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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Potato Hash

This was our breakfast last weekend. Ms. Burrito made her version of potato hash with spam, cheese, bell peppers, and some b-pepper, and parsley. It was egg-cellent!
She  was very disappointed that  the omelet  did not turn out as she expected.  She forgot to  melt butter in the pan before putting the egg so it stuck and  she wasn't able to flip it  without breaking it.
It's hard not to interfere when she's cooking  because I am worried that she might  get burned but she cries whenever I go in the kitchen and try to help her.  
For dessert, we had  strawberries, cantaloupe, and green grapes.
I like the fact that she's only 7 and can cook  some breakfast dishes already but as a Mom, I always worry.  I guess, they won't learn if we don't let them explore and experience right?  

She's our little chef  on weekends.

18 sumptuous burps..:

bettyl said...

Aw, Mom, they're a lot tougher than we give them credit for! She did a great job and I'm sure she will do better next time.

Roger Owen Green said...

eggs! yum

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Reader Wil said...

Children, and mine were no exception, love cooking! Now... they like their husbands to cook for them! ;)
Wil, ABCW Team.

~Ms. Joy mH~ said...

The potato hush looks delicious, my family would love this too with butter and eggs to it! Thanks for sharing this!!! Awesome!

jheylo said...

a very appealing and inviting meal :D i love potato hush too and the way you make it looks very delicious. and of course those fruits are yummers too

Adin B said...

Well, that's why you are in the kitchen with her just to monitor and make sure things are okay. hehehehe... Harley is also interested in helping me in the kitchen, but I teach him to only help me with things that aren't dangerous. She's independent now mommy Rose in the kitchen and that is nice that she can already cook up a dish. How wonderful! We learn things in the kitchen a lot so I am sure the next time she will be good at it. :) Great looking dish though and the fruit dessert I love. :)

Mary Anne Vinzon said...

At a very young age, she cooks well. Practice makes perfect. Let her do whatever makes her happy. Looking forward to see more of her dishes.

Rcel said...

How awesome!!! She is that good in the kitchen, sis! Wow! I have a feeling she can be a good chef for a sideline job! ;-)

My daughter is a wannabe chef, too, but right now, I don't let her tackle the cooking wares yet. She can only handle the baking stuff but not the ones for viands. :D

claire said...

Looks really yummy and healthy! Hope to have one!

melandria romero said...

ooh so lovely and looks really yummy and tasty.

Adin B said...

I am back here again mommy Rose. That potato hash makes me want to make some as well. It is so good! And I want some fresh fruits, yung preho sa pinas na fresh na fresh and sweet.. LOL! She did a great job cooking the meals and preparing them. Keep it up!

Betty Manousos said...

that potato hash looks soo yummy!
my mouth is watering looking at it.

now i am hungry!

have a happy weekend and thank you so much for the lovely comment:)

Rebecca said...

It looks egg-cellent. Yep, let her do it herself. It looks like she is managing just fine.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Adin B, that's the thing. She doesn't want us around the kitchen when she cooks. She wants us to stay in bed until she is done cooking breakfast lol. So there's no way I could monitor her. So far, she is good and no accident (which I hope and pray won't happen).

Mommy Liz said...

Your little girl is really growing up. Cooking without mommy's help, that's nice. My husband loves omelette so as Roan and AJ, but they only like the ham and cheese :)

Mona said...

My talent pala si rye sa cooking ah .. All foods look delicious :)

Luna Miranda said...

my first dish was scrambled eggs when i was about 8. then i moved on to sardines and misua.:p but i wasn't trusted to cook rice...until now, i still couldn't cook a perfect steamed rice.:(

Linda said...

Oh YUM!!! Here from MOM.

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