Monday, September 2, 2013

Chocolate Caramel Cake

We had our family dental  appointments for oral prophylaxis (cleaning) last  Thursday.  Hubby and daughter got done first so I asked him if he could   drive to the City building and pay for our water  bill.  He went paid the bill and dropped by at his favorite pastry  store, the Guss's Goodies.  He bought this  Chocolate Caramel Cake.

Hi was grinning  from ear to ear when he came back at the Dentist's Office so I asked him what's the reason behind and he said that he has a surprise for us.  When I  hopped in the car I saw the  cake box and I said "What are you thinking?"  He said "Well, it's a treat for having a clean teeth!"  Isn't it obvious he has a sweet tooth?

5 delicious comments:

Unknown said...

looking yummy.. can i have a slice for snack?

Marms said...

Can I have a slice please??? Looks really yummy!!!

Angela Ricardo said...

The cake looks absolutely delicious! I love sweets and I lov ehow you made a pun of the doctor having a sweet tooth :) Absolutely funny. Now I'm craving for a cake. :P

Love Beautyholics, a beauty blog by Angela.

lencilicious said...

Time to mess up the clean teeth. :)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

LOL! Chocolate Cake just after his teeth getting cleaned. That looks super delicious...

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