Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey 365/332

Once in a while, I crave for the Baja Chalupa at Taco Bell and last Saturday was one of those days. We went and ate our lunch there. Hubby and I had Baja Chalupa, Ms. Burrito had a taco, and Mr. Burrito had the chicken flat bread.
During this time of the year, turkey is one of the favorite food to gobble during Thanksgiving, just so perfect for ABC Wednesday.  MY NIL Jen was the one that cooked most of the food for our family's  TG feast including the uber  huge turkey.

November 28, 2011:
  • Last week was a  Thanksgiving break for   our lessons at home and today, we're back to normal.  IN started  introducing my son to read simple words.  We used his favorite book and he seem
  • My temper is not so good today, I think that Ms. Red is coming so soon, sigh.  I don't like it when I don't have much patience because I have two very active kids and I don't want to be  tough on them.
  • Today, I received three things;  the cellphone we ordered a couple of days ago from AT&T,  the apron that  a  kind blogger  sent me, thanks Connie, and the  personalized Christmas card I ordered online.  I'll be sending this out soon.  
  • I was informed via email that my entry to Parents and Play contest at Kaboom was  one of the ten finalist.  Thanks Ms. Kerala for the update, I hope I win the first prize so I will have a budget for Christmas shopping lol.  But being a finalist entitled me to a $50 gift card already so it's a sure win.

7 delicious comments:

Dhemz said...

baja chalupa is one of my faves at TB...ehehhee..am not really fond of Turkey...nalalansahan ako sa amoy...kaya si hubby and Akesha lang ang nag oovertime kumain sa turkey LOs...lol!

wow, congrats sis! and good luck for the first prize!

Mel Alarilla said...

It seems that every house in the US had its own share of turkey on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in the Philippines so we're exempted from serving roast turkey, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Roger Owen Green said...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

MaR said...

Cold turkey meat. Love it.

T is for...

Seow wei said...

My family didn't celebrate thanksgiving, hotel and restaurant they do celebrate.

Unknown said...

nakakain na ako ng turkey at di ko type ang lasa..hehehe... type ko yong camote sa itaas hehe.

Admin said...

super yummy...visiting guapz!

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