Monday, December 17, 2012

Almond Benefits

I love just about any type of nuts.  Be it  peanuts, walnuts, pili nuts, cashews, and more.  One of my favorites is the almonds.  I usually buy the whole almonds, I snack on it when I am doing my online  tasks or when I am watching TV with  my kids.
According to the article that I read online, almonds has a lot of health benefits, below are some of them.

  • Best fat burning food due to its good fiber content.
  • Its tryptophan  content makes it very  good for brain development.
  • Its magnesium content helps in reducing risks of cardiac arrest.
  • Its phosphorous helps in developing brains and muscle tissues
  • Folic Acid and Vitamin B contents helps reduce birth defects in fetus that's why  most  OB GYNE recommends this for pregnant women.
  • Almonds also improves skin and hair texture.  

Aside from regular almonds, there are also wild almonds  which contains glycocide which turns into  cyanide

11 delicious comments:

lencilicious said...

I love almonds too. I use them as well as toppings for my brownies.
Truly, the great effects of eating almonds are too many and it's good that you've mentioned some of them in your post.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've heard some nuts are great!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Unknown said...

Don't eat the wild ones! I love nuts for weight control, nutrition and bringing down the cholesterol and they taste good!!

Lainy said...

You're not alone, Rose. I do love almonds too. Parang adik lang. LOL! What I love best with almonds is that it lowers down the cholesterol level. Medyo may kamahalan nga lang :-)

Rcel said...

I love almonds, too! I am an almonds monster! Actually, I love all kinds of peanuts! I would go nuts without a stock of them in my pantry! LOL.

Maricel said...

I, too, love almonds. Well, nuts of various types, for that matter. But like Lainy said, they're on the pricey side, so having a serving on any given day is already a treat.

Teresa Martinez said...

Almonds are delicious. More reason to eat almonds now because of the health benefits offered.

Kate said...

Walnuts and Pecans are the best! Kate, ABC Team

Unknown said...

I snack on almonds as well, but now that I saw your tip, I will stay away from the wild almonds for sure!

papaleng said...

Ako peanuts lang ma-afford, medyo mahal ang almond nuts. But its true Nuts specially almonds are considered Wonder fruits.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

love almonds too.

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