Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Decorate the Backyard for a Halloween Party

There are certain events and holidays that make perfect excuses to throw a party. Halloween is one of those holidays. For kids, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in scary outfits and trick or treat for candy. For adults, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in scary outfits and have a party. If you are thinking about having such a celebration in your backyard this year, here are some tips to help you out with the decorating.

1. Use your regular garden furniture
One of the most appealing aspects of having a Halloween party is the fact that it does not actually require a lot of hard work to prepare for. The costumes that people will be wearing are the main attraction that your guests will be focusing on. Feel free to use regular garden furniture like the ones you can find at  You do need to create a creepy and scary vibe, but this is much better accomplished with decorations rather than furniture.

2. Use spider webs
Speaking of decorations, probably the most effective one you can use is spider webs. They are always associated with creepy, rundown houses and you can get them cheap at many party supply stores. You can drape them over anything and they are easy to clean up after the party is over.
3. Pumpkins
If there is an iconic image that is associated with Halloween, it is the carved pumpkin. You will definitely need to have a few set throughout the garden in order to give your party a Halloween feel. Again, not a lot of effort involved, although you are going to have to carve them beforehand.
Regardless of the type of party you want to throw, has all the furniture pieces you need in order to make your backyard or garden stand out.

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Rebecca said...

i would love to have a halloween party but not sure anyone in neighbor would come

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