Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomato Produce

Have you ever watched the videos that are available at Gardenieres about gardening?  I just   found this  website today and I  really like the topics and tips that  gardening enthusiasts are sharing.  Gardenieres is powered by The Home Depot and  Miracle Gro and being hosted  by William Moss and other  gardener  enthusiasts  from different states.  One of the videos that  I watched is the tomato growing tips with William Moss and I totally agree of what he has to say.  Last year, my tomatoes were all over the place because I did not  buy any  support system for them but this year I decided  to buy some stakes to put around them and I did not have any problem picking my  produce.  The Expand and Grow from  Miracle Gro that I  mixed up with the soil helped  the tomatoes   grow healthier and   gave me so many fruits.  I canned  so many tomatoes this year than I ever did for the last years.  I am glad that there are websites like Gardenieres  that  shared ideas and information about gardening because I am learning a lot.  

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