like and state it in your comment and whoever wins, the four products that you picked will be delivered in your front door.
This  big box was waiting for  me at the front door the other day.
Creme filled mint chocolate cookies, licorice ( I have four of these).
Double chocolate chip cookies and Vanilla alphabet cookies.  These two are my son's favorite.
A bag of prunes, cookies, and figs.
Pretzels and pretzel rods.
Pop corn and another  bag of  cookies.
My husband love this hermits!
Ginger Snaps.
My daughter open all these mints up right away.  She tasted all of them  and she like the wintergreen mints the most.
These are also my husband's favorite, they're individual chocolate cups.  My son is off limits to some of these one because he is allergic to peanuts.
The four of us love these chocolate sthe most!
Look how much  goodies I got for free.
You too can have four  items that I  listed above and  NOO will send this to you once the giveaway is  over.  
*Only US-based bloggers  can  join the giveaway which will run from October  25 through November 15.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go

I got these lunch boxes from Cool Gear. These Stay Fit Lunch 2 Go was given to me for free in return of my honest review about the products.b They were also very kind to give me two, perfect for packing my Burritos' cold lunches when they don't want the hot lunch in school. I love this kind of lunch box because it has three separate compartment areas. Aside from that, it also has non-toxic freezer gel in the lid that will keep your food cool and fresh. A sfork and a knife are also included in each lunch box which has a separate are to store it.
Cool Gear carries a lot of  products  such as  water filtration, stainless bottles, kids products, chillers, travel mugs, food storage, travel accessories and many more.  So if you are looking for a  products for your kids or for yourself, check out their selection by visiting the link I have provided.  You may also check out and like their  Facebook Page to stay connected with their new products and ideas.
Thank you so much Cool Gear for giving me the opportunity to try your cool products.  It's a pleasure working with you and I am proud to be  part of your extensive blogger network.
My kids love  black olives and  baby  cucumber.  Cucumber in tagalog   is PIPINO.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crowders Garden Center

My husband and I went to a garden center  in our area and I found some indoor plants on sale so I grabbed some that  I like.  I did not have those plants before so I   spent  few hours in exploring different  garden centers online.  One of the online garden center that I found is the crowders garden centre.  They carries different kinds of  product for gardening , tools, garden furniture and barbecue, kitchenware, and gift items.    I love gardening and  whenever I like a plant and I don't know about it, I look it up online to know how to care for it.  Glad there are  companies like Crowders.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomato Produce

Have you ever watched the videos that are available at Gardenieres about gardening?  I just   found this  website today and I  really like the topics and tips that  gardening enthusiasts are sharing.  Gardenieres is powered by The Home Depot and  Miracle Gro and being hosted  by William Moss and other  gardener  enthusiasts  from different states.  One of the videos that  I watched is the tomato growing tips with William Moss and I totally agree of what he has to say.  Last year, my tomatoes were all over the place because I did not  buy any  support system for them but this year I decided  to buy some stakes to put around them and I did not have any problem picking my  produce.  The Expand and Grow from  Miracle Gro that I  mixed up with the soil helped  the tomatoes   grow healthier and   gave me so many fruits.  I canned  so many tomatoes this year than I ever did for the last years.  I am glad that there are websites like Gardenieres  that  shared ideas and information about gardening because I am learning a lot.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy

I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy phone.  Not bad for a phone  sot isn't it?

On the other note, I came a across one blog that says "2012: Not just an election but a restraining order."   We also watched the debate last night between Gov. Mitt Romney  and Pres. Obama.   What do you think of the third debate?

Baby Back Ribs

This was our dinner yesterday. I made baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, and corn on a cob. We also had vegetable salad and chopped up fruit for dessert.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Pro Bar is Simply Real

Pro Bar sent me a dozen of their original selection of  Pro Bar Snacks  for FREE, thank you!  They make their  products 100% vegan, certified organic, certified non-GMO and most raw, simply real healthy!  As my gratitude fro received these products, I am giving my honest review in return.
Double Chocolate and Art's Original Blend.  Hubby took the DC for his snack at work today.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Koka Moka.  I ate the PBCC the other day ad it was delicious!
Cran-Lemon Twister and Peanut Butter.
Whole Berry Blast and Old School PB&J.
Cocoa Pistachio (I am having it for my snack now, it's  delish!) and Superfruit Slam.
Nutty Banana Boom and Superfood Slam.
If you want something healthy  to snack on, this is a  great choice!
Check their selection of products by visiting the link I have provided above.  Thank you once again Pro Bar!

What's for Lunch?

 I decided to volunteer as lunch lady  this year because both of my Burritos  are in school already.  I couldn't do it last year  because of my son.  I only do it  on Wednesdays and sometimes  cover for someone if  an assigned Mom can't do it.
 Some parents who can't help  in serving lunch can also   volunteer as  a baker  of dessert.  They bake brownies or buy cupcakes in the store and send it to the school.
When we have extra time, we do  crossword puzzles.
Have a great week ahead everyone!

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