Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Tita with Love

My sister-in-law sent Christmas presents last year and we just now received them. Thanks a lot Chris and Gail. We love everything you sent, especially the boots , they're so cute!
Here's Rylie after she screamed so loud hehehe..
These are the books and DVDs and the set of Crystal Necklace with pendants and earrings for Rylie.
Here's my gift, thanks Chris maybe I won't burn my hand in the oven this time hehehe...
She made this out of a white tile. My SIL ad I share the same birth month - June.
A Christmas ornament that she made out of a piece of glass and painted it.
My daughter wanted me to wear her dress up hat, then she took a picture of me hehehehe.

Note: Originally published at bravejournal blog on January 23, 2009

10 delicious comments:

dhemz said...

Posted by dhemz:

wow! christmas is everyday in your household manang ko...hehhehe!

Friday the 23rd of January 2009 @ 08:31:02 AM

nanay belen said...

Posted by nanaybeeln:

Those are lovable gifts. It shows how much she loves you as sister in law. You are very lucky.

Friday the 23rd of January 2009 @ 06:45:51 PM

maxi said...

osted by maxi:

hello. visiting you on this very cold saturday afternoon. hope to see you in my blog, too

anyway.. great gifts you got there!

Saturday the 24th of January 2009 @ 05:34:07 A

Cleo said...

osted by Cleo Grismer:

Hi Rose!just want to thank you for hopping in my place a month ago i think, hehe! and sure we can exchange links, i guess you got 2 blogs ha;)nice page!am gonna add you in the D' Uragons group, have a nice day ;)

Saturday the 24th of January 2009 @ 02:17:50 PM

tCes said...

Posted by cecile:

dropping my ec here :-)

Saturday the 24th of January 2009 @ 05:33:40 PM

juliet said...

Posted by juliet:

hi rose, kumusta na? have a nice weekend. tc

Saturday the 24th of January 2009 @ 08:46:10 PM

Tita Beng said...

Posted by Tita Beng:

I thought I left a comment here. Anyway, you're fortunate to have such a kind and generous sis-in-law!

Saturday the 24th of January 2009 @ 09:56:12 PM

maxi said...

Posted by maxi:

hello. thanks for adding healthnbeyond.com to your blogroll. i also added misty's adventurous journey to my blogroll. you can check it if you want.

can you also add maxisdomain.blogspot.com (maxi's domain) on your blogroll? i promise to add you, tomorrow. need to sleep now as it is almost 1am here in sweden. take care!

Monday the 26th of January 2009 @ 03:45:53 PM

Chubskulit Rose said...

Posted by rose cottrill:
Oo nga dhemz hehehe.. Thanks God, madami pa ring nagmamahal samin lol..
Tuesday the 27th of January 2009 @ 10:33:05 PM

Posted by rose cottrill:
Thanks nanay Belen! Yup, I am blessed that my inlaws likes me.

Hi Maxi, thanks for visiting!

Thanks Cleo, so I belong in the uragon group now hehehe..

Thanks Ate cecille and dhems for the visitis and ecs..
Thursday the 29th of January 2009 @ 07:38:10 PM

Posted by rose cottrill:
Hi jules, okay naman ako.. kayo, kumusta mga angesl mo?

Hi tita Beng, you left a comment on the other post hehehe.. Thanks for the visit.

Hi Maxi, can't add anymore here, iba kasi ang bravejournal.. 25 ;ang allowed..
Thursday the 29th of January 2009 @ 07:51:24 PM

nuts said...

wow, it's christmas in spring or summer.. theres no late for gifts lol.. the kids surely will scream with the gifts..

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