Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Decorating Cookies

Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque ProjectorToday is the last day of school of my kids then they have five days off for Thanksgiving.  We already have plans on what to do  with those  days off.  My kids are the type  of children that  couldn't be contented in watching TV, they have to  do something or else  they would go  bananas lol.   One of the things that they both enjoy doing is decorating  cookies.  I am not good cookies and stuff so to remedy the situation, I always buy the ready to cake  mix and just let them decorate it after   baking is done.  Kopykake projector is a good one to have  to decorate cake and cookies.   Projector to decorate cookies is a great  gadget for those who has a a business related to baking cookies and other pastry products.  I remember when  we order  our little girl's birthday cake a couple of years ago, it  has  an edible photo of her favorite cartoon character on  top of the cake and she was very happy.

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