Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinakbet - P365 # 209

Hello everyone. I am still exhausted from our trip but I am trying to write some tasks before they expires tonight. Before we left to Disney last Monday, I picked all the veggies that were ready and made some pinakbet. Hubby doesn't like pinakbet because of the bagoong or shrimp paste. 
He said that the first time he was introduced to it, there was so much bagoong in it that he couldn't acquired the taste. I told him that I would try to put less bagoong and he could try my own verson. It was actually my first time to try cooking it.  He ate some and he did not say that it was bad but did not say that it was great either lol.  So I think, it was okay. 
July 30, 2011:

  • We left Florida at 2 am today so we  basically did not have a  good night sleep last night.  The kids were so good through out the trip though.
  • I had a  little snooze when we arrived then we picked up our  other family members, Champ and Wubzy, came back here and put away all our travel stuff. 
  • Segregated   the laundry but did not wash it today, I'll do it tomorrow.  Cleaned the house a little bit and  after I shower I started  writing some task.  Thanks Hon for writing  some of it.
  • I am floating right now  but I really have to finish these before I go to bed.
Thanks everyone for  making my blog alive while I was gone for a vacation,. 

11 delicious comments:

Mel Alarilla said...

Oh I love pinakbet, it's my favorite veggie dish. Bagoong is also bad for me because of my hypertension so instead of bagoong, I put canned sardines and longanisang macau together with the veggies. They're okay and those who tasted it never thought that there was no bagoong in it. Great that your vacation is over and you can all go back to your usual routines. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Clarissa said...

Welcome back Ate Rose!It's been awhile since my last taste of pinakbet~gosh last year pa yun!YUM your pinakbet looks delish!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Very nutritious naman ito love pinakbet too :) So hows vacation?

Cheerful said...

sarap naman nyan, miss ko na din iyan! :) isiting from Ms. Burrito's CConnection, happy Monday! :)

Unknown said...

wow... sarao ng pakbet hehehe! kakagutom naman!

happy OT!

hope you can visit back :)

Unknown said...

you had great going on there after the grand vacation. that pinakbet surely looks delish...the veggies looks crunchy.

Chie Wilks said...

wow, ang sarap ng pinakbet...very appetizing

vsiting from OT:

Margaret Almon said...

Pinakbet looks tasty. I've not heard of it here in the US.

Ms. Journ said...

ang sarap napaka colorful naman ito sis... sa wakas napadaan nako at nakakhiya di pa pala ako naka follow sa iyo hahaha... anyway follow na now... sensya na po... pede din pa follow sa isa ko na blog haha.. timing.


tnx sis rose.

Shengkay said...

thanks for joining mommy!
hmm yummy..

Diane said...

Never heard of pinakbet!! You are so lucky I would love to go to Disney but never likely to. Keep warm and take care Diane

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