Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quiznos Date #A-Spice-A-Day #40

Ever since we have our kids, hubby and I rarely go on a date  by ourselves.  We always have our kids everywhere we go.  I think in ten years, we only went  on a date twice and that was because my  FIL and SIL had our  Burritos.  We  never really  leave the kids to day care or a baby sitter.  Anyway,  few days before Christmas, hubby took a day off so we can finish shopping for the kids gifts.  It gave us a little time for ourselves.  We  dropped by at Quiznos and try their healthy subs.  That was my very first time eating at Quiznos and I must say that I like them better than  Subway.  Since we liked our first time there, we took the kids  a couple of times there already when we go to the mall and they liked it too.
A Spice A Day #40
February 9, 2014

  • We visited my FIL after church and we stayed there for  quite a while.  Then we dropped by at Walmart and had our grocery shopping done.
  • Did the laundry  when we came back home and also  vacuumed while  waiting for the   laundry to get done. 

7 delicious comments:

Pinx said...

Quiznos provides for my son's school Sub day! Unfortunately, my son doesn't like sub sandwiches, so every time we ordered (back in SK), it was me or either hubby who eats his sandwich and yes, we love it! hehehe! By the way, we're on the same boat, hubby and I haven't had any date since day 1 we had kids. It's been 10 years already!!! hehehe

Nova said...

awww...sweet that finally the time has come for you guys to spend time together, same here, after we have our son, i'm more comfortable to bring him with us whenever we go, i always feel bummed whenever we left him with his grandmother, it's not that i don't trust them it's because i still have that separation anxiety.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

We have never been to Quiznos, mommy. We always go to Subway if we fancy having some Sub. Or when we are on the road and we want something healthier, Subway's always the first choice. Or if not, we go to a store and buy ourselves something to make our own sandwich. LOL! :) We never go out on a date anymore since having kids. We have no one to trust the kids with and I am scared of living my little girl to the Daycare center or a sitter.

Unknown said...

So glad to hear you and hubby has some one on one time! We used to have a Quiznos by us, I miss it. Was one of my favorite quick stops when we were in a hurry!

James, Davis, and Associates Test said...

This looks like a fun place to have a casual date. It is important to remember that not every date has to be at the Palm Streak House.

April McGregor said...

We LOVE Quiznos. We don't have one near us, the closest is an hour drive away! When we go to Austin we always stop at Quiznos to buy the biggest subs for us each.

Carolyn said...

Good to know that you love Quiznos..:-) I work in Quiznos here in our place for almost 6 years now :-) what I love most is the Black Angus and the Chicken Carbonara with Rosemary Parmesan Bread..

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