Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day Cake

Baking is not my cup of tea so when there's special occasion, I rely  on buying  what is in the store lol.  We bought this  chocolate cake  and  me and Ms. Burrito  just decorated it a little bit.

Not the prettiest cake you will ever see but hey, we did our best lol.  The cake by the way tasted  so good according to  my two sweet tooth men.

6 delicious comments:

Marie said...

We always make daddy a cake on fathers day or something sweet for him :)

Rebecca said...

aw how sweet and she did an amazing job

Nova said...

That is so sweet. I bet your hubby does love the cake and the present much

Unknown said...

she is doing a great job for her dad so sweet for sure your hubby well be happy about it.

jheylo said...

That's sweet. At least effort is there :D

riablahgs said...

This is so sweet sis! I like stuff that are made from scratch and with so much love. I may get the most expensive gift in the world but if it's not given with love then it means nothing. But to have something made out of love, so much time and thought put in then it's the best gift to receive.

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