Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Beets Goodness: Powdered, Pickled, Shake

I had a lot of beets last season so I was able to preserve some by pickling and dehydrating it and making it into powder.  In the process of making the powder,  I burned out our blender (wahhhh).  
I didn't get to grind all the ones I dried but it's okay, I put it in a sealed container maybe I can rehydrate it and use it for something else.
I never knew beets until I came in the states.  My husband made me love it/  He likes beets although he only eats it during holidays when the family prepares it but now that I do a lot of gardening, we eat it every planting season.  They are price in the store so growing it in our garden is the way to go.
For those of you who make powder of the things you grow, can you recommend a good machine to do it?
This blender did a good job but it didn't last.
I have a food processor that I was going to use but I realized that it is missing something and it won't work.
Speaking of which, I need to start making shakes again so I can use the beet powder.  I am wondering if I can make a soup and add the beets maybe?
Any ideas on what else I could use this beet powder for?  
I like bowling the fresh beets then blend it and make into a shake, it's delicious.
It's a really good drink after a good workout or after you're out in the sun gardening.
How about you, do you like beets?  Do you grow it in your garden?  What do you do with beets?  

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