Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Simple Birthday Celebration

We celebrated hubby's birthday today.  Glad that the kids were off from school so I had help in  preparing and cooking.  Me and the kids  decided to  have a little party for their Dad at home by   setting the dining table a little differently.  We only eat at our dining table on special occasion and today was one of them.  We usually eat meals at our kitchen table but today, we thought  of surprising my husband.
 Nothing fancy really, it was just the creativity of the kids that I thought is very special.
 Instead of baking  a cake, my daughter baked a banana bread and  made some caramel icing  and topped it with freshly sliced bananas and  Hershey kissies.
I baked my husband's favorite dish, lasagna.
 I added some mushroom with the  ground beef because my daughter love mushroom.
 My son loved the  bread that I  baked for ten minutes with pizza cheese.
 We had juice for  drinks.
I am happy that we were able to delight my husband with our simple surprise for him. 

4 delicious comments:

Unknown said...

Wow! The food looks amazing. I bet your husband loved all of what you guys did for him. That's so nice of you guys.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Belated Happy birthday to your husband Sis. I wish him more blessings to come especially good health. I love how creative your kids are. The food looks very delish.

Nova said...

That is amazing, your kids are wonderful and sweet... belated happy birthday to your partner in life.

Mari Bella said...

Very nice preparation! And oh I love that colored things with letters of greetings! I maybe late of coming in here because of the thought that were only the two of us. Being here in the page seems like I am part of the celebration hehehe. Belated happy birthday!

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