Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deviled Egg Crew

Rylie is definitely a Daddy's girl. Whenever her Dad is in School or at work (when he was still working) she would always thing of something to do or make to surprise him. Last Tuesday, I was busy doing the laundry at the basement and when I came up at the kitchen she was busy doing something and the stove was one. She was boiling some eggs! She wanted to make some deviled to surprise her Dad because John love DE.
So when the egg was cooked, I peeled tit for them then she did most of them pretty much with a little bit of help from master Joops hehehe. I told her what the ingredients were and she whip it all up. EJ's job was to squirt the mustard in it, he love that.
Here's Dadddy happily eating the surprise filled with love devilled egg. we also brought some to Pap as he love eating it it too
These are the ingredients.

Presenting the deviled from my little crew.

Just remember....

that a little bit of this
and a little dash of that
makes a sumptuous life...

so Spice Up Your Life

20 delicious comments:

inday_adin said...

Awe! How cute. That is definitely labor of love and I bet it tasted good. YumO! :) Daddy sure looks like he is enjoying it.. hehehe... great job kids! :)

FoodTripFriday said...

cute ng mga sous chef mo ah! my husband loves devilled egg too but I don't make too much of it, baka maging devil sya, just like when he ate beef jerky, nagiging jerk din, LOL!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Nakakatuwa talaga si Rylie at napaka thoughtful sa daddy niya. Na pinilit niyang gumawa nang paboritong nang daddy niyang deviled eggs na katulong si EJ ay lubhang nakakapagpataba nang puso para sa mga maliliit na anghel mo. John's face shone with so much satisfaction for the yeoman's job done by her darling daughter. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

nuts said...

oohh, labor of love.. yumyum.. whatever it tastes like,daddy joops and mommy rose sure will like it.. i am sure 101 percent sis, nag enjoy mga kids.. sometimes i let my kids do the cooking, kaya lang nakaka freak out yung mess after..hahaha.. cute na cute ako sa dalawa.. enjoy na enjoy talaga.

*♥Shydub♥* said...

Nay nahihiya tuloy ako, tinalo pa ako ni Rye. Galing ng dalaginding mo bakla.

If you guys want some dessert here is a slice of cake

luna miranda said...

what a sweet girl! and that's a healthy snack, too!

Mylene said...

Kakatuwa ang mga anak mo, ang aga matuto magluto ;) May chef ka na balang araw.

May daughter loves egg, but I don't know who to make the top dressing on your deviled egg:) Share naman dyan :D

dhemz said...

ayay! so sweet naman ng DE crew....galing galing.....very responsible na talaga si rye sis so proud of her....:)

meron paba jan? hehehe....d ako mahilig nyan...pero si hubby fave nya yan....:)

a quick dalaw here sis...sakit likod ko eh...have to hid the bed....busy kasi ako kanina sa garden...daming weeds...ehehhe!

miss yah...mwah!

Rossel said...

yummylicious! i want to make some,ehehe. natakam kase ako sa DE ni rylie.

my entry is Pakbet

tatess said...

ang siispag namang mga are lucky to have them both.

maiylah said...

looks yummmmmy!!! i see your kids like to dabble in the kitchen, too! good influence from their mom :)

thanks for joining Food Friday!
will add your blog to the roll in a bit :)
enjoy your weekend!

shopannies said...

I love deviled eggs and love the fact you got them all in the kitchen to help out good for you

Cecile said...

one of my fave egg dish :-); kaya lang ang tamad ko gumawa hehehe...mayroon pa ba, Rose...patikim na lang :-)!

Clarissa said...

Ang sisipag ng mga alaga mo,Ate Rose!I bet Sir John enjoyed the deviled eggs!Wala yatang katulad nyan!!^_^

Hello there,Ate Rose!Pupunta bukas ang PIL ko sa apartment,busy sa kaka linis!Dapat pupunuin ko ng spider webs ang bahay para pagdating ng halloween ready na..Sayang!LOL!!\(^0^)/

Enjoy your weekend,Ate Rose!

Cacai M. said...

Oi.. marunong na pala si Rye2x magluto nang eggs.. looks she's such a responsible child already.. wow.. maganda na responsable pah.. heheh.. cute and the DE so yumm!

My FTF: Fresh Fruits.. ;-) see yah.. muahhh!

Jarlin Paul said...

This looks cute...I'm sure John enjoyed the surprise treat.

ilovepink1078 said...

pina mana mo 'yong pagka pilipina na ugali. Congrats! They're really responsible kids.

By the way, sis I'm sorry I was not able to visit you because I had been away for a week attending the International Convention of The CFC-Handmaids of the Lord held in Victoria’s City, Negros Occidental. Also, I was sick because stress maybe. Right now, I am trying to catch up with my schoolwork due to my absences.

wanna keep in touch!pink

imelda said...

how cute and caring naman ni Rylie,shes adorable talaga. how was it done ba rose? parang sarap tingnan at kainin ah.

We Ate This! said...

I love that your kids help you out in the kitchen! If its made with lots of love, surely, ubos kaagad! hahaha.
Have a nice weekend!

Mommy Liz said...

Yummy talaga ng deviled eggs, hay..ang panganay kio eh nagtatanong na kung kelan ako gagawa, naku ha, nakakatamad at wala naman okasyon, hehehe.

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